No More Stinky Garbage Disposals — These Cleaners Will Leave Your Sink Sparkling & Odor Free


A garbage disposal is a part of the home that most of us don’t think about until it starts to stink or gets clogged. That’s when one of the best garbage disposal cleaners can save you from a lot of trouble and hassle. They help deodorize and clear away bacteria or food debris that may be harboring inside.

Foaming tablets and pods are the most popular type of garbage disposal cleaner for a reason. These are simple to use, replace almost any odor with a pleasant scent, and don't require you to stick your hand down the disposal and manually scrub. Instead, these tablets do the majority of the cleaning on their own with their clever lathering action.

However, if you prefer, using a cleaning brush can also be a great way to eliminate buildup of grime in the disposal. These brushes are long and specifically designed to clear away any residue that might be stuck to the disposal. Although you don't have to use a brush with anything else, buying both a brush and a foaming cleaner gives you the advantage of a one-two punch that will leave your garbage disposal as clean and odorless as possible.

For more details about the best garbage disposal cleaners you can buy, see below. You'll find everything from foaming options to a universal-fitting brush and a fragrant tablet for keeping smells at bay.


The Overall Best Foaming Cleaner Tablet

They're not the cheapest garbage disposal cleaner out there, but these Affresh disposal cleaner tablets are a reliable pick and are highly rated on Amazon with an average 4.5-star rating and more than 1,500 reviews. When used, they create a large amount of foam that helps clean and reduce garbage disposal odors. While there's only three tablets per bag, the manufacturer recommends using them monthly, rather than weekly.

Helpful review: “The product worked as advertised. Significant foaming action when using trickle of water. The foam was bright white on the disposal side of the sink and when it emerged from the other drain on the other side of the kitchen sink there was a dirty appearance to the foam. This is the only indication of cleaning action within the drains and it did noticeably smell better.”


The Best Foaming Cleaner With A Bleach Alternative

These Glisten garbage disposal foaming cleaner packs work similarly to the previous option, but what makes them unique is that they contain a bleach alternative to help give your disposal some extra elbow grease with a much deeper clean. With this bundle, you receive two bags with a total of eight packs. So, if you use one weekly as recommended, there's enough for two months of cleaning.

Helpful review: “These are amazing! I was skeptical at first but I followed the directions (which are super easy) and was grossed out and satisfied at the same time to see the gunk that was removed. You put the entire packet down your disposal (I read that twice too) and magic happens in under 2 minutes! That is what I call powerful and successful cleaning! The scent is super clean and light with a hint of lemon. These will definitely be a cleaning staple for me.”


The Best For Instantly Deodorizing A Disposal That Smells

If your chief concern is the odor that your garbage disposal gives off, these Plink garbage disposal pods are a fast and easy way to deodorize your sink. There are 40 total beads in this pack, and you can use them as needed or as little twice a week. Reviewers say that you can smell the difference nearly instantly, and using them is far more convenient than putting actual citrus or lemon peels down your sink.

Helpful review: "My mom used these when I was younger, and I was so happy to find them! They smell amazing, it really is a fresh, natural smell and doesn't have the chemical cleaner odor. The good smell lasts awhile, and it fixes even terrible smelling sinks. I use one every week or so, whenever my garbage disposal gets smelly."


The Best Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner

For a more natural alternative to cleaning your garbage disposal, these Grab Green garbage disposal cleaner pods are a great option. They are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients that promise to loosen grime and leave your disposal with a light tangerine scent. For best results, you can use them twice a week or on an as-needed basis.

Helpful review: "These work so well. So glad to find them on Amazon...These clean your garbage disposal plus make it smell fresh and clean."


The Best Brush

This Mr. Scrappy garbage disposal brush boasts a unique design that's meant to fit all garbage disposals. The brush's stiff bristles on both the bottom and sides and its 12-inch length allow it to reach crevices in garbage disposals and efficiently scrub away debris and slime. The brush is effective enough to use it on its own with just water, but for those even harder to remove messes down your drain, pair it with any general all-purpose cleaner or dish detergent.

Helpful review: “Despite using dishwasher foaming cleaning supplies, I had no idea that my garbage disposer still was quite as disgusting as it was! This brush helped solve that problem. Just be careful as you pull it from the unit. As it does a good job cleaning the underside of the rubber gasket, it fits snug and can bring all that debris up to splatter the sink area (and you) if you're not careful."


The Best Disposal-Cleaning Kit

For a maximum amount of cleaning power, try this Sani Sticks Sani 360 garbage disposal cleaner kit. It contains a foaming spray product (available in lemon, lavender, or unscented versions) that will last for up to 10 uses, as well as a disposal brush. The brush helps to break down down grime and scrub it off the disposal's interior, while the foaming cleaner sanitizes and reduces odor. When your spray is empty, you can simply purchase another refill and reuse your brush.

Helpful review: “This cleaned my garbage disposal and the included brush really got all the grime that had been there for years! Now, it smells fresh and my garbage disposal is quiet."

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