6 Fragrance-Free Lotions For People With Sensitive Skin — Or Who Just Hate Scent


It's easier than ever to find fragrance-free skin care products because beauty brands are increasingly aware of, and catering to, customers seeking out such formulas. Body lotions and face moisturizers are among the most in-demand when it comes to these types of products, so to help you on your search, you'll find an expertly curated guide to the best fragrance-free lotions just ahead.

But first, some key lotion-applying tips — because believe it or not, there is a right (or at least, more effective) way to moisturize your skin. As board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, who prefers fragrance-free products herself, tells Bustle, you should apply lotion right after showering or taking a bath, so as to trap all the remaining moisture in your skin. Use moisturizer daily. “It’s all about staying ahead to keep your skin barrier protected, before it cracks,” Dr. Baxt advises. “It’s quite important to moisturize. Our skin protects us from all these things that live on the surface of our skin, and when the skin breaks up, some of those things can enter and those can cause infections.”

For hands that are dry from frequent hand-washing, moisturize right after each and every wash. “Every time you’re washing, you’re stripping oils out of your skin,” Dr. Baxt says. The vast majority of people get dry on the backs of their hands, but since our palms are much thicker and therefore better protected, those tend not to need as much lotion. Dr. Baxt says it's okay to apply moisturizer only on the backs of our hands and then rub them together to spread the lotion around, which is a particularly useful practice when you're about to handle something and don't want to your fingers feeling greasy.

Below are six high-quality, fragrance-free lotions for bodies, faces, and hands that provide plenty of moisture without any added scent. Scroll on to shop them now.

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The Overall Best Fragrance-Free Face & Body Lotion

It's no wonder Vanicream's best-selling lotion has over 3,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon, as well as a cult-like following among people with sensitive skin. This super gentle, hydrating formula contains just a few ingredients, and is free of most common chemical irritants (including fragrance, of course). Plus, you get so much product for a great price — an entire pound, at that — which means one bottle will last you ages.

Vanicream Lite Lotion is a popular, dermatologist-recommended moisturizer for all skin types, but people with hyper-sensitive skin, or conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea, will especially benefit from this lotion. It even has the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.


Runner Up

Similar to Vanicream's lotion, CeraVe's Daily Moisturizing Lotion can be used on the face and body. You might find that this lotion is better for drier skin types, since it contains barrier-strengthening ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II, as well as hyaluronic acid, but Vanicream's lotion will still probably be the better choice for hyper-sensitive skin, since it contains so few ingredients. That said, if you don't have severe skin sensitivities, this lotion should work great for you. Note that you do get a bit less product in this bottle — 4 ounces, to be precise.


A More Luxurious Alternative

Whether you love all things Asian beauty, or prefer skin care products that err on the more luxurious side, the Cure Water Treatment is a decadent, fragrance-free choice. It's made by a Japanese beauty brand best known for their cult-favorite exfoliating gel, and, like Vanicream's and CeraVe's lotions, can be used on your face, body, or hands. The unique formula contains activated hydrogen water that, upon application, bursts onto your skin like tiny rain droplets, making for a particularly refreshing moisturizing experience. In addition to being fragrance-free and gentle (as well as extremely hydrating), it's oil-free, too — so even breakout-prone skin types can use it safely.


The Best Fragrance-Free Body Lotion

For anyone looking for a classic, straight-up body lotion, you can't do much better than Lubriderm's Daily Moisture body lotion (note that it's designed for use on your body only). It's fragrance-free, non-greasy, and gentle, it comes in a massive 24-ounce bottle, and it costs less than $10. What more could you want?


The Best Fragrance-Free Night Cream

Another great pick from CeraVe, this night cream contains hyaluronic acid, a humectant that pulls water to the skin's surface; niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3 that helps even out skin tone; and three different types of ceramides, which are components of our skin's lipid bilayer that help keep skin moisturized, protected, and strong. It's fragrance-free, obviously, as well as noncomedogenic and non-greasy, so just about every skin type can use it safely.

It should go without saying that this is a lotion (or more accurately, a cream) for your face. While you could use it on your body, you probably wouldn't want to waste such a small tub on that. And, while you could use it during the daytime too, it's a bit on the richer side, which is why its best reserved for nighttime use.


The Best Fragrance-Free Hand Lotion

Looking for a lotion formulated specifically for your hands? Then stock up on this three-pack from Eucerin. Think of it this way: for less than $15, you get one hand cream to store in your purse, one in your home, and one in your car or at your desk. Fragrance-free and enriched with moisturizing shea butter and skin-strengthening ceramides, this hand cream will help restore dry, cracked hands without leaving behind a greasy residue.


Dr. Rebecca Baxt, M.D., M.B.A, F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist practicing at Baxt Cosmedical in New Jersey.