The 6 Best Dog Harnesses For Running


If you’ve ever gone running with your dog, you know how it can go. One minute you’re enjoying a pleasant jog; the next minute, you’re getting dragged across your neighbor’s lawn as your overzealous pup explores their new rose bushes. In order to truly enjoy your run, you need the best dog harnesses for running to help slow their roll.

There are lots of choices out there and a number of things to consider. First and perhaps most obvious: How big is your dog? When it comes to dog harnesses, size matters. If you have a great Dane, you’re going to want something different than if you have a chihuahua.

Next, consider your dog's behavior. If you worry that your dog might choke itself when they rush to greet a new pup, a lighter, less heavy-duty option will allow you to control them, without over-restricting them. If on the other hand, your furry friend typically spends the duration of your run pulling you down the street like a freight train, you’ll need something a little stronger with greater pulling resistance.

Other things to consider are styles (step-ins versus buckles), the amount of padding and materials (mesh, foam, polyester, etc.), and what sort of accessories it has (pockets, zippers, lights, etc.). Here’s a list of the best dog harnesses for runners to help you get into the zen zone.