The 6 Best Conditioners For Dry Hair

There are plenty of reasons for the lovely hair on our heads to suddenly become dry without warning. Luckily, regardless of the cause of your dryness, the best conditioners for dry hair can help. Sometimes dry hair is caused by dry air sucking the moisture right out of it. This is common in the colder months, or if you blast the air conditioner in the summer. But genetics, medications, and even normal changes to our hair as we grow older or after have children can also be responsible for dryness. Whatever the cause, locking in moisture in the shower with a good conditioner is essential.

Replenishing moisture in your hair is much easier with the right product. Look for conditioners rich in fatty vegetable oils like coconut oil and even lighter oils like jojoba to help seal moisture in before it can evaporate. Make sure your conditioner is free of harsh ingredients that may cause dryness, and it's a plus if it's also free of silicones, an ingredient that can weigh down the hair.

These six conditioners are loaded with ingredients to keep your hair soft and protected regardless of the weather — and there's something every hair texture will love.