The 5 Best Watermelon Slicers

From staying hydrated to satisfying your sweet tooth, watermelon is as healthy as it is delicious — and it’s one of the most popular fruits around. In fact, for many, the only downside to eating watermelon is cutting it, so I’ve rounded up the best watermelon slicers below.

First things first: Watermelon slicers come in several shapes and sizes, and the best one for you will depend on how many people you're serving and how much you plan to eat in one sitting. Some options cut one melon slice at a time, while extra-large watermelon slicers can cut 12 slices instantly. Windmill watermelon slicers — which tend to be the safest option for kids — yield handfuls of bite-size watermelon cubes in one fell swoop. Watermelon slicer sets, on the other hand, offer multiple slicer models with differing capacities.

Whichever slicer model you choose, look for ergonomic or easy-to-grip handles since melon juice can make for a sticky, slippery situation. Also, consider how much storage space you have at your disposal. Some of the picks featured below can easily fit in a silverware drawer, while others might need their own designated drawer.

As far as materials go, stainless steel and Japanese steel (also known as high-carbon stainless steel) are solid picks, since they tend to be durable and resistant to rust. Additionally, stainless steel is naturally BPA-free.

Another thing to consider is whether hand-washing is a deal-breaker for you. Most watermelon slicers are hand-wash only, but I’ve included one dishwasher-safe option in this roundup.

Check out the best watermelon slicers below. All of them are under $20 and highly rated on Amazon.