These Innovative T-Shirts Will Keep You Cool When The Temperature Heats Up

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Whether it's an old wives tale or not, you've probably been told that wearing black in the summer is a recipe for overheating. And there's no shortage of advice on what materials and colors will keep you cool either. But let's face it, dressing in white linen every day isn't practical. If you're looking for the best cooling T-shirts to regulate your body temperature in intense heat or during a rigorous workout, then you'll be happy to know that material technology has come a long way since the invention of linen.

These cutting-edge, high-tech fabrics can do more than just keep you cool, too. Combined with UV protection, anti-chafing features, and the ability to wick away sweat, these tees protect you from the elements while keeping you comfortable.

And if you're concerned that T-shirts designed with cooling technology will make you look like you're headed to the gym, don't worry. There are plenty of options with subtle designs that can be seamlessly incorporated into your casual wardrobe, so that you can stay cool whether you're working out or just hanging out in the park.

If you're looking for the best cooling tees to beat the sweltering heat or help keep you comfortable at the gym, these six T-shirts have you covered.

A High-Tech T-Shirt From A Brand That Specializes In High-Performing Apparel

Under Armour is a well-known leader in athletic apparel, so it's no surprise that their innovative cooling T-shirt is one of the best. Thanks to a coating of their proprietary UA CoolSwitch technology on the inside of the tee, the fabric is able to pull heat from your skin to cool you down fast. On top of that, the polyester and elastane material also has moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you dry. On the style front: It has a cut-out on the back and comes in eight mostly bright and neutral shades like ultra blue, deep orchid, and graphite.

  • Available Sizes: XS-XL
A Cooling T-Shirt With UV 50+ Protection For Outdoor Activities

Not only does this V-neck T-shirt feature something called HydroFreeze X Technology that disperses moisture when you sweat to keep you cool it also offers UPF 50+ protection making it perfect for rigorous outdoor activities. It's made from a soft polyester-spandex blend that moves with you while you workout, and it comes in nine colors.

Pro tip: Reviewers recommended wetting the shirt slightly before you wear it to encourage the evaporation process and keep you even cooler.

  • Available Sizes: S-XXXL
Another Great T-Shirt With 50+ UPF Protection, But In Even More Sizes

This is another great moisture-wicking, cooling tee with UPF 50+ protection, that's perfect for outdoor activities and it offers even more sizes. It's 100 percent polyester and comes in seven mostly bright colors, is free of tags, and has a ribbed neckline.

  • Available Sizes: 1X-5X
A Dressier Cooling Polo Shirt With Sun Protection

This cooling polo shirt is perfect for casual outdoor events where you need to pull off something slightly dressier than a T-shirt. It has an athletic cut that sits close to the body, UPF 50+ protection, and technology that automatically cools the fabric down when it detects wetness from perspiration (you can also spritz it with a little water to get things going). The polo comes in four colors: purple, fuchsia, blue, and black.

  • Available Sizes: S-XXXL
A Cooling T-Shirt That's Cute AF

You can be comfortable in a cooling T-shirt that supports your workout performance and still be super stylish. On the functional front, the jacquard mesh stays cool on your skin and moisture-wicking properties keep sweat from slowing you down. Plus, it features flat-seam construction to reduce chafing and skin irritation. But this tee delivers on style, too, thanks to the fitted, V-neck cut, the large cut-out back (perfect for showing off your sports bras), and comes in several colors — including millennial pink!

  • Available Sizes: S-XL
A Long-Sleeve Shirt That Cools Your Body Down By Up To 5 Degrees

Made from a blend of polyester and spandex with Icefil technology to cool your body down by up to 5 degrees, this long-sleeve crew-style cooling shirt is great for protecting your skin from the sun or harsh winds and for ensuring you never overheat. It's completely free of tags and is designed with flatlock stitching — both of these features prevent chafing when you're moving around or wearing it on a hike or run. Reviewers say this shirt is lightweight and works just as well as a base layer in cooler weather — it lays flat on your body and doesn't snag or pill.

  • Available Sizes: XS-XL

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