Add These Conditioners To Your Hair Care Routine To Fend Off Dryness

There are plenty of reasons for the lovely hair on our heads to suddenly become dry without warning. Luckily, regardless of the cause of your dryness, the best conditioners for dry hair can help. Sometimes dry hair is caused by dry air sucking the moisture right out of it. This is common in the colder months, or if you blast the air conditioner in the summer. But genetics, medications, and even normal changes to our hair as we grow older or after have children can also be responsible for dryness. Whatever the cause, locking in moisture in the shower with a good conditioner is essential.

Replenishing moisture in your hair is much easier with the right product. Look for conditioners rich in fatty vegetable oils like coconut oil and even lighter oils like jojoba to help seal moisture in before it can evaporate. Make sure your conditioner is free of harsh ingredients that may cause dryness, and it's a plus if it's also free of silicones, an ingredient that can weigh down the hair.

These six conditioners are loaded with ingredients to keep your hair soft and protected regardless of the weather — and there's something every hair texture will love.


Intense Hydration For Chemically Treated Hair

Joico K-Plus Intense Hydrator Treatment, $12, Amazon

This moisturizing treatment will bring over-processed hair back to life with intense hydration that leaves hair feeling soft and healthy. It’s formulated to treat dry, damaged hair because it restores moisture quickly and promotes strength in every strand.


A Moisture Treatment That's Great For Curls

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Intense Moisture Treatment, $27, Amazon

For curly-babes, few treatments compare to the intense moisture of this deep conditioner. It’s designed specifically to navigate through dense curls and penetrate the hair with rich emollients like cocoa seed, cupuacu seed, and murumuru seed. In case you aren’t familiar with these unique ingredients, cupuacu and murumuru are naturally filled with fatty acids that help promote hair strength and retain moisture.


A Conditioning Splurge For Any Hair Type

Ouai Smooth Conditioner, $42, Amazon

This hydrating conditioner is formulated to deeply hydrate dry tresses, and promote a shiny texture that looks like you just waltzed out of the salon. Ouai’s unique technology is infused with amino acids, keratin, and tamarind seed extra to provide continuous nourishment to your hair.


A Renewing Deep Conditioner For Afro-Textured Hair

Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, $24, Amazon

For naturally coarse textures, weekly deep conditioning treatments are essential for healthy, growing hair. This deep conditioner is formulated with only natural ingredients to keep hair moisturized and strong. It’s infused with algae that contain proteins to strengthen the hair and it’s bursting with hearty emollients that soften. This deep conditioner can be used with or without shampoo which is great for those living a no-poo lifestyle.


A Repairing Conditioner For You Can Bring On Your Travels

Hask Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner, $21 (12 Pack), Amazon

There’s nothing better than taking a repairing conditioner with you to keep your hair soft while you travel. Whether you’re traveling to a place with cold weather, dry heat, or loads of humidity you can rely on these trusty packets to revive your hair. Each packet contains rich emollients like argan oil that are perfect for instantly treating dryness. This treatment is made to work with processed, color-treated, curly, and fine textures.


A Broccoli-Infused Conditioning Mask For Color Treated Hair

Xtava Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, $16, Amazon

There’s a hearty dose of nutrients to revitalize color-treated hair in this deep conditioning mask. It’s formulated with healing aloe vera, conditioning broccoli seed, and pequi oil which is loaded with antioxidants to revitalize your hair's natural glow. This treatment is great for all color-treated textures that are longing for moisture. It’s repairing, protecting, and super hydrating to maintain healthy, soft hair.

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