6 Harnesses That Will Keep Your Dog Safe & Comfortable On Your Next Run


If you’ve ever gone running with your dog, you know how it can go. One minute you’re enjoying a pleasant jog; the next minute, you’re getting dragged across your neighbor’s lawn as your overzealous pup explores their new rose bushes. In order to truly enjoy your run, you need the best dog harnesses for running to help slow their roll.

There are lots of choices out there and a number of things to consider. First and perhaps most obvious: How big is your dog? When it comes to dog harnesses, size matters. If you have a great Dane, you’re going to want something different than if you have a chihuahua.

Next, consider your dog's behavior. If you worry that your dog might choke itself when they rush to greet a new pup, a lighter, less heavy-duty option will allow you to control them, without over-restricting them. If on the other hand, your furry friend typically spends the duration of your run pulling you down the street like a freight train, you’ll need something a little stronger with greater pulling resistance.

Other things to consider are styles (step-ins versus buckles), the amount of padding and materials (mesh, foam, polyester, etc.), and what sort of accessories it has (pockets, zippers, lights, etc.). Here’s a list of the best dog harnesses for runners to help you get into the zen zone.

The Best Harness For Small Dogs

Made with soft and comfy mesh, this miniature dog harness is perfect for smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, pugs, miniature poodles, and other tiny-sized pups. It's built with an easy step-in design that forgoes annoying straps while its sturdy Velcro ensures a snug fit. The material is light and breathable so you can use it on hot days and it has double D-ring leash attachments that are strong and durable. Although it comes in five sizes, all of them are intended for smaller breeds so be sure to consult the sizing table when you make your selection.

  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
The Best Harness For Medium and Large Dogs

Built for medium to large dogs with a 22- to 35-inch chest girth, this dog harness is ideal for breeds like golden retrievers, Labradors, German shepherds, pit bulls, and other comparably-sized dogs. The smooth harness features simple quick-snap buckles that won't snag or catch, and locking sliders that add security and comfort when you're out running together. The padding is super comfy with air-permeable fabric that stays cool and won't get soggy when wet. On top of that, there are two leash rings and reflective striping that makes your pup visible at night. "Absolutely love this harness," said one happy Amazon user. "Fits my 60 pound American bully perfect. It's big and tough and she's comfortable wearing it."

  • Available sizes: One Size (22-35 in)
The Best For Extra Hard Pullers

Engineered for extra-strong tuggers, this powerful dog harness is capable of withstanding 450 pounds of pulling resistance. It has a unique elastic handle that's attached to the front chest strap, offering alleviated stress points that absorb your dog's tugging power and discourage the pulling instinct. The handle also gives you extra control, allowing you to stop and grab them during your run should they encounter another pup or spot a squirrel they can't resist chasing. The breast area is padded and ventilated to keep them from overheating while also making it comfortable and soft. Best of all, the versatile harness has reflective stitching that makes it feasible for night runs, too.

  • Available sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
The Best Lightweight Harness For Dogs Who Hate To Wear One

If your dog hates having things strapped to its chest or tends to get hot easily, this harness is a lightweight option that doesn't have a lot of extra bulk and padding. The versatile three-in-one style offers a sturdy no-pull leash, a running-specific D-ring, and a seat belt harness all in one slender package. It has five adjustments points that allow you to micro-customize the fit to your dog's exact size while its reflective nylon adds visibility during evening jogs. "I love this harness so much I just bought it in another color!" said one excited Amazon reviewer. "The harness is well padded, is really versatile and I absolutely love how it is compatable with a seat belt."

  • Available sizes: XS, S, M, L
The Best Harness For Night Runs

Constructed with a panel of bright LED lights, this glowing harness provides exceptional visibility if you like to jog at night. The powerful LEDs, which come in five colors including green, red, rose red, pink, and blue, can be recharged via USB and last up to eight hours. You can keep them steady or switch them into blinking mode for additional safety on extra dark nights. The material is made from a comfortable polyester mesh that feels soft against your dog's fur and won't pinch or dig in. "I love this harness!!" said one enthusiastic Amazon customer. "It is great for early morning runs and late night walks. There is always a ton of traffic around me, I feel much better running with my dog when he is wearing this harness. It's also great for yard play. I like being able to see my dog at all times."

  • Available sizes: S, M, L
The Best Harness With Pockets

This super versatile dog harness is great if you take long runs, or like to go jogging on the beach or in the woods where you sometimes need provisions. It has two large, expandable pockets to stash things like keys, snacks, poop bags, dog treats, wallets, or other supplies for your adventure. The sturdy apparatus has five attachment points that stabilize the load and evenly distribute the weight so your pup doesn't get tired. Plus the ergonomic design reduces chafing and hot spots. On top of running, the harness is ideal for hiking, backpacking, and even doing walking errands around town. The only downside is that it only comes in one size (for medium dogs weighing 39 to 60 pounds). Although it's highly adjustable within that range, it won't work if you have an extra small or extra large dog.

  • Available sizes: One Size (39 to 60 lbs)

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