The 6 Best Athletic Socks For Sweaty Feet


There’s no better way to put a damper on your runner’s high than hot, sweaty feet. It’s hard to feel the magic of the wind whipping your face when your toes feel like they’ve been squished into an overheated steam room. The best athletic socks for sweaty feet, however, will help you keep your feet dry and happy.

There are lots of things to consider when picking out a pair of athletic socks, particularly if you’re someone who tends to get sweaty feet. First, you want a lightweight material that has some sort of moisture-wicking properties. If your feet are especially prone to odor (no judgement here), you’ll want the fabric to have anti-microbial properties as well. This prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing and reduces the material’s ability to produce that “ripe foot” aroma.

Breathability is another important factor — your feet need to be able to release heat to avoid getting clammy. That means the socks should be air-permeable and quick-drying. Other factors to keep in mind are things like how comfortable they are, whether they have blister-prevention attributes, and how well they stay up. (You don’t want your sock to be discovered in a bunched-up wad around your heel at the end of the day).

Whether you’re into running, hiking, biking, aerobics, or other athletic pursuits, having a quality pair of socks meant to combat sweaty feet will be everything. Check out these 6 highly-rated options, below.

1. No-Show Athletic Socks That Are Made Of A Moisture-Wicking Fabric

A lot of people prefer socks that don't show when you're wearing sneakers, and these are basically invisible. For under $15, you'll get six pairs in assorted colors (mix and match between black, navy, dark grey, light grey, white, and turquoise). These socks are made of a moisture-wicking fabric that fights odor, and they also feature carefully-placed mesh ventilation to keep your feet from becoming sweaty in the first place. They also a padded heel and toe for increased arch and ankle support, and they have grips on the heels (which helps during activities like yoga), too.

2. Affordable Quarter Length Socks That Come In A Four-Pack

If you're on a budget but still want high-quality fitness socks that won't make your feet feel trapped in a fiery inferno, these quarter-length athletic socks are a fantastic option. Made with a cool mesh construction for ultimate ventilation, these breathable socks are woven with anti-bacterial yarns that are not only odor-resistant, but super comfy, too. The design features technical cooling panels that wick sweat, a hand-linked toe closure to help prevent blisters or chafing, and a reinforced heel area for maximum comfort. Best of all, they come in a pack with four pairs — all for under $10.

3. Hyper-Breathable Crew Socks Meant For Hiking And Trekking

Whether you like to hike deep into the woods or simply trek around the city, these moisture-wicking hiking socks are engineered to keep your feet dry and sweat-free during long periods of activity. Their sensational quick-drying capabilities are due to the sock's double-layer technology that features an outer layer made from a lycra-merino wool blend and an inner liner that's one hundred percent Olefin. The Olefin liner transports sweat to the outer layer, which uses the merino to shed moisture and dry quickly. The socks also feature a breathable mesh instep that offers extra ventilation, along with a cozy fit.

4. Tall Compression Socks That Use Strands Of Silver To Manage Odor

Constructed with a premium moisture management technology called Silver Drystat, these knee-length athletic compression socks use quick-drying polypropylene that's been infused with tiny strands of silver that block bacteria from growing, preventing odors from being absorbed into the fabric. The result is dry, odor-free feet that feel airy and fresh while you work out. On top of the high-grade anti-microbial properties, these socks feature patented compression throughout the shin and calves, encouraging blood circulation and speeding up recovery time up to 40 percent.

5. Amazingly Comfy, Cushioned Socks That Won't Give You Blisters

Sweat and moisture management is great and all, but if your socks aren't comfortable, you'll never wear them. These awesome blister-resistant running socks offer comfort and temperature control all in one. Their anatomical design conforms to the left and right foot structures, minimizing blister potential and providing ultra-soft cushioning around your foot's high-impact zones. They have a seamless toe to reduce bunching or chafing, along with targeted compression that enhances bloodflow. On top of being impossibly soft and comfortable, the fabric is made with iWick fibers that wick moisture and regulate foot temperature.

6. High-Performance Toe Socks With A Mesh Top For Ventilation

Aside from the ability to offer greater stability and foot alignment, these socks keep your toes separate from one another, resulting in natural breathability that's simply not possible in regular socks. On top of that, Injinji's Run 2.0 socks feature Coolmax Xtralife technology, a fiber construction material that wicks sweat as you perspire to ensure that your feet stay dry. The fabric, which comes in tons of color choices including canyon pink, mariner blue, yellow slate, and black, is super-thin, so your toes don't feel like they're rubbing together, and the mesh top adds another degree of ventilation.

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