The Personality Traits You’ll Want In A Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It can be tough to figure out who you should be dating, with such a wide world of choices at your finger tips. Sure, you have your "type," but it hasn't always worked out. In fact, based on your dating history, it's kinda clear you have no idea which personality traits you want in a partner. Or even which ones might be the most compatible.

And that, my friends, is when astrology can come in handy. "When it comes to relationships and compatibility, astrology can help determine relationship challenges and strengths," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. By looking at your Sun sign, for example, you can learn more about your strongest personality traits, as well as which ones you might appreciate in someone else. If an astrologer can add in your sign's element (earth, fire, water, etc.) and where it falls on the Zodiac, then you'll really have yourself a complete picture.

"When you learn how these fit together, you can see how each sign operates within a relationship to other signs," Lang says. "Astrology gives us a language of symbols that helps us understand ourselves and others." It may not be the only method you use to determine who's right for you, but astrology can offer that extra level of insight, and might even help steer you towards a great relationship. Below, Lang reveals the five traits each sign should look for in a partner — all in the name of compatibility.

Aries: Adventurous, Confident, Sexual, Independent, & Outgoing

As an Aries, you love adventure. So be on the lookout for someone who enjoys spontaneity and trying new things. An outgoing personality will fit best with yours — someone who can mix, mingle, and keep up at parties. Add in an independent nature, especially since you crave space and freedom in your relationships, and you'll be even happier.

You'll also do best with someone who enjoys sex. "Ruled by the passion planet Mars, Aries has a healthy sex drive. And, a confident partner wouldn't hurt, either. "Aries communicates honestly and directly. They don't necessarily want to hurt your feelings, but they have a difficult time pandering to ... insecurities and sensitivities." So you'll truly appreciate a partner who can handle whatever's thrown their way.

Taurus: Financially Stable, Sensual, Refined, Committed, Reliable

As a practical Earth sign, you truly value hard-earned money. And you aways spend yours carefully. That's why you'd be happiest with someone who also takes money seriously, and makes wise financial decisions. (A wild spender? Not your thing.)

You might also find yourself attracted to people with a refined sensibility. "A Taurus has a unique style that expresses their core self," Lang says. "Ruled by Venus, they can be attracted to elegance and beauty." Which also explains your love for all things sensual in a relationship. "Taurus craves sensual pleasure, whether it's food, fine linens, or [a] caress. They can be very tactile and crave physical touch."

Gemini: Interesting, Talkative, Adventurous, Spontaneous, Grounded

"For a Gemini, love starts with the mind," Lang says. So look for someone who's interesting and can teach you something new. And, if they can keep a lively convo going? Well, you'll be on cloud nine. "Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini wants to talk with a partner. Conversation is an aphrodisiac for them."

Even though you're attracted to grounded, practical people, you love when these personality traits are balanced with a more adventurous side. "They look for new and different happenings and enjoy venturing out with their special someone." If your partner is down for spontaneous weekend trips, and loves to try new things, then you've definitely found yourself a good one.

Cancer: Food Lover, Family-Oriented, Financially Responsible, Sensitive, Creative

As a Cancer, nothing charms you quite like a good food and a great entertainment. So if you can find a partner who's down to cook and share their meals with friends, scoop them up. Bonus points if they're family-oriented, since that's equally important to you.

You'll also do well to find someone who's financially responsible. "Cancers can be quite frugal with their spending, and they feel more secure when they have money saved," Lang says. "They look for partners with whom they can build a nest egg." If your partner can do all that and be sensitive and creative too, then you may just have found your soulmate.

Leo: Fashionable, Sociable, Loyal, Physical, Confident

Above everything, you want a relationship that's built on loyalty. Lang tells me it can be difficult for a Leo to leave their partner, so you'll want to make sure your getting into a solid commitment from day one. For those reasons, it makes sense why Leos are also attracted to confident partners.

Leos also admire people who have a great sense of style, are physically fit — since they often use exercise as an outlet for stress — and sociable. "Leo likes to make appearances at parties and other social gatherings. They can go through introverted periods, but they want to know their partners will stand by their sides at social affairs."

Virgo: Trustworthy, Organized, Quick-Witted, Frugal, Calm

To balance out your Virgo tendencies, you're all about partners who can be calm, organized, and — above all else — trustworthy. "No-nonsense Virgo does not want to worry about their partner's faithfulness. A Virgo seeks an honest partner." As well as someone who can spot your anxiety, and know just how to handle it. "Because a Virgo may worry about things, they look for a partner who can help them stay calm and relaxed."

Add in someone who's quick-witted (to match your sharp Virgo mind) and frugal, and you're likely to be very happy. "Virgo is an earth sign and makes practical financial decisions. They may have anxiety about spending and look for a life partner who wouldn't mind being on a budget."

Libra: Romantic, Attractive, Adoring, Dedicated, Intellectual

Libras are always on a search for the true romantic ideal. "Many Libras have a heightened sense of romance; they look for partners who will share poetry or surprise them with gifts," Lang says. And, it doesn't hurt if they look good doing it. "Ruled by Venus, Libras appreciate beauty. They look for attractive partners who present well — ones with unique styles and refined aesthetics."

But you're not just after good looks. As a Libra, you also appreciate a parter who can show the love, remain dedicated, and keep you on your intellectual toes. "As an air sign, a Libra can be quite cerebral. They read, follow the news, and enjoy learning about cultural events and happenings. They look for partners who can engage in intelligent conversation."

Scorpio: Trustworthy, Passionate, Committed, Strong, Confident

As a Scorpio, you're not down for games. And you certainly don't have time for a partner who isn't trustworthy. "Scorpio does not take risks with the heart," Lang says. "A Scorpio looks for a partner who will stay in the relationship, even when times are tough." Hence your desire for commitment, too.

You're also down for passion and romance, as well as someone you can be vulnerable with. "Scorpio has a reputation for being sexual, and this is most often true. Sex is intimacy for many Scorpios. They look for partners who can go deep with them."

Sagittarius: Outdoorsy, Relaxed, Honest, Self-Reliant, Active

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, you likely have a lot of energy. "They enjoy outdoor activities and look for a partner who is not afraid to take an adventurous hike," Lang says. So get yourself someone who can keep up.

You'll also do well with a partner who knows how to strike that happy balance of giving you space, while also remaining loyal and committed. "For a Sagittarius, truth is a keyword. They look for partners who value honesty, ones willing to tell and hear the truth."

Capricorn: Successful, Sexual, Sophisticated, Community-Minded, Supportive

Capricorns are truly focused on success, and their future goals. "They look for partners who can appreciate their successes and ones who have achieved their own." They're also all about community, and want to be with someone who gives back and takes initiative. "Capricorn wants a partner who will accompany him or her to charity galas, work parties, social functions, and cultural events."

That said, you're also always down for a little fun. "Many Capricorns have strong sex drives and can be highly sensual. As an earth sign, a Capricorn's love language might be touch — they need skin-to-skin contact in relationships. They look for partners who have excellent sexual chemistry [and] ones willing to try new things." So get yourself a partner who can do both.

Aquarius: Open-Minded, Well-Informed, Socially-Conscious, Emotionally-Stable, Fun

As an Aquarius, you want it all: someone who is open-minded, intelligent, and aware of what's going on in the world. "Aquarius wants you to care about issues as much as they do," Lang says. They also want to be with someone who's emotionally stable. "A typical Aquarius has little patience for drama. Their focus on community, friendships, and intellectual pursuits leave little space for navigating ups and downs of an emotionally turbulent relationship."

But you're also more than able to let loose, and love partners who can do the same. "I know this one seems strange, but a lot of Aquarians I have worked with love dancing and are quite good," Lang says. So if that's your thing, get yourself a partner who isn't afraid to join you on the dance floor.

Pisces: Cultural, Stable, Thoughtful, Compassionate, Spiritual

You're a deep thinker and appreciate partners who are just as thoughtful. "Pisces want to talk about life's mysteries." And art, too. If your partner wants to frequent galleries, or take in the local culture, you'll likely fall head over heels.

That said, you won't want to be with someone who's quite as dreamy as you. So look for a partner who has their feet solidly planted on the ground. "In a relationship with a practical and stable partner, Pisces can float away and have someone there to help bring them back to earth."

Because when it comes to finding the perfect partner, you want to be with someone who gets you and shares your interests. But also someone who can balance you out (and vice versa). That's why, whether you're thinking astrologically or not, compatibility is key.

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