The 6 Best Earbuds On Amazon

by Tiana Crump

Whether you want to rock out at the gym or listen to your favorite podcast on the go, nothing beats having a good pair of earbuds for ease of use. Luckily, the best earbuds on Amazon come in a range of styles to suit just about any budget, while still having the specs and features you need.

When you’re shopping for a great set of earbuds, first narrow down your choices by deciding if you want to go with wired or wireless. Both have their pros and cons. Wired earbuds tend to have better sound quality for the price. However, some find them less convenient both because of the wires and because you have to get the right pair for the outlet you’re connecting to whether that’s a 3 millimeter or Lightning connector (as with most newer Apple products), which can sometimes mean toting around multiple pairs or getting an adapter.

For some, the perks that wireless earbuds offer — like connecting to a phone or other smart device with Bluetooth — makes it worth it. And if you’re working out or just want a wider range of movement, you might also want to opt for wireless earbuds to prevent wires from getting in your way. But keep in mind that all wireless earbuds need to be recharged after so many hours, while wired headphones do not. So, if you opt for wireless buds, you’ll want a pair with at least four hours of battery life.

Whichever style you choose, if you’ll be sweating a lot or walking in the rain, look for earbuds with a water-resistant IPX4 rating or higher.

To help make picking the right headphones easier, here’s my list of the best earbuds on Amazon for all your needs.


The Best Overall Wired Pair

These noise-cancelling Sony extra bass earbuds provide powerful sound with 12-millimeter dome drivers. There's also a built-in microphone for taking calls and the ability to play back your tracks via your smartphone. These wired earphones feature a Y-type flat cord with a handy slider to keep you from getting tangled. You also have three different color choices to choose from to match your style. The only drawback might be that they are not water-resistant. With more than 3,000 positive reviews, it has racked up plenty of fans.

What fans say: "I finally decided to grab some earbuds that would give me what I wanted, a balanced sound stage with crisp mids, clear highs and punchy bass. If that's what you're looking for, then these earbuds are the way to go. For 30 bucks, they are double the price of most 'okay' earbuds, but quadruple the quality."


The Best Lightning Wired Pair

For Apple users, the Apple EarPods with Lightning connector is the perfect earbud option. Quickly connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to play your favorite songs, audiobooks, or podcasts. These circular earbuds fit comfortably in your ear. With the built-in remote, you can quickly adjust the volume and answer calls on the go. They also have powerful built-in speakers to deliver quality sound. However, they aren't noted to be water-resistant.

What fans say: “Love these earbuds!! I use them all the time! I don’t really like wireless earbuds because it’s not as noticeable that you’re not listening to people. These are great and have a great speaker to use for talking through on the phone.”


The Best Overall Wireless Pair

With over 1,000 five-star reviews, the Boltune Wireless Earbuds are worth considering. These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 for speedy sound transfer without losing signals and quick one-step device pairing. They feature a type-C USB 3.1 connector and can be fully charged in 90 minutes. The battery life lasts up to six hours and these wireless earbuds also come with a charging box for 34 hours more of playtime. The noise-reduction features allow you to make clear calls on the go as well. They're also IPX7 waterproof making them a great pick for the gym.

What fans say: “These are some very nice wireless earbuds. They look very nice. In my opinion, they look better than Apple Airpods. The sound quality is very good. The sound is balanced just right with decent bass.”


A Wired Pair With Great Bass For A Little More

The 1MORE triple driver in-ear earphones are audiophile-approved. Fine tuned by Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Luca Bernard, these earbuds have triple drivers to provide deep bass and crisp sound. “You can actually hear every instrument as accurately as the original sound engineer meant for it to sound,” raved one Amazon reviewer. These earbuds are angled to fit naturally in your ear and include nine different sets of ear-tip sizes. Convenient in-line three-button remote to easily control your music and make calls on the go. The plug is 3 millimeter so you'll need an adapter to use them with Lightning devices.

What fans say: “The high-quality tips are soft, so they produce a better seal (i.e., deep bass) plus you can wear them for hours before they are uncomfortable. Now the 1MORE's sound more like $200 headphones, and have become my go-to pair.”


The Best-Sounding Wireless Pair

If you’re willing to splurge, the Powerbeats Pro offer amazing sound without sacrificing convenience. These wireless earbuds feature an IPX4 rating for sweat resistance, too. It also has an ear hook design to stay securely in place when working out or wearing for extended hours. You can control the left, right, or both earbuds’ volume settings by tapping or via voice control. These earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and provide up to 9 hours of playtime between charges. Plus with it’s included charging case, you can squeeze up to 24 hours of continuous music.

What fans say: “Battery life and sound quality is absolutely perfect. The earphones hold perfectly in place even during HIIT, and the sweat-resistant makes it better than Apple AirPods.”


The Best Budget Earbuds

If you're looking for a pair of cheap earbuds that get the job done at a great price, this pair has more than 45,000 positive reviews. While it doesn't offer the best bass on this list, they're a reliable pair with good sound, a comfortable fit, and multiple ear tips. However, no IPX rating is given, so these might not be the best pick for extra-sweaty workouts and rain. Note that the plug is 3 millimeter.

What fans say: "Been using this since 2012 during the day while I work to listen to music. [...] This gets rolled and tossed into my bag every weekday, yet.. no tears, no loose wires, earpads in tact. Fully functioning. Sound still crisp and clear."

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