5 Fun Vibrators For Couples To Try Now — & They're All On Amazon

For some people, vibrators have a reputation of being reserved for getting yourself off. But, as you may already know, if you relegate your toys to solo sessions only, you're missing out. Ahead, you'll find a guide to the five best vibrators for couples — all of which are available on Amazon for added convenience.

Vibrators that are suited for partnered sex tend to have a few features that set them apart from those made for solo play: They're remote-controlled, wearable, or both. Toys that come with a remote control are great for couples who want to stimulate each other one at a time. By handing over the remote control to your partner, you're allowing them to be responsible for your pleasure, which can be a fun form of power play to try.

Wearable vibrators, on the other hand, are great for couples who want to experience extra stimulation at the same time — or for couples where at least one party has a vagina and a clit. Most folks with vaginas enjoy clitoral stimulation during partnered sex, and wearable vibrators offer that in spades.

Ahead, check of the best sex toys for couples to add to your goodie drawer now.


Best Cock Ring

A cock ring, like this Paloqueth Vibrator With Rabbit Ears, is great for people with penises who sometimes have trouble maintaining an erection, because it restricts blood flow. But this ring also has a cute little rabbit vibrator on top that's controlled with a remote. It can tickle one partner's clit while they're being penetrated, and since it's remote-controlled, you can dictate how fast or how slow you want the vibrations to be. This toy has seven vibration modes, so you can find the speed that works for you. It's a toy that ensures both partners are feeling their best during a sack session — and what could be better than that?


Best Finger Vibrator

More interested in incorporating your vibe into foreplay? Then say hello to the Xocity G-Spot Finger Vibrator. This little glove slips onto your finger, allowing you to add some extra oomph as you stimulate your partner. It has a dozen or so little nubs that feel incredible against both the clit and the G-spot, and the gentle vibrations are seriously stimulating. It's made of silicone, so it's easy to wash, and it's teeny tiny, so you can bring it with you anywhere. If you're feeling especially frisky, this vibe also feels good on your nipples, on your perineum, and in your anus.


Best Vibrating Egg

For kinky couples, this Waterproof Vibrating Egg is a must-try. It slips seamlessly into a vagina and rests against the G-spot, which means it can be worn out in public or around the house for some surprise stimulation. Simply hand the remote over to your partner and give them control. This egg has 10 different vibration modes and runs whisper-quiet, so you can get your pleasure on just about anywhere.


Best Clitoral Vibrator

While the Adorime Remote Control Clitoral Stimulator isn't a vibrator you can wear during penetrative sex, it's still a powerful toy that couples will love to use. Its design not only tickles the clit, but also massages the area around the anus — an erogenous zone that's often overlooked. And since the remote control is in your partner's hands, you're offering them control over your pleasure. It's a fun way to play with power that many couples find seriously sexy.


Best G-Spot Vibrator

For a vibrator that does it all, reach for the Paloqueth Waterproof G Spot Vibrator. It's a wearable vibrator that you can use during penetrative sex, and it also comes with a remote control. The larger arm covers the clit, while the smaller one rests inside along the G-spot. During penetrative sex, that smaller arm also moves against the head of the penis for some seriously sexy added stimulation. The remote control gives both parties the ability to control the nine different vibration modes, and since it's waterproof, you can take it into the shower for some slick fun.

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