The 6 Best Hair Serums For Dry Hair

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight — all hair deserves to shine. Serums add moisture to your hair, and they also create a layer of protection from drying elements. Using one of the best hair serums for dry hair helps keep hair hydrated long after you leave the shower, which can lead to healthier hair in the long run.

One of the reasons serums have gained a permanent place in hair care is because they reflect light and add a luminous sheen. But you'll want to make sure the serum you choose is well-suited to your natural hair texture. While silicones are commonly found in hair serums because they add silkiness and have have substantial slip, hair that’s curly or prone to dryness will benefit from silicone-free serums that are comprised of natural veggie oils and silicone alternatives instead.

Serums also come in many forms. While some are packaged in small vials with droppers, you can also find gel or cream serums in travel-friendly squeeze bottles. But don’t worry too much about what the consistency of your serum looks like — the most important thing is how your hair looks and feels after the serum is applied.