9 Hacks For Getting Over Jet Leg

Jet lag is the worst. There's no doubt about it. And it's only natural to want to find a way to prevent it. Searching for jet lag cures online often means encountering expensive products and sketchy supplements. Luckily, there are ways to train your body out of the worst symptoms without spending any money at all.

When it comes to jet lag, it's important to concede that you will never make it go away entirely. "It’s not so much prevention as it is coping ... jet lag occurs when you cross multiple time zones," health and wellness coach Caleb Backe tells Bustle. "Your body is operating in a rhythm that’s in sync with the time zone you came from. Since it takes time to adapt your rhythm, you end up being awake when you should be asleep. Symptoms include insomnia, waking up early, excessive sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood changes and digestive issues." So while you can mitigate symptoms, your body is definitely going to react when you throw it out of sync.

According to the International Association For Medical Assistance To Travelers (IAMAT), "symptoms intensify the more time zones are crossed. They usually start after a two-hour time difference and persist for one week or more. Typically, it takes one day to recover from one time zone change." Jet lag is a natural reaction your body has to the gift of being able to travel the world, so forgive yourself if you're a little sleepier than usual. But if you don't want to fall asleep at dinner for three days in a row, there are a few ways to coach your body out of some of the worst symptoms.

Here are nine jet lag hacks that actually work, according to experts.