These Are The 56 Best Jokes About "The Mooch" On The Internet RN

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When Reince Priebus resigned on Friday afternoon and capped off the White House's week from hell — a week that had boasted two firings, one transphobic policy, one failed healthcare proposal, and roughly eight unprintable New Yorker quotes — you probably thought the administration would stay quiet for a while. Not so fast! By the end of Gen. John Kelly's first day as chief of staff, Anthony Scaramucci, aka "The Mooch," had been unceremoniously fired. Twitter leapt into the fray with some glorious "The Mooch" jokes, just to rub salt in the White House's wounds.

In case you're losing track of the increasingly far-fetched storylines in this season of The Trump Administration: Reince Priebus didn't hire a communications director as quickly as Trump wanted. Trump bypassed Priebus, then the president's chief of staff, to hire financier Anthony Scaramucci. Both Priebus and ally Sean Spicer vehemently opposed Scaramucci's hiring, and Spicer quit in protest. This was swiftly followed by Priebus' resignation, which was then followed by Scaramucci's. Oh, and Gen. John Kelly took over Priebus' job and fired Scaramucci within one working day. Still with me?

If not, I don't blame you. It's been one hell of a week for the Trump administration, and Twitter is here for it.

1. He Won't Even Make The Dinner

2. Farewell, Mooch

3. Your Grandchildren Will Be So Confused

4. Even Thomas Can't Handle It

5. A New Best Friend

6. A Poetic Twist

7. A Lost Episode Come To Life

8. We'll Always Have This

9. What Could These Two Be Doing?

10. Ten Very Bad Days

11. We'll Always Have Tori

12. The General And The Mooch

13. Trump's Icarus

14. Seriously, What's Going On?

15. Keeping Up With The White House

16. The Fandango Is No More

17. Sorry About That, Bud

18. 2,400 Plays Long

19. How To Lose A Mooch In 10 Days

20. Employee Of The Week

21. There's Been A Lot Going On

22. Got Milk?

23. Loyalty Lost

24. "Like A Fruit Fly"

25. Can't Catch A Break

26. Shine Bright, You Crazy Diamond

27. Sorry, Moochie

28. It's One Hell Of A Job

29. You Can Use This Meme For Everything!

30. This. Old. Tweet.

31. Kim K Has Nothing On Trump

32. The Fallen

33. Just Like Tinder

34. More Fantastic Queen Puns

35. The Mooch 4 Ever

36. I'm Back!

37. What Would Sean Do?

38. But Was He Really Fired?

39. Cast The First Stone

40. Luckily For Priebus, Spicer, And Scaramucci...

41. All Of Five Minutes

42. He Hadn't Even Started Yet!

43. Next Up...

44. Day Trading

45. Some Things That Beat Him

46. Hiding In A Drawer

47. Speaking Of That Metaphor...

48. He's Back On The Market

49. Hey, Mooch...

50. Even Chris Harrison Is Weighing In

51. Too Much Of The Mooch

52. Will Somebody Think Of Pickle?

53. You Know What Would Be Fun?

54. Trump Is Certainly Creating Jobs

55. The Mooch Era

56. He Could Come Back For A Cameo

Whatever you might think about the Trump administration's last ten days, you can't deny that it's given a lot of people an opportunity to sharpen their 140-character jokes.