The 9 Best Blister-Proof Socks

For some of us, socks are an afterthought. They keep our feet warm and stop our shoes from getting sweaty, but otherwise, we rarely give them a second thought. That is, of course, until blisters happen. The best blister-proof socks prevent nasty blisters from slowly rearing their ugly heads (as they always seem to do) before sticking around for ages (because, seriously, they last forever).

No one is immune to blisters, and we've all experienced them at some point. But the worst part about them is that they don't heal quickly, which might have a lot to do with the fact that you probably can't just decide to skip shoes all together for a week while they heal. There are ways to treat and prevent painful blisters that include blister-preventing sprays, sports tape, creams, and foot inserts. But one of the best ways to actually avoid them is by investing in quality, anti-blister socks.

These nine highly-rated pairs include a variety of options like merino wool hiking socks, ankle-length running socks, neoprene sports socks for beach play, and non-skid ankle socks made from anti-bacterial bamboo. But they all share one thing in common: wear them, and you can kiss blisters good bye.

1. No-Show Running Socks That Keep Feet Comfy

Make every minute of your run or jog more comfortable with these no-show athletic running socks, which boast a high tab heel to keep them from slipping off your feet. Designed from Drynamix, which wicks moisture away from your skin, and mohair, a cozy fabric that regulates your foot's temperature so it never gets too hot or cold, these socks are perfect for every season. They come in six fun colors, have a seamless toe, and have been race-tested.

2. Double-Layer Crew Socks For Running & Walking

These mid-weight running socks are extra-cozy thanks to double layers of fabric that protect your feet and prevent blisters and pain. They come in black or white and feature an outer layer of polyester to wick away moisture, in addition to an inner layer designed for even more absorbency. So, basically, your feet should never feel a drop of wetness.

3. Merino Wool Hiking Socks For Cold Days

If you're going hiking or plan on spending time outdoors or in a cold climate, this merino wool hiker socks will keep your feet warm and free of blisters. Lightweight merino wool does an outstanding job of naturally wicking away moisture, while the sock's unique ventilation panels allow for greater airflow. This three-pair pack has an arch band and cushioned footbed, both of which add to the feeling of comfort you'll get while wearing them.

4. A Sport Skin Sock For Beach Activities & Water Play

The stretchy nylon upper and adjustable ankle cuff on these sport skin socks allows you to tailor them and find the ideal fit, which prevents friction and blisters. A durable neoprene sole protects your feet from unusual elements like hot sand and mud, making this the ideal sock to wear while playing beach or water sports like volleyball or snorkeling.

5. Knee-High Compression Socks With Added Blister-Proof Protection Along The Foot

Not only are these knee-high compression socks perfect for taking pressure off of your legs and feet, which improves blood circulation and relieves muscle aches, but they also work wonders at preventing blisters. The socks feature protective padding across the balls and heels of the feet and are made from quality moisture-wicking materials to absorb wetness before you can feel it (and before it causes socks to slide down). These help keep injuries at bay and cradle your feet and lower legs in comfortable softness.

6. Socks That Are Like A Protective Wetsuit For Feet

Think of these anti-blister crew socks as you would a wetsuit — you wear them close to the skin and under your ordinary hiking or running socks to ensure ultimate protection while you're active. Made from polyester, silicone, and spandex, these super stretchy socks have outside seams to reduce the possibility of irritation and an inner layer of moisture and bacteria-controlling fabrics.

7. Waterproof Socks Made From Anti-Bacterial Fabric

Whether you're planning a ski trip or don't want to be caught off guard hiking in the rain again (which is just the worst), these waterproof, mid-calf anti-blister socks keep feet dry and come in 23 vivid colors, because sock style is a thing. They're breathable and moisture-wicking, but also boast a light cushion sole that makes them ideal for all seasons and weather. Break them out on the slopes in the dead of winter or while taking a spring stroll in the rain.

8. Super-Low-Cut Socks For Everyday Blister Protection

These super-low-cut socks are great for anyone looking for anti-blister socks that they can wear with ballet flats, loafers, or other lower cut casual shoes. They're make from a polyester, cotton, and spandex blend that wicks away moisture — this will not only help prevent blisters, but will also fight odor and keep your feel cool. These socks also step it up when it comes to quality, too. Additional padding on the heal and toe improves durability while the cushioned sole helps absorb shock and reduce impact.

9. Socks With Strategically Placed Cushion Dots For Blister Prevention

Designed with something genius called anti-blister dot technology, these running socks feature strategically placed padding in the areas of the toe and heel that are most prone to blisters. They have a breathable mesh top, no-slip cuffs, and are made with moisture-wicking fabric. Sure, you could wear them while running, but they're equally great for day-to-day errands and around the house, too.

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