The Toys Your Teething Puppy Will Actually Want To Chew (Instead Of Your Shoes)

by Tiana Crump
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When your puppy is teething, the right chew toys can help them (and you!) through this trying time. But the best chew toys for teething puppies aren't just about keeping your dog's mouth busy, they're also made with puppy safety in mind. Too-small toys can lead to choking, while large, hard toys can damage their teeth. Instead, you’ll want to look for puppy-specific bones and toys that can help soothe sore gums without putting your furbaby at risk.

For most teething puppies, toys made out of soft rubber — or similarly tough yet pliable materials such as food-grade nylon or certain types of plastic — are a great choice. They're durable without being too harsh, and they can come in shapes designed to soothe sore gums. Rope toys are also great for teething, as the rope fibers can massage and clean the mouth, and they can be chilled or frozen as well. Just make sure the rope is strong enough that your pup can't shred it.

Edible chewing treats that double as a tasty snack can keep your pup’s attention, but make sure to buy puppy-specific bones to ensure they're safe for your little one to chew. Always supervise your puppy when they're playing with an edible or non-edible chew toy to ensure they don't break off any pieces that could become a choking hazard.

Scroll on for my suggestions for the best chew toys for teething puppies! They’ll keep your puppy happy — and save your shoes, table legs, and more from destruction in the jaws of your sweet furbaby.

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The Best Soft Rubber Teething Toy

The Kong Puppy Binkie is designed to look almost like a human baby pacifier, but it's actually for small puppies up to 35 pounds in weight and up to 9 months of age. It’s made of soft rubber that's more flexible than adult Kong toys to be gentle on a growing puppy’s teeth while soothing the gums. Like full-size Kong toys, this binkie can also be stuffed with treats or snacks to make it more enticing to your dog, and it bounces unpredictably to make chasing and fetching more fun.

This binkie is available in small or medium. You can’t choose the color, but it should come in either pink or blue.

According to a fan: “My entire litter of puppies loved it so much, I had to order two more and then another bigger one for the puppy I kept! This is a GREAT toy for teething puppies that will last well! She is over five months now, and they still look brand new!”


The Best Edible Teething Rings

The N-Bone puppy teething ring provides your pet with the best of both worlds: a tasty chicken-flavored treat and soothing relief for their sore gums. Totally digestible, these rings give your pet something to chew while teething. They're fortified with calcium to promote the growth of healthy teeth and bones, and enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to aid in the overall health of your dog. They’re also allergy-friendly, as they're free of wheat, corn, and soy. However, be sure to supervise your pup while chewing this and throw away any pieces that break off since they can pose a choking hazard. Each pouch contains six rings, and you can also buy them in packs of two, three, or four pouches.

According to a fan: “My puppy LOVES these rings! The design is also great; it's easy for my puppy to hold onto and chew. All in all, a great product!”


A Durable Chew Toy That's Designed To Last

For aggressive chewers, the Oneisall indestructible bone is a good option. This bone-shaped chew toy is made from food-grade nylon, so you don’t have to worry about your pet eating it. It’s designed to be tough to withstand excessive chewing, so it's ideal for puppies that are teething. This bacon-flavored chew toy is available in three sizes ranging from small to large, but puppies will likely require a small.

According to a fan: “We got a pit bull puppy a few months ago, and he will eat just about anything. He tears his toys up constantly. This bone is his absolute favorite. I got him two different sizes, and he loves them. Very great for teething. He has yet to destroy these, and I don't think he's going to."


A Key Ring-Shaped Chew Toy That Also Cleans Teeth

This bacon-flavored Nylabone key ring chew toy is another option for teething puppies designed to help satisfy your dog’s chewing habits in a nondestructive way. The ring itself is hard, while the keys are made of softer thermoplastic polymer, with bristles that help clean your dog’s teeth and prevent tartar buildup while they chew. The different textures on this toy massage your puppy's gums to soothe the discomfort of teething, too.

According to the manufacturer, this toy is not recommended for any puppy with permanent teeth, so make sure you replace it once your little one is done teething.

According to a fan: “We got two pups a little over a year ago, and this toy lasted longer than most of the toys we bought them. They love it. The ring is hard plastic, and the keys are a little softer so great for teething.”


A Cooling Chew Toy To Soothe Sore Gums

The Znoka arctic freeze teether chew toy can be frozen to soothe your pup's sore mouth. It's made of nontoxic EVA material and filled with purified water, and it has little knobs all around to help massage your pet’s gums. There are also hidden compartments in the ring where you can hide treats and snacks to keep your dog entertained and stimulated.

Amazon reviewers report that the toy is very durable, with many aggressive chewers failing to rip it apart.

According to a fan: “My puppy is a strong chewer and loves this toy. The ice helps soothe the pain from teething.”


The Best Rope Chew Toy For Teething Puppies

Another option for teething puppies is the Mammoth Flossy three-knot rope toy. Available in sizes extra small through extra large, the extra small size of this rope is 10 inches in length and only 1.5 inches in width, making it ideal for most puppies. The cotton-blend rope fibers help to floss your dog's teeth while they nibble and play. For teething puppies in need of extra relief, this toy also freezes well.

According to a fan: "My puppy loves this rope, and it’s still one of his favorites for fetch, chewing, and tug of war. It’s held up very well with frequent machine washes. I definitely recommend this rope chew toy."