Yes — You Need Different Socks For Travel, And These Are The Best Ones

by Andrea Hannah

Whether you're hopping on a quick flight to see nearby family or planning your next abroad getaway, there's one seriously underrated wardrobe piece that needs to be considered: the best socks for travel.

There's nothing more miserable than being trapped in a rainy city with soaking wet feet, or in the blistering sun in a pair of bulky socks. And, while you can't plan for everything that will happen when you arrive, one of the best things you can to prepare is to invest in the best socks possible. Think of it this way: if you've invested in the trip of a lifetime, why not invest in the part of your body that's going to move you from place to place while you're there?

There are more choices than ever for the right pair of socks for any circumstance. If you're going for a snowy weekend ski trip, there are multi-functional wool socks to keep you toasty warm. Headed to the warm weather and not into flip-flops? Consider any low-rise, sweat-wicking socks that can tuck right into your flats without being noticeable. And if you're going to have to walk long distances, you shouldn't leave home without a pair of the most comfortable socks for your trip.

Here's a list of the six best socks for any type of travel, including extended plane rides, rigorous hiking trips, and hustling through sprawling cities. Trust me, your feet will thank you.


The Best Compression Socks For Long Airplane Rides

Long plane rides can be tough on your whole body, but especially on your feet and legs. Tight quarters, cramped spaces, and sitting for long periods of time can cause swelling and even blood clots to form. The good news? Go2's line of compression socks helps keep swelling and circulatory issues to a minimum. They're firm enough to keep their shape, but stretchy enough to keep you comfortable. One reviewer swears by them, saying, "Not only do my legs not swell, they help keep me pain free!"


The Best Socks For Standing On Your Feet All Day

Standing on your feet is an inevitable part of any trip. Whether you're snaking through a long line at airport security, or on a three-hour walking tour of a new city, you'll want to have the right socks on to keep your feet pain-free. These high-performance cushion socks are designed to protect your feet on just such occasions. With elastic arch support to keep your arches from aching, to a cushioned sole to prevent blistering or athlete's foot, these socks will make a day spent on your feet much less tiring. And with mesh ventilation strategically placed on the socks, your feet will stay cool, clean and smell-free.


The Best Sweat-Wicking Socks For Warmer Weather

When you're exploring a sweltering city or a sun-baked pier, chances are you may want to wear a cute pair of flats or sneakers to keep your feet cool and clean. CharmKing's no-show socks are perfect for just that. They're made of a thin, spandex hybrid material that's completely sweat-wicking, with a gel pad woven into the material right at the ball of your foot for maximum comfort. The best part? Because they're virtually invisible underneath shoes, no one will even know you're wearing socks while you're adventuring in the heat.


The Best Wool Socks For Colder Climates

There's nothing worse than freezing feet when you're trudging through chilly weather, especially if you'll be stuck on the slopes or out wandering the city for awhile. Slip on a pair of Landunciaga's thermal socks before you head out and you won't have to worry one bit about the cold. They're made with a warm acrylic-polyester blend and are lined with extra-soft thermal yarn to trap warm air right next to your skin. On top of that, these socks aren't bulky at all: they're lightweight and easy to stuff into a backpack or carry-on without taking up too much space.


The Best Hiking Socks For Off-The-Grid Travel

When your travel plans take you off the grid, comfy, multi-functional socks are just as essential as your camping and hiking gear. SeoulStory7's performance crew socks are exactly what any adventurer needs on a long trip. These technical socks offer extra padding in the ball of the foot and heel to ward off painful blisters, plus they're sweat-wicking and antibacterial. They even have a unique compression band that clings to the calf to reduce swelling, numbness, and to keep them in place when you're in the middle of a climb. To the top!


The Best Comfy Socks For Repairing Sore, Tired Feet

Sore feet can ruin your next vacation or trip, and even cut a week's worth of activities and adventures short. But luckily, Earth Therapeutic's Aloe Socks exist. These ridiculously comfortable socks are infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, so they continuously moisturize your feet while you wear them. They're lightweight enough to wear to bed after a long day, or even to slip on during a flight home to keep your feet smooth, soft, and way less sore.

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