5 Of The Best Energy-Boosting Vitamins, According To An Expert
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We’ve all been there: you’re staring at your computer screen — trying so hard to be productive — and suddenly your eyes start feeling heavy. Before you know it, you’re nodding off at your desk. The answer to your mid-day slump might just be adding one of the best vitamins for energy to help you get through the day.

But how do you know which ones to pick? The choices can be overwhelming and when you search online there are literally hundreds of brands. What's more, the industry is largely unregulated, making it even tougher to determine if a product is worth your money.

I asked Teri Bunker DNP, FNP, nurse practitioner at Bridge City Family Medical Clinic in Portland, what we should be looking for when selecting vitamins to boost our energy. She said it’s all about the two key ingredients:

“It is important to talk to your healthcare provider about your optimal ranges for vitamins, but in general the B vitamins and vitamin D will have the greatest affect on energy levels.”

On top of focusing on B and D vitamins, Bunker said you can find out more about the brand at to see if the vitamins you're considering are legitimate. Simply do a search of the company in the upper righthand corner and you'll find tons of unbiased consumer reviews, studies, and other information. You can also check with NSF International to see if they have been certified.

In the meantime, I've done the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best vitamins for energy.


An Herbal, One-A-Day Supplement That's Loaded With Vitamins

This herbal one-a-day multi-vitamin is a fantastic source of all of your daily nutritional needs, even without its fantastic energy-boosting ingredients. The capsule is chock-full of natural sources of vitamins including carrot juice, alfalfa, kelp watercress, chamomile, horsetail, parsley, dandelion and yellow dock, among others. On top of that, it’s loaded with energy-fueling orotic acid (formerly called “vitamin B13”) which helps metabolize folic acid and vitamin B12. The substance is a naturally occurring acid that your intestinal flora produce which fights B12 deficiency and injects you with extra energy and vitality


A Ginseng-Based Vitamin That Helps Lower Blood Sugar And Reduces Stresses

Made with ginseng, this multi-mineral vitamin is sure to give you the extra pep you need in the morning. The Asian root is known to stimulate metabolic effect on your central nervous system, waking you up and filling your body with vigor. It can also help lower blood sugar and reduce stress. In addition to the ginseng, the supplement is formulated with enhanced levels of B vitamins and D3 to increase your energy and stamina.


A Vitamin B Gummy That Actually Tastes Good

If you prefer to chew a sweet-tasting gummy instead of swallowing a pill, this berry-flavored energy vitamin is an awesome choice. With strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry flavors, the gummy chew contains B-Complex including vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. The supplement also features bonus health ingredients including vitamin C, niacin, and biotin. It's 100 percent organic, caffeine-free, and gluten-free. "It's undeniable, these gummy vitamins are delicious," said one Amazon reviewer.


A Vitamin B Formula Designed For Those With An Active Lifestyle

Whether you frequent the gym or just want enough energy to take a brisk walk in the morning or do some yoga, this energy supplement is the perfect vitamin for people with active lifestyles. The supplement is formulated specifically for women with the goal of providing energy for workouts and general vitality. It contains thermogenic ingredients that help you burn calories, along with B-complex to boost your energy. It also has antioxidants to support cells and stress defense, along with ingredients to promote strong, healthy bones.


A B-Complex Vitamin With Choline To Bolster Mental Clarity

This two-in-one daily supplement offers energy for your brain as well as your body. Made with stimulant-free, high-potency B-complex vitamins — along with vitamin C to help them absorb properly — it will provide you with that extra boost of energy to push through the mid-afternoon slump. But that's not all — the vitamin also features choline which bolsters the brain's alertness and mental clarity, leaving you sharp from morning to nighttime. As a bonus, the formula contains organic spirulina and octacosanol from spinach to make it gentle on your stomach.

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