The Softest Down Comforters The Internet Has To Offer

It's the softest material around and it makes for a truly luxurious sleeping experience. If you've never slept on one of the softest down comforters, you're in for a treat: Prepare to feel like you're resting on a cloud every night of the week.

Traditional down comforters are made from duck and geese feathers. Their softness depends on their fill power, which is a fancy way of saying how much down per ounce is added to the comforter. If you can find a down comforter designed with box stitching, all the better — this will prevent the filling from shifting and will provide better insulation to keep you warm all night long.

When talking about down comforters, it's impossible not to bring up the one potential problem with them. If you suffer from allergies, they may not be your best choice. That doesn't mean that you, too, can't sleep on the softest comforters for allergies imaginable — down alternative comforters are made from cotton, polyester microfiber, and rayon and are hypoallergenic and allergy free. These comforters also tend to be less expensive than down and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

These down comforters have racked up plenty of glowing reviews on Amazon because they're unbelievably soft, lightweight, warm, and made from quality materials. Snag one and make your good night's sleep even more restful.


A Goose Feather & Goose Down Hybrid Comforter

Topsleepy Comforter, $85-$115, Amazon

If you love goose down comforters and feeling like you're sleeping on a cloud, take it from one reviewer: "Your search for the perfect comforter has ended." This comforter is made with 50 percent goose feathers and 50 percent down, and this incredible combination yields a comforter one reviewer describes as "silky soft" with "perfect" fluffiness. It has a cotton shell and is machine washable. Many refer to this as an "all-season" comforter, but, according to some reviewers, it provides plenty of warmth for spring, summer, and fall, but may require an accompanying layer during cold winter nights.


A Down Alternative Comforter Made For Anyone With Allergies

LinenSpa All-Season White Quilted Alternative Down Comforter, $32-$94, Amazon

If you suffer from allergies, a traditional down comforter may be the last thing you need in your bedroom — but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. This alternative down comforter is lightweight, breathable, perfect for all seasons, and it comes in a variety of mattress sizes, including oversized queen and oversized king. But the best part: It's hypoallergenic and gets its fluff by way of microfiber fill, which won't aggravate your sinuses or cause your allergies to act up. Reviewers call it "surprisingly warm" given its lightweight texture — and they swear it gets even fluffier after a few spins through the washing machine and dryer.


A Goose Down Alternative Comforter That Retains Heat For Cold Winter Nights

Easeland Soft Goose Down Alternative Comforter, $57-$70, Amazon

Some all-season down comforters are great, except for the fact that they seem to neglect the cruelest, coldest season of all — but this soft goose down alternative comforter is perfect for winter nights. It features superior thermal abilities to trap body heat and keep your bed at the ideal temperature for sleeping. The exterior is made from 100 percent brushed polyester and the inside is filled with hypoallergenic goose down alternative filling, which is ideal for allergies and resistant to dust mites. One reviewer calls this comforter "warm but not hot" and raves about how it's "super soft and fluffy."


A Goose & Feather Comforter With Box Stitching For Even Distribution

Zoom Luan Goose Down and Feather Comforter, $80-$109, Amazon

No need to worry about the down and feathers in this soft comforter shifting — its box stitching design ensures that the goose feathers are always evenly distributed for a warmer sleeping experience. This all-season comforter has corner ties that allow you to secure it to your mattress, and the exterior is made with 100 percent cotton. It boasts a near perfect rating on Amazon with reviewers calling it "incredibly soft," "luxurious," and "fluffy and thick."


A Super-Luxurious Goose Down Comforter With An Egyptian Cotton Cover

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter, $110-$145, Amazon

With 750-fill power and a 100 percent goose down filling, this incredibly warm comforter is an investment worth making, especially if you want a comforter that will save you in heating bills. Even if you suffer from allergies, this goose down comforter may provide a completely comfortable sleeping experience, thanks to its 1200 thread count, 100 percent Egyptian cotton cover, which is hypoallergenic and allergy free.

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