Travelers, These Comfy AF Eye Masks Are About To Change Everything


You could be having the best travel experience of your life, but if you're not getting a good night's sleep, you'll never be operating at your full potential. Luckily, the best travel eye masks can be a huge help with catching some Z's no matter where you are.

The key purpose of a travel eye mask — and the reason they are at the top of the packing list for savvy travelers — is that they are designed to block out the majority (if not all) of the light in your surrounding environment, allowing better sleep anywhere. So, when searching for the best sleep mask for you, the main features you want to look into are shape, weight, and thickness.

Basic eye masks are designed to reduce light wherever you are, but if you need absolute darkness to rest easy, consider choosing an eye mask that boasts total and complete coverage. Other masks exist to accommodate eyes that are sensitive to pressure or personal preferences like needing to be able to open and close eyes comfortably. You'll also want to consider fabric. While most standard eye mask materials range from smooth silk to breathable cotton, there are options with memory foam for extra cozy wear.

Ready to find your perfect travel eye mask? Here are five of the best ones to help you combat jet lag and get the rest you deserve.


The Best No-Frills Eye Mask That Will Get The Job Done

If you're looking for a simple and reliable mask that will help you sleep wherever you are, the Alaska Bear sleep mask is an ideal option. With over 9,500 reviews, this eye mask has a cult following on Amazon. Users describe it as "one of the best sleep masks I have ever owned" and claim that "from the first day, it worked like a charm." Made of 100 percent mulberry silk on both sides, the hypoallergenic material is designed to be cool and breathable while still blocking out dry air. In addition to fully blocking out light, this mask is also great for those who suffer from dry eyes, as the smooth silk material will not absorb moisturizers or eye creams.


The Best Contoured Sleep Mask That Relieves Eye Pressure

This contoured eye mask is an excellent solution if you want the benefits of sleeping in total darkness without the irritating effect of having a piece of fabric pressed directly onto your eyelids. Made from an extremely soft bamboo and cotton lining, the mask is designed to shape to your face without putting any pressure on your eyes, leading one user to rave that the "comfort level is beyond compare" and another to applaud that it "doesn't press against your eyes or squish your head." Pro tip for makeup wearers: This mask would be especially convenient for those midday travel naps, as multiple users gushed over the fact that they could sleep in this mask while their look stayed perfectly in place.


The Best Memory Foam Sleep Mask Soothing Comfort

I'm willing to bet this memory foam eye mask feels something like you're sleeping with a cloud resting over your face. The memory foam is made from soothing and natural ingredients — green tea, seed oil, and charcoal — that your eyes will thank you for later. Beyond majorly relieving comfort, the mask comes with an adjustable elastic strap, so you can achieve a custom and relaxing fit without worrying about your hair getting tangled up the way it would with a velcro strap. Users love this "pillowy, soft-as-a-cloud eye mask" and particularly appreciate it during travel, with one Amazon reviewer writing: "I fly internationally regularly and have already used it for two 10+ hour trips. Works great on the plane at blocking light and is very comfortable on the eyes."


The Best Travel Mask That Comes With A Cooling & Warming Gel Insert

If you're looking to have a spa-like sleeping experience while you're on the go, an eye mask with a gel insert like this one is for you. Not only is it designed to completely block out light so you can quickly fall into REM sleep, its gel insert is also meant to naturally relieve daily stress. With the option to use cooling therapy (by first refrigerating the insert for 20 minutes) or heat therapy (by placing the insert in hot water for 10 minutes), you can soothe your irritated eyes and even use the differing temperatures to relieve bad migraines. The mask is made from a silk fabric that's comfortably form-fitting, and it also comes with a pair of reusable, noise-blocking earplugs, ensuring you can completely relax wherever you are. The best part? It's all backed by a lifetime, money-back guarantee.


The Full Coverage Sleep Mask That Also Blocks Noise

Featuring a synthetic outer shell and a soft cotton interior that's hand washable, this extra wide eye mask provides maximum coverage but is anything but heavy or confining. Like the others on this list, it provides complete light elimination, but here's where it's different: It also muffles sound via a padded ear area. And if you want to completely eradicate all noise? This mask also comes with earplugs for extra blockage. An Amazon reviewer called it "best mask on the market, period," while another user wrote that they won't travel without it. They raved, "I must take it with me whether I am traveling 20 miles away or across the country for an extended trip ... literally cannot sleep without it."

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