6 Safe Ways To Lift Your Eyelashes At Home — & The One Product You Should Avoid

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When done by a professional, a lash lift can give you weeks of perfectly curled lashes, but when you can't get make it to the salon for your appointment, it can sometimes lead to some lash woes. The good news is the best at-home lash lift alternatives can still give your lashes a fanned-out, naturally lifted and curled look, but are much safer for performing on your own.

First, let's clear things up. Searching for the best lash lift kits online will yield plenty of results, but that doesn't mean you should try to do it by yourself. "Lash lifts are absolutely not a DIY project," cautions Ali Tobia, an esthetician and lead facialist at New York City's Just Ageless. "First, you need someone else to do the lift on you, otherwise you're just asking for trouble." And by "someone else" she also doesn't mean a roommate or a partner either— she's referring to a licensed professional who is certified to perform lash perms. "You don’t want to mess around near your eyes if you don’t know what you’re doing," Tobias adds. "It’s a very intricate process." Most notably, some kits contain harsh chemicals that could lead to irritation or damaged eyesight if used the wrong way.

Now that you're aware of these serious safety precautions, it's time to focus on all of the easy and effective ways you can achieve your own version of a temporary lash lift at home. Among the products below, you'll find a number of inexpensive tools to help you maintain curl and definition.

Bottom line: Remember to "manage your expectations," as Tobia puts it. None of these DIY solutions are going to give you the exact result of a true lash lift, but they will certainly help you look and feel your best.

Take a look at all of the lash-boosting products below.

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This Fiber Mascara That Lengthens & Curls

In addition to giving your lashes superb length, this Heroine Make mascara has impressed Amazon reviewers (and plenty of Reddit users) with its major lifting power. The magic behind this Japanese mascara is its curl-locking polymers and curved applicator that help shape lashes and keep them raised up to 10 hours. The formula also contains conditioning ingredients like camellia oil, royal jelly extract, argan oil, and wild rose oil. Just note that it's as waterproof as waterproof gets, meaning it won't budge even when you go swimming or get caught in the rain. For that reason, many fans also highly recommend grabbing Heroine Make's mascara remover as well.

One reviewer's rave: "I have thin lashes that literally point down and have to use serious eyelash curlers. I have tried over a hundred different mascaras and they’re either so heavy they make my curl drool or they’re smudgy and give me raccoon eyes even though they’re waterproof. This is the only mascara that has ever worked for me 100%!"


A Mascara Primer That's Beloved For Its Lash Amplifying Effects

Most primers are made to increase volume and length before you apply mascara, but this L'Oréal Paris one has many of it's more than 5,800 Amazon fans buzzing with delight that it can also help lashes hold a curl. As one user wrote, "I apply this primer and even without twirling the wand my lashes perk upward." In addition to making your eyes pop, the primer conditions lashes, offering a moisturizing barrier between them and your mascara.

One reviewer's rave: "Only use a little and your lashes will look so freaking good! I’m Asian so my lashes are kind of short and straight but this kept them curled ALL DAY and looking very voluminous!"


3.An Eyelash Curler With A Major Cult Following

With more than 6,500 5-star reviews on Amazon, this eyelash curler gets high marks across the board for its comfortable fit and the longevity of the curl it creates. "I've been using this every day since I purchased it and it really holds a curl - EVEN WITHOUT MASCARA," writes one fan. The calibrated hinge creates uniform pressure, and reviewers love that it does not pinch or leave a kink in the lash. The stainless steel frame is made to last and comes in three finishes, including rose gold, platinum, and a unique multicolor prism. You'll also get two extra silicone pads and a satin storage pouch.

One reviewer's rave: "Best eyelash curler I've ever owned! My eyelashes are straight with no curl to them at all and difficult to curl. With this eyelash curler I can't wait to curl them everyday! It's so easy and no kinks, just a beautiful, upswept curl (and they stay curled all day!) I can't recommend this product enough."


A Heated Eyelash Curler For An Even More Long-Lasting Lift

If a traditional clamp curler isn't your preferred tool, consider this heated curler that promises more than 24 hours of lift. The rechargeable wand has four heat settings to make it easy to pick the right one for you (turn the temperature up for if you have thick lashes, but go lower if your lashes are more sparse or prone to breakage).

To use it, hold the device at the base of your lashes for ten seconds and then slowly move upward just like you would when applying mascara. The narrow applicator is designed to graze every lash and the safety grooves make sure the heat never reaches your lid. For the most long-lasting results, use the curler after applying one coat of mascara.

One reviewer's rave: "I have almond shaped eyes, so it is difficult to use a traditional curler without pinching. Plus my short coarse lashes rarely curl! This thing works great! I love this thing!"


These Magnetic Falsies That Make An Instant Impact

Magnetic falsies, like the ones in this Coolours Kit, are much easier to apply than regular strip ones because they don't require the precision and patience that lash glue often calls for. And unlike some of the original magnetic lash styles, they also don't warrant a bottom lash "anchor" that often causes lashes to droop downward as a result. Instead, using the included magnetic liquid liner, this version adheres to your upper lash line only, helping your eyes look more open overall. The three different styles of lashes included in the kit also all have a natural curve to mimic the look of a lash perm. You'll also get a pair of tweezers to make application even easier.

To use, line your eyes and position the false lashes as you'd like. The five magnets on each strip will hold on to the tiny magnetic particles in the liquid, giving you hours of wear.

One reviewer's rave: "Highly recommend! So easy and they look beautiful! Easy to apply as well. I always struggled with glue on eyelashes.. these work and stay in place within minutes! Last time I wore these they lasted 8+ hours."


A Lash Comb For Extra Polished Lashes

This lash comb has a double layer of gold-plated teeth that separate and lifts lashes, making them appear fuller and providing outstanding definition. Use after applying mascara to remove clumps and excess that could weigh lashes down. Reviewers note that its metal teeth are much better at separating lashes than the typical plastic comb, though they also caution to be careful near the lash line as the teeth are very pointy. For storage, the comb folds up, tucking in the teeth to keep them sharp, while protecting your hands from accidental pricks.

One reviewer's rave: "This eyelash comb works amazingly well. I had a cheapy plastic one that was absolutely worthless, but this one is everything I hoped it would be! I love the design, that it can fold up and be protected so it doesn't get trashed in my makeup bag. The comb tines are so small that it works ridiculously well at separating the eyelashes after I put on my mascara."


Also Consider: A Lash Serum That Conditions and Strengthens Lashes

Rich in peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract this RevitaLash serum conditions and protects lashes from breakage, while promoting length and volume. The award-winning formula, developed by an ophthalmologist is non-irritating and hypoallergenic and can be applied daily to nourish lashes into tip-top shape. The serum is also free of parabens, phthalates, oils, and fragrance and gets a thumbs-up from Tobia, who says "it will help give your lashes a little more fullness and will help soften and condition them."

One reviewer's rave: "It took me about a month to notice but YES this works! Besides my lashes being longer, I’ve also started to notice them curling up a bit so when I’m looking at myself straight on in the mirror, I can tell I have lashes (not true before). I’m a believer!"


Ali Tobia, licensed esthetician and lead facialist at Just Ageless