These Costumes Will Actually Fit Your Large Dog, Because Halloween Is Right Around The Corner


The only thing more fun than getting dressed up for Halloween is getting your dog dressed up for Halloween. I mean really — what’s cuter than a fluffy creature in a bacon suit? (The answer is nothing, BTW.) That said, if you have a big dog it can sometimes be tricky to find something that fits them right. All of the cute canine costumes seem to be built for tiny pugs and chihuahuas — the best big dog costumes, by contrast, are harder to come by.

But fear not — there are plenty of big dog suits out there to fit your gentle giant. You just need to make sure that, in addition to fitting properly, they meet the other costume criteria. This essentially boils down to two things: going on easily and staying on.

Dogs aren’t always as excited as we are about dressing up, so you need to find something that slides on smoothly and won’t get pulled off the second you leave the room. After all, Halloween is a big night and you don’t want to spend it searching for scattered tiny hats and accessories.

To help you out, I’ve created a list of the best big dog costumes that are easy to access, comfy to wear, and designed to stay put.


A Lion Costume That Turns Your Pup Into A Real-Life Simba

The best thing about this cute little lion costume is that it relies on one simple headpiece — there's no full-sized body suit or cumbersome attachments to try to coerce your pup into. It's ideal for those Halloween-resistant dogs who hate wearing costumes and fuss every time you try to put an article of clothing on them. The mane is surprisingly realistic looking, especially if your dog is yellow, brown, beige, golden, or tan-colored. On top of that, it's made with high-quality wool fibers that are itch-free and fully machine-washable.


A Colorful Piñata Costume That Will Make Your Pup Look Festive

The one-piece piñata outfit features sleeves in the two front legs and an easy, slip-on hood that your pooch's head can poke through. It comfortably fits dogs who weigh up to 90 to 185 pounds — a range that's difficult to find costumes for. That means breeds like St. Bernards, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and other large dogs will be able to wear it comfortably and look adorable doing so.


A Pineapple Costume That's Breezy And Lightweight

This cute pineapple costume showcases a bright yellow, T-shirt style onesie that slides over their shoulders easily and feels soft against their fur. On top is a separate, leafy green headpiece that attaches securely to their head with a stretchy chin strap. The costume is lightweight enough to feel comfortable and can be worn at other times of the year like pool parties and summer parades. "The costume is great and fit well," said one happy Amazon customer. "My dog has a really thick neck and I thought I would need a larger size but his normal size fit great. He even won his costume contest!!"


A UPS Costume That's Perfect For Dogs Who Bark At The Mailman

If you have one of those pups who goes crazy at the first sound of the mailman, this funny UPS suit adds ironic humor to their Halloween costume. It has simple but roomy sleeves that glide over their front legs and an opening at the neck that fastens with rugged Velcro. Made with durable fabric that blends polyester, fiberfill, and polyurethane foam, the costume is strong enough to retain its form and tough enough to last several dress-up seasons. In front of the torso is a fake UPS package held by stuffed arms that makes them look like they just rang your doorbell. Your unsuspecting pup will never know you've dressed them up as their mortal foe.


A Darth Vader Costume That Is Sure To Get A Laugh

This Darth Vader costume comes with it's own detachable cape, and removable helmet, so you can dress your pup up for the occasion. Made with 100-percent polyester and foam, this costume is comfortable and durable enough to last for all of your Halloween festivities. One thing to note, some reviewers with dogs over 100 pounds say this costume doesn't quite fit, so if your dog fits this description a different costume on this list might be better.


A Wonder Woman Costume That Will Make Your Dog A Superhero

This cool superhero costume is made with a slide-on body suit displaying Wonder Women's famous yellow insignia and a cute blue skirt. The material is soft yet durable and shiny enough to be semi-reflective at night. Best of all, the manufacturer also makes other DC dog costumes including Batman, Robin, Superman, and others, so if you have multiple dogs or friends with pups, you can dress them up together in a group doggy costume. One warning: Several reviewers mention the costume fits snugly so you may want to order one size up.

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