These Whiskey Glasses Can Seriously Make Your Drink Taste Better

by Tiana Crump
agbstock / Shutterstock

When whiskey is poured into a glass, the vapors in the alcohol become more concentrated, giving you a unique combination of aromas and flavors. The best whiskey glasses are designed to vary the way you experience the scent of your drink, and you’ll want to choose different shapes of glassware depending on how you like to enjoy your whiskey. For example, you’ll want a glass that minimizes the concentration of alcoholic vapors if you plan to drink it quickly, or a glass that nicely captures these fragrances if you plan to savor it.

The most common ways to serve whiskey are in a shot glass, rocks glass, or nosing glass. A shot glass is a small 1- to 1.5-ounce glass that’s ideal for taking quick shots of whiskey, as it makes the alcohol smell and taste less overpowering. Rock glasses, aka tumblers, are much larger, ranging from 4 to 10 ounces in size. The depth of these glasses holds the vapors longer, giving you a stronger taste and aroma. They’re used for whiskey on the rocks and to serve different types of whiskey-based cocktails. Nosing glasses are especially designed to enhance the flavor and scent of whiskey, and Glencairn glasses are a particularly popular type of nosing glass with a thicker rounded tulip shape and 6-ounce capacity. But whiskey enthusiasts who know the power of a good glass are always seeking to improve on perfection, so there are glasses that fall into their own category, designed to aerate drinks and further improve on flavor.

Scroll on for my roundup of the best whiskey glasses to use to make your next drink more enjoyable, whether you’re serving drinks at a party or just savoring some whiskey alone.

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1.The Best Nosing Glass

With over 1,200 five-star reviews on Amazon, the high-quality crystal Glencairn whisky glass is a top pick for whiskey lovers. Its curved shape helps to concentrate the aromas of whiskey for the best drinking experience, and its short base offers a comfortable grip. This kind of glass is ideal for enjoying single malt whiskeys and scotches, and because this set includes four of them, it's perfect for entertaining a small group of friends.

According to a fan: “This is the best Scotch/Whiskey glass on the market today. I upgraded from the much more expensive Ridel VINUM glass, which is meant for Single Malts (and other Whiskeys). However, the Glencairn glass is simply superior because of its shape — it optimally concentrates the aromas, and half the enjoyment of drinking fine Scotch is in the nose.”

A Unique Norlan Whiskey Glass That Complements Any Home Bar

If you don’t like the bell-shaped style of a Glencairn glass, the Norlan Whisky Glass is a great alternative. It concentrates vapor in a way that doesn't hit your eyes and nose while you sip, which differentiates it from many other nosing glasses. This glass has a modern design with a concave outer rim to reduce that ethanol burn when drinking. It’s designed with hand-blown double-walled borosilicate glass and can be held like a tumbler. This set includes two Norlan whiskey glasses and a microfiber polishing cloth.

According to a fan: “These are beautiful glasses, very elegant and whiskey tastes great from them.”

A 12-Piece Shot Glass Set That’s Great For Parties

The Gmark 1.5-ounce heavy base shot glass set is perfect for special occasions and hosting parties. You get a dozen 1.5-ounce shot glasses. They’re made to be sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them tipping over, and they boast the classic shot glass shape for quickly downing your favorite whiskey. This set of glasses is made from high-quality lead-free glass. The glasses are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after your guests have gone home.

According to a fan: “These are a heavy, thick and perfectly sized shot glass set. The 1.5 ounce is just big enough to give you a full meaty shot of whatever your choice of poison is. I use these for whiskey whenever I want to shoot with some friends. The shot glasses are presented and packaged so beautifully, I was very surprised and impressed. The price is a steal for what these are.”

A Whiskey Tumbler Set That Comes With Silicone Ice Molds

The Aged & Ore whiskey glass set includes both tumblers and silicone ice molds to help elevate your rocks. Each ice cube mold creates a large ice sphere that will chill your drink while melting slowly. The tumblers, which are made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, are double-walled for insulation and bell-shaped for a smoother tasting experience. There are also measuring lines on each glass to make it easier to measure drinks and the right amounts to add to your cocktails. This set of two 8-ounce glasses also comes in an attractive box — which makes it a great gift to give.

According to a fan: “The glasses themselves look like ones you would find in a high-end whiskey lounge. I’m in the process of ordering several more of these for gifts for my family. If you're looking for an awesome gift idea for Christmas, weddings, or just an awesome gift to give a guy, this is it.”

A Whiskey Tumbler That Defies Gravity With a 50-Degree Tilt

The Dragon Glassware diamond whiskey glasses set is designed to be stable and spill-proof, with a 50-degree tilted angle that also helps to aerate your whiskey. This set of two whiskey glasses is both dishwasher and freezer safe. Ideal for enjoying whiskey as well as other spirits and even cocktails, the glasses are lead-free and come with a one-year warranty and money-back guarantee. They also look great on display in your liquor cabinet or bar and are made with clear, high-quality glass. If you need more glasses, they're also available in sets of four or six.

According to a fan: “Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!! So damn cool. They are prime quality, durable, sturdy, and very comfortable in the hands. They contour well in your hand and holds the aromatic flavor and color of your beverage as you incorporate your receptors of smell and taste.”

Also Great: A Whiskey Decanter Dispenser Set With 2 Glasses

The Goldinger Whiskey decanter globe set is nice to have, too — especially if you’re looking for a conversation piece to have when you’re hosting parties. This dispenser has a mahogany wood base and a beautifully etched globe bottle with a glass ship hidden inside. The sides of the tray display two whiskey tumblers. In addition to being functional, it's a striking centerpiece to add to your bar, table, or desk.

According to a fan: “Absolutely stunning. I loved it so much I’m actually getting ones for everyone in my family! Great price, great gift! I didn’t even know it came with glasses, but they’re beautiful. The wood is sturdy with a natural vibe.”