39 Things On Amazon That Will Scrub The Stink Out Of Your Home


Okay, you've ignored it long enough, but now you can't deny the fact that it's been weeks since you cleaned your house. And the last time you cleaned it? Let's just say it was sort of a "light" job. No judgement — cleaning is boring, time-consuming, and requires you to do things like getting on your hands and knees to wash floors. (Ugh.) But if you're ready to come to terms with the fact that it's time to scrub the stink out of your home, these genius cleaning products on Amazon are about to make your life so much easier.

So what makes these products so great? Some of them do the dirty work for you, like an automatic toilet-bowl cleaner and electric floor scrubber. Other products clean more deeply than you otherwise would, like a brush that's specifically designed to clean grout. And others help you with trickier cleaning jobs, like cast iron skillets and dishwashers. (Yeah, it's a good idea to clean the mineral and detergent from the inside of your dishwasher — honestly, I didn't know this before, but it does make sense.)

Ready to face the music and dance? (Or, well, face the dirt and clean?) Click through for some fresh-home motivation, because if these clever products on Amazon don't make you clean, nothing will.


This Contoured Brush That Cleans The Hard-To-Reach Corners

So you've scrubbed your shower tiles, but there's still some grime that's lingering in the corners. Use this scrubbing brush to get rid of it. The head of the brush is contoured so that the bristles reach deep into corners and crevices to scrub away mildew, grime, and soap scum. The extra-thick handle makes it comfortable to use, and you can throw it in the dishwasher to clean after you're done scrubbing.


An All-Purpose Cleaner And Polish You Can Use On Anything

Want a multi-purpose cleaner that really does it all? Check out this super versatile cleaner and polish by Shadazzle. You can use it on just about any surface — stainless steel, silver, ceramic, wood, glass, jewelry, car wheels, and even your shoes. Just wet the sponge and rub it on the product to work up a foam before scrubbing. The cleaner is even non-toxic and utilizes natural ingredients.


3.These Biodegradable Dish Scrubbers Made With Natural Plant Fibers

These dish scrubbers are made from four layers of all-natural plant fibers. The fibers are thick, dense, and provide just the right amount of scrubbing power. They're safe to use on non-stick cookware, and they're also biodegradable, so you can compost them when they've completed their tour of scrubbing duty.


This Super Professional Window Cleaning Kit

This window cleaning kit is way more affordable than shelling out big bucks for professional window cleaners. Use the 10-inch washer to apply cleaning solution to your windows, then use the 12-inch squeegee to wipe away the solution without leaving any streaks behind. The microfiber sleeve can be machine-washed, so you can use it again and again.


This Contraption That Thoroughly Cleans Your Glasses And Mugs

This glass washer is the easiest way to get your water glasses, wine glasses, and mugs clean. Just slide the cup over the cylinder and rotate — the bristles on the cylinder will scrub the inside of the cup, while the bristles on the side post will scrub the exterior. The bottom of the washer features suction cups that keep it firmly attached to your counter or sink, but you can also attach it to the wall.


A Brush To Clean Your Shoes After A Dusty Hike

You know how your shoes get caked in dirt — inside and out — after a long hike? You can get rid of that dirt with this double-headed shoe cleaning brush. Just slip it in your shoe and the large side of the brush will clean the bottom, while the small head cleans the upper part. The small side is also perfect for cleaning dirt and mud out of the crevices on the soles.


These Heavy Duty Wipes That Clean Just About Everything

Clean up even the toughest messes with the help of these heavy duty wet cleaning wipes. The 10-by-12 inch towels effortlessly remove oil, dirt, paint, crayon, marker, nail polish, food, drink, and pet stains from all kinds of surfaces — like walls, countertops, tile, carpet, furniture, vinyl, and leather. You can even use them to clean your hands, since the wipes are infused with skin-softening lanolin and aloe vera.


A Dishwasher-Descaling Solution That Boosts The Cleanliness Of Your Dishes

When's the last time you cleaned your dishwasher? Never? It's probably time. Detergent doesn't fully dissolve in water and that (combined with the minerals) can lead to scale and detergent residue. This, in turn, means less-than-clean dishes. Use this dishwasher descaler to scrub away that buildup; then run a heavy load with hot water, and your dishwasher will be good as new.


These Bacteria- and Odor-Resistant Dish Scrubbers

Standard sponges take forever to dry out, which makes them a breeding ground for mold and bacterial. Try these antimicrobial silicone scrubbers instead. They dry quickly, so you don't have to worry about them harboring germs. The scrubbers are flexible, durable, and safe to use on delicate dishes and cookware. The best part? Each scrubber is guaranteed to resist odor for at least three months.


A Combination Dishwashing Pan And Drying Rack

If you're short on kitchen space, this combination dish pan and drying rack will be right up your alley. To wash dishes, insert the stopper and fill the tub up with soapy water. When you're done, remove the stopper and let the water drain out. Then, insert the removable rack into the pan to hold your dishes upright while they dry.


These Laundry Scrubbing Brushes For Ultra-Clean Hand Washing

Have a bunch of delicates you need to hand wash? Use these laundry scrubbing brushes to get out discoloration. The silicone bristles easily work out stains, so clothes get a lot cleaner than if you were to just use your hands. You can also use the brushes in combination with a stain remover to pre-treat laundry before throwing in the wash. They even work well on carpet stains, too.


A Set Of Silicone Scrubbers And Bowl Scrapers

These silicone dish scrubbers feature super dense bristles that are perfect for tackling stuck-on food. They're also great for scrubbing veggies, and they can even be used in place of hot pads thanks to their high heat-resistance. This set comes with three dish scrapers — each one is contoured differently so you can efficiently scrape bowls, pans, and plates of all shapes and sizes.


A Pumice Cleaning Stone That Won't Scratch Surfaces

Use this pumice cleaning stone to remove hard water, calcium, lime, and rust stains. The dense stone offers superior cleaning power, but the grit is extra fine, so you don't have to worry about scratching porcelain or tiles while you scrub. It's great for bathroom fixtures, pool tile, grills, and steel or stone surfaces, and the handle ensures you don't scuff up your fingers while you clean.


These Charcoal Deodorizers That Neutralize Unpleasant Smells

If air freshener sprays are too overpowering for your taste, use these activated charcoal deodorizers instead. Activated charcoal has the unique capability of absorbing and neutralizing odors, leaving spaces smelling fresh — but unscented. Use the large pyramid deodorizer for big spaces like bathrooms and living rooms, and the smaller deodorizers for closets, drawers, cars, and gym bags. They last for up to two years — just set them in the sun every now and then to reactivate them.


This Extendable Brush Specifically Meant To Target Grout

The grout in your bathroom used to be white and now it's — well — not. Use this extendable grout brush to clear away all that grime. The angled, V-shaped bristles are perfect for reaching in between tiles, and the extendable handle means you can clean the grout on tiled floors without having to get down on your hands and knees.


This "Angry Mama" That Cleans Your Microwave For You

Did your spaghetti sauce splatter all over the inside of your microwave? Use this "angry mama" microwave cleaner to get rid of that mess without having to scrub. Just fill her up with water and vinegar, stick her in the microwave, and put it on high for seven minutes. The vents on the top of her head will release steam, so you can easily wipe away that sauce with just a paper towel.


A Fluffy Duster That Reaches Into Tight Spaces

This microfiber duster traps dust much more effectively than a simple cloth or feather tool. The slim profile and the 18-inch length is perfect for reaching into tight spaces, but the fluffy microfibers ensure you don't miss a spot. The non-slip handle is easy to grip, and the microfiber head can be detached and machine-washed. This reviewer writes, "I love how this picks up even heavy layers of dust while keeping a distance. Shaking it out is easy, and once you decipher the snap attachment to remove the duster from the handle, it's easily dropped into the washer."


A Refrigerator Deodorizer That Works Better Than Baking Soda

This refrigerator deodorizer works for up to six months —which is about six times the amount of a box of baking soda. Stick it in your fridge to instantly remove unpleasant smells. Over time, the deodorizer will absorb excess moisture, helping to keep mold and mildew growth at bay — perfect if it takes you a few days to get to those berries.


This Set Of Highly-Absorbent Cellulose Cleaning Cloths

Use these cellulose cloths to wash dishes and wipe down counters. Made from a blend of 80 percent cellulose and 20 percent cotton, the cloths are super absorbent and even biodegradable. Throw them in the washing machine or dishwasher to freshen them up from time to time, and choose from colors like orange, sea foam green, and watermelon red.


A Microfiber Mop You Can Use Both Wet And Dry

This microfiber flip mop does a much more thorough cleaning job than traditional brooms. The wide microfiber pad attracts dirt, dust, hair, and crumbs, so that nothing gets left behind. It can be used both wet and dry, and it's safe to use on all floor surfaces, including hardwood. The microfiber pad is removable and machine-washable. One reviewer writes, "I never thought I'd get excited about a mop, but this is the best one I've ever used." Another says that, "fur and dirt stick to it SO much better than anything else... makes life with dogs so much easier!!"


This Flexible Drain Snake With Barbs To Grab All The Gross Stuff

Is your bathroom sink refusing to drain again? Use this super simple (but effective) drain cleaner. Just lower the flexible, 20-inch cleaner into your clogged drain and twist a few times — the barbs on the cleaner will catch onto any hair or gunk. The material is flexible, so it works with the curves of your drain without risk of snapping. Plus, you don't have to worry about damaging your pipes since there are no chemicals involved. Use it on your kitchen drain, too.


This Brush That's Safe To Use On Cast Iron

If you're stumped on how to clean your cast iron skillet without ruining it, this cast iron brush is here to help. The built-in scraper gets rid of stuck-on food, and the reinforced bristles clean cast iron safely with just a little water. (That's right — no soap needed.) In short, it makes it easy to scrub away food without scrubbing away that seasoning.


These Magical Towels That Let You Clean With Just Water

Leave paper towels and chemical cleaners in the dust and use these highly-rated nano towels instead. All you have to do is dampen a towel with a little water, and the uniquely-textured material will magnetically pick up dirt, dust, grime, and spills. By foregoing paper towels, you'll be doing the environment a big favor. (You'll also be saving money, too.) This reviewer writes, "They took the smudges and fingerprints off my stainless steel refrigerator like nobody’s business," and they also worked on the bathroom granite and sink. "I highly recommend these."


This Super Lightweight And Versatile Vacuum

This stick vacuum is ridiculously lightweight, which makes vacuuming a lot less of a hassle. It's also exceptionally versatile, transforming into a stair vacuum and a hand vacuum. There's even a crevice tool so you can reach between your couch cushions. It works on both carpets and hard surfaces, and the slim profile means it take up next to no storage space.


A Plug-In Air Freshener That Doesn't Use Fragrance

Plug-in air fresheners can be a little overwhelming —especially if you're sensitive to fragrances. That said, you can still get a fresh-smelling house with this unscented plug-in odor eliminator. The carbon filter inside traps and neutralizes all kinds of odors, like those caused by pets, smoke, and cooking.


These Natural, Plant-Based Stain Removers That Actually Work

Are you freaked out by the thought of rubbing chemical stain removers on your clothes? Use these vegan, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic laundry stain removers instead. They work just as well as your standard, chemical-based solutions, but you don't have to worry about any potential toxins or irritants. Developed by doctors, the sprays use plant-based enzymes to dissolve stains from grass, berries, wine, oil, pets, and cosmetics. One reviewer says, "This product will remain a staple in my laundry room forever!"


This Drying Towel That's Way More Absorbent Than Terrycloth

You just finished washing your car in your driveway, so reach for this microfiber drying towel next. The waffle-weave "magnetic" fabric absorbs twice as much water as your standard terrycloth towel, which significantly speeds up drying time and reduces the number of times you have to wring it out. The towel is extra-large and won't leave streaks or spots behind. Throw it in the wash when you're done so it's like new for next time.


This Gel That Cleans Hard-To-Reach Crevices On Your Electronics

Ever wondered how to clean those spaces between the keys on your laptop? This cleaning gel is the answer. Just take a handful and press it gently between the keys, then lift up. The gel will grab onto any dust or dirt, but won't leave any stickiness or residue behind. It can also be used on other tough-to-clean electronics, like remote controls, air vents, and cameras.


A Stovetop Cleaning Kit That'll Make Your Range Look Like New

If your stovetop has definitely seen better days, this highly-rated cooktop cleaning kit is for you. The kit comes with a powerful, streak-free cleaning formula, a non-scratch scraper, and a non-abrasive microbead scrubber. Use all three to remove burned-on food, set-in stains, and grease. The kit is safe to use on all types of ranges, including glass, ceramic, and induction. Use it on counters and bar tops, too.


An Electric Spinning Scrubber With An Extendable Handle

Get your house squeaky-clean without having to lift a finger — all thanks to this electric spin scrubber. The cordless tool comes with four detachable brush heads: a wide, flat brush for cleaning floors and patios, a small, flat head for tubs and showers, a round head to clean sinks, and a pointed head for grout and tight spaces. The waterproof design features a 21-inch extendable handle, so you don't have to bend over to clean the floors, plus you can scrub for up to 90 minutes on just one charge.


This Ingenious Duster That Cleans Your Venetian Blinds

I truly struggled with how to clean the Venetian blinds in my first apartment, and ended up getting them all bent out of shape when I tried paper towels and Windex. This Venetian and mini blind cleaner works so much better. The tool features seven individual dusting rollers — thread them through the slats, then run back and forth to remove dirt and grime. The roller is even machine-washable, so it'll last for years to come.


This Scraper That Makes Cleaning Grill Grates A Breeze

You're a grill master who serves up the most delectable steaks, burgers, and kebabs, but now your grill grates are caked with charred meat drippings and marinade. Use this grill scraper to make your BBQ good as new. Made from anti-rust stainless steel, the scraper features notches of various shapes and sizes, so you can clean round grates, V-shaped grates, and campground grates. There's even a built-in bottle opener, so you can crack open a cold one while you work. Use it on oven racks, too.


A Brush With Adjustable Bristles For Cleaning All Types Of Floors

When it comes to cleaning up spills, pet stains, and set-in dirt, this carpet and tile cleaning brush has got you covered. The adjustable round brush features four sets of bristles: one for deep cleaning tough stains on carpet, one for cleaning delicate rugs, one for hard surfaces like tile and linoleum, and one for grout. It even has an extendable handle, so you never have to get down on your hands and knees.


This Double-Sided Brush That Cleans Utensils Fast

Speed up the amount of time it takes to wash dishes with the help of these double-sided scrubbing brushes. Just slip forks, knives, and spoons between the two opposing sides to clean the entire thing at once. You can also use the brush to scrub the rims of plates, bowls, and pans. The brush itself is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


An Automatic Toilet Cleaner That Goes To Work Every Time You Flush

Let this automatic toilet cleaner do the unpleasant task of cleaning your toilet for you. All you have to do is hang the cartridge on the inside of the tank and connect the tube to the valve port — it takes less than a minute. Every time you flush, a cleaning solution will be automatically released into the toilet bowl. The cleaning solution is environmentally-friendly, and since it never makes contact with the tank itself, there's no risk of damaging delicate parts.


These Laundry Washing Balls That'll Help You Get Cleaner Clothes

Nope, these aren't laundry drying balls — they're laundry washing balls. Adding these to a load will soften fabrics and separate items so they get more exposure to water and soap, resulting in cleaner clothes. (Yep, that grass stain you were worried about might actually come out.) Oh, and you can still use them as drying balls, too. This reviewer writes, "It really made a difference in my clothes and how clean they came out."


A Shoe Cleaner That Brushes Away Mud, Dust, And Snow

Keep this shoe brush cleaner on your front porch or in your front entryway so you can scrape off dirt, mud, and snow — before it ever even enters your house. The treated maple design features rigid bristles on the bottom and sides, so you can get your shoes totally clean with just a few passes. And don't worry — they're non-scratch, so you won't ruin your favorite pair of boots.


A Clothes Steamer That's So Much Easier To Use Than An Iron

If you dread hauling out the ironing board, this clothes steamer is for you. All you have to do to tackle wrinkles is press the steam trigger and run it up and down your garment. The steamer is safe to use on most fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, linen, velvet, and synthetic. It heats up in 30 seconds (in case you're rushing out the door) and an auto-shutoff function kicks in after eight minutes of inactivity. The steamer comes with a fabric brush, lint brush, and stainless steel steam head.


These Dish Gloves With Silicone Bristles On The Palms And Fingers

These dish gloves cut out the middle man — which, in this case, is a sponge or scrubber. The gloves feature tons of thick silicone bristles so you can scrub fruit, veggies, and dishes just by using your hands. They're also super durable, lasting up to three years, and at 16 inches long, they'll keep your wrists and forearms dry while you wash. Choose from blue, pink, purple, or green.

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