For Curled Lashes, These Mascaras Are Your Best Bet — And One Is Only $5!


It doesn’t matter how long your lashes are, if they’re straight, it can be hard to see the effects of mascara. That’s where curling mascaras come in handy. Through a variety of features, like wand shape and mascara formula, curling mascaras can sometimes even replace eyelash curlers for eye-opening effects. But just because you want curl from your mascara doesn’t mean you also have to sacrifice other lash-enhancing effects. Curling mascaras can also lengthen, volumize, and wear all day. In fact, some people find that the ingredients that make mascara waterproof also help with holding a curl. And, like all beauty products, you don’t have to spend big to get the best curling mascaras — many drugstore brands will also provide you with high-impact curl.

To get the most out of your curling mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle out and up as you apply. Starting as close to the lash line as possible allows your lashes to curl from the base up. Going outward at a 45-degree angle will also give you eye-opening effects, while simply curling it in front of your face will give a more natural effect. If you find you still want more curl, consider also prepping your lashes with an eyelash curler. However, if you aren’t comfortable with eyelash curlers, or don't like the stress they can put on your delicate eye area, curling mascaras can also be a great way to bid adieu to curlers in your routine altogether.

But before you start practicing your best swipe-and-wiggle, you need the right mascara to make it worthwhile. Read on for six Amazon customer-approved favorites.


The Best Curling And Lengthening Mascara

This cult-favorite curling mascara was designed to do the work of an eyelash curler all on its own. The molded, curved wand helps get to the root of your lashes, and the formula you swipe on helps them curled all day. In addition to serious curl, it lengthens lashes for all-day, flake-free, water-resistant (but not waterproof) wear.

What Fans Say: "Holy crap!! This is literally best mascara I ever bought and believe me I have spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on mascaras from designer brands to over the counter... My eyelashes are not naturally long or thick, but this mascara amplifies and gives my eyelashes such beautiful dimension."


The Best Drugstore Curling Mascara

A dupe of the most-pinned and ever-popular Better Than Sex mascara, some experts and enthusiasts even say they like this L'Oréal one better — and it's a fraction of the price. More than 2,300 reviews praise the all-day wear that can add length and volume to even the shortest lashes. The thick formula helps lift lashes and keep them lifted all day, though it clumps more than thinner, less bold mascaras. Some reviewers find it actually clumps less as the formula dries out after a week or so of use, but you may find applying fewer layers or even combing it with a clean lash comb afterwards helps, too.

What Fans Say: "People ask me if I had eyelash extensions done! But nope, it’s just this mascara. It stays on all day without smudging, and it holds a curl."


An Amazon Best-Selling Mascara For Length And Curl

Like Roller Lash, Marcelle's Xtension Plus Curl mascara curls as it adds length. The curled wand allows you to build up from the base and capture every lash. All-day wear is designed to not flake or smear without clumping. It's also ophthalmologist tested for sensitive eyes. With a 4.1-star rating on Amazon, it's a fan-favorite and best-seller.

What Fans Say: "I love this mascara. It gives length and just enough volume for my eyelashes. I love the curved wand, too. It makes my lashes curlier, and allows me to get at the little stubby ones without stabbing my eyes out."


The Best Non-Clumping Curling Mascara

While not explicitly a curling mascara, the shape of the wand of this CoverGirl choice allows you to seriously curl even your tiniest lashes as you apply. The no-clumping formula with more than 500 five-star reviews also allows you to layer on as much as you want, for a natural one-swipe look to a more dramatic nighttime look. The thin rubber wand is also easy to use on the shorter lower lashes. The all-day wear is smudge- and water-resistant and even keeps lashes soft.

What Fans Say: "It's volumizing & lengthening, it holds a curl like no other, & it builds on itself beautifully. The wand is also fantastic for maintaining curl & distributing product evenly"


The Best Curling And Volumizing Mascara

Delivering on its promise of "drama and curl," the curved wand and thickening formula of this Eyeko mascara coats lashes from the base up. But don't let the promise of thicker lashes scare you: Shea butter keeps them supple, not brittle. Reviewers also praise it for being good for sensitive eyes. The squeezable tube also allows you to use more of the product.

What Fans Say: "Extends lashes, beautifully black, and doesn’t flake off. Stays put all day until I take it off. Many mascaras smudge under and around my eyes, but not this one. Lashes look thick and long, yet still natural. The perfect mascara."


The Best Long-Lasting Curling Mascara

This tubing mascara from Kevyn Aucoin lasts all day and is also good for sensitive eyes. The straight brush coats and separates even small lashes. Tubing mascaras also tend to flake or smear less during the day than traditional formulas, but can be removed with just warm water before bed. This one creates a more natural look, though it is buildable if you work quickly before the formula dries.

What Fans Say: "I love how it lifts, separates and curls (without a lash curler!) my normally short, straight, thin lashes and makes it look like I'm wearing a subtle sized pair of false lashes!"

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