If You've Got An Itch To Scratch, These Clever Back Scratchers Will Do The Trick

When you've got an itch to scratch, sometimes your fingernails just won't do, especially if it's that annoying part of your back that you can never reach. It's times like these when you need one of the best back scratchers to help you out.

One of the biggest things to look for is a sturdy material. It doesn't matter what kind so much — there are great options in wood, stainless steel, and even plastic — it just needs to be durable and well-made. (If you've ever used a cheap, flimsy back scratcher, then you'll know what I mean.) And the best way to determine how strong and durable one will be is by reading the reviews. (Lucky for you, I already did this for you.)

Next, think about design. There are lots of different types of back scratchers out there, and much of it is a matter of personal preference. Do you like the claw designs made from wood or metal? (They're often shaped like miniature hands or paws.) Or do you prefer the bristly styles that feel more like a hairbrush? Or how about one that folds up small, so you can take it on the go? To give you a wide range of options, I've included a handful of different designs.

Lastly, think about aesthetic. It may not sound important, but if you like how it looks, you're more likely to use and enjoy it — and you won't have to hide it away. Given these considerations, check out my list of the best back scratchers below.


This Double-Sided "Cactus Scratcher" That's A Cult-Favorite On Amazon

What's great about it: With more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, the Cactus back scratcher has developed a bit of a cult-following online. According to customers, it's sturdier than most back scratchers and doesn't have that flimsy feeling. Made with plastic that reviewers say is durable, this scratcher features a double-sided head, with "Moderate" spikes on one side and "Aggressive" spikes on the other, allowing you to customize how hard you scratch. Best of all, it's extendable for up to 26 inches of length and packs down to just 8.5 inches long.

What fans say: "I have bought plenty of different types of back scratchers. Majority of time the actual end would not scratch that well and the retractable wand would break! [...] THIS DID NOT FAIL!! The metal in the middle is very thick and strong which means that the cactus part scratches on target!!! Its very long and does a wonderful job scratching my back!"


This Genius Two-In-One Scratcher That Has A Massage Roller On One End

What's great about it: Brilliantly designed with a scratcher on one end and a relaxing rolling massager on the other, this two-in-one back scratcher is extra versatile. It's made with a combination of tough plastic and smooth resin that's effective at dealing with the scratch but doesn't hurt your skin. The finger-tip design is great at tackling itches, and the massage roller is calming and relaxing, according to fans.

What fans say: "Very nice product. Well constructed back scratcher. The massage end is very good for the shoulders. Would definitely purchase again or recommend to a friend."


These Telescoping Bear Claw Scratchers That Come In An Affordable Four-Pack

What's great about it: Constructed with durable materials and an extendable design, these bear claw back scratchers are awesome at alleviating the itch, and they come at a budget-friendly price. Made with stainless steel, the telescoping back scratchers are sturdy and don't bend while you use them. They extend from 8 to 22 inches and come in an affordable four-pack. Plus, they all have a nonslip rubber grip for convenience.

What's fans say: "Oh my goodness, this is so what I needed! I have one itch on my shoulder blade that's just in the right spot, and for the life of me I cannot reach it! Bought these, put one in living room, one in both bedrooms, and brought one to work. Literally used it about 10 times the first night I got them! So amazing, so did the trick! Love how long they can actually get. Love that they feel good and relieve the instant itch that pops up! Highly recommend!"


This Clever, Folding Back Scratcher That's Perfect On-The-Go

What's great about it: If you travel a lot, this folding back scratcher makes a great choice. It's small and lightweight with an ultra-portable design. The durable ABS plastic features tough stainless steel joints, and the overall construction is sturdy, according to fans. It has a curved design to hit your back at just the right angle and offers an impressive 18 inches in length when unfolded. What's more, it comes with a handy carrying case for protection.

What fans say: "It is very well made and folds to a size which is so small and portable . The surface which makes contact while using is more satisfying then traditional wooden back scratchers ."


This Innovative Back Scratcher That Features Soft, Effective Bristles

What's great about it: With soft bristles and a smooth, ergonomic handle, this innovative back scratcher excels at achieving the perfect angle and leverage. It relieves the itch without being too hard or too soft. Made with tough plastic parts and a grippy handle, it measures 17 inches when fully extended, so you'll be able to reach any itch. Plus, the bristles feel amazing on your skin, according to fans. You can fold it down to make it more compact and throw it right in your bag or backpack.

What fans say: "Best scratcher I have ever used. Not too rough and not too soft. Also great for travel with the folding feature. I highly [recommend] it."


This Adorable Cat-Shaped Scratcher That's Made From Sturdy Basswood

What's great about it: With a cute, cat-shaped design, this unique back scratcher is as adorable as it is effective. It's made from strong basswood that's extra durable, and it offers 19 inches of length. While this one doesn't fold down or retract, fans say they get lots of compliments on it, and that it makes a great gift, too.

What fans say: "Adorable face, unique carved detailing, surprisingly sharp "claws." Giving as a gift, but would make a great purchase for any cat lover."

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