These Durable Ice Scrapers Make It A Cinch To Break Up Frozen Blocks On Your Driveway & Car


If you've ever walked to your car on a frigid morning and found it covered in ice, you'd know how essential an ice scraper can be. When choosing one of the best ice scrapers, durability is key. It needs to be able to handle the toughest weather conditions while still maintaining a compact size for easy storage.

Depending on where you live, it may not be necessary to have an ice scraper with a built-in snow brush. If you live in an area where snowfall is relatively light, a simple scraper tool may be all you need to get the job done. For moderate or heavy snowfall, definitely go with a scraper that has a built-in brush for easy snow removal.

Aside from snow brushes, an ice scraper may come with an extendable handle that's great for clearing snow off larger vehicles, like SUVs or sedans. These also work well for reaching the center of your vehicle's windshield, which can be difficult to clear off.

Heated ice scrapers plug right into your car's 12-volt port and are great for breaking up ice in a hurry. They usually have a built-in coil under the scraper that melts the ice as you scrape, making it easier to remove even the thickest ice.

There are also ice scrapers designed specifically for icy, slippery sidewalks and driveways. A long-handled scraper can help break up the ice more easily than a show shovel, so you can safely clear it away without breaking a sweat. Just keep in mind these ice scrapers are not meant to be used on a car, so stick to sidewalks and driveways.

Whatever the weather forecast around you, you'll find the best ice scrapers for your needs below. All of them are available on Amazon and start at only $10.


The Overall Best Ice Scraper With Snow Brush

Get the best of both worlds with this ice scraper and snow brush combo. It comes with both a foam brush for clearing away large areas of snow, like on a windshield, and bristle brush for tighter places, like around mirrors and windshield wipers. The extendable handle makes it great for removing snow on larger vehicles and it even has a detachable ice scraper if all you're doing is removing ice. The scraper part has a row of serrated "jaws" that help break up the ice. The foam handle and lightweight design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. The handle even comes apart for easy storage in smaller vehicles and the brush part pivots to reach difficult places.

While many reviewers rave about this scraper's durability and ease of use, some people have mentioned the scraper part can be difficult to attach and reattach. But with over 800 positive reviews, it's still well-loved.

Fans say: “Definitely worth five stars... I would have given this scraper 10 stars if I could! The snow broom part works great to sweep off snow up to 3 inches deep. The regular scraper works great on a frosty or slightly icy windshield, but the best part of this ice scraper [...] is the heavy duty scratch-resistant jaw like teeth.”


The Best Heated Ice Scraper For Cars

This heated ice scraper plugs right into your car's 12-volt port and has a long 15-foot cord so you can easily reach almost any part of your car. Reviewers say the heated coil warms up quickly and helps break up even the toughest ice so it's great for those busy mornings where you may be in a rush. It even comes with a handy squeegee for cleaning your windshield and an LED flashlight that lets you see what you're doing in the early morning hours or late in the evening.

Keep in mind, some people have mentioned this scraper isn't as durable as some others out there, so it may be better to get a backup just in case (may we suggest one of the budget picks below?). People also say it takes a few minutes to fully heat up, but once it does, it melts through ice with ease.

Fans say: “A week after this arrived I had the chance to use it and, just like advertised, it scraped off the ice like melted butter and heated real quick. I can't wait until the first real snow to use it. No worries here!!”


The Best Cone-Shaped Ice Scraper

This cone-shaped ice scraper set comes in four colorful options and only costs $26! Individually, they run about $9 each, so this is a great deal. Keep one in your car and give the others to family members so everyone will be ready to battle the winter elements.

The circular design distributes pressure evenly along the surface of your windshield, so it only takes one hand to use it, and many Amazon users find it easier to use than others. The large, 18-inch circular cone removes a lot of snow at once, while the smaller side has serrated "teeth" to help break up ice. The serrated lid can also be removed, so the scraper doubles as a funnel for easily adding fluids to your car.

One thing to consider is that it can be difficult to remove snow and ice from the middle of your windshield. But at such a great value, why not give it a try?

Fans say: “After using this three times, I can say I like it a lot more than my old brush. With the brush, I had to brush the snow, then scrape the ice, then brush the ice and snow off again. These make it a lot easier since you just jam it down and can get more force on it since your hand is directly on the device. Just four passes and my rear windshield was clear.”


The Best Ice Scraper For Sidewalks & Driveways

If you've ever had to deal with packed snow or ice on a sidewalk or driveway, you know how slippery it can be. This heavy-duty sidewalk scraper clears away that packed snow so you can safely walk to your car without worry. The steel blade is strong enough to cut through even the toughest ice. One reviewer mentioned how he was able to break up a three-inch layer of ice with ease. The blade's weight helps it press into the ice, so you end up doing less work. More than 330 reviewers give this tool a 4.7-star rating, with several noting how durable it is— this is a scraper that you purchase once and will have forever.

What fans say: "If you are looking for a quality, AMERICAN MADE ice chopper, your search is over. This thing is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. It's heavy-duty, has a beautiful handmade weld and a very sturdy rubber (not foam) handle on top. Heavy enough to cut through thick ice but not so heavy that your arm is tired after a few minutes of chopping. It is one of those tools that you buy once and have for life."


The Best Budget Ice Scraper

If you live in an area that gets cold, but don't see a lot of snowfall, a simple ice scraper may be all you need. This inexpensive, compact ice scraper has a claw part that helps break up ice while the scraper removes it. Plus, its cushioned grip helps keep more comfortable and stable in your hands, which is great when you're wearing gloves.

One potential downside is that the handle is quite small, so if you're clearing away ice from an SUV or other bigger car, it may be difficult to reach some places. But its compact size makes it great for storing in tight spaces.

What fans say: “We had a snow storm come through a few days ago and I woke up to iced-over windows. I used [the] claw part and started to rip into it, then I flipped the blade scraper part and cleaned the windows clean of ice. I was pretty amazed at how quickly I took this ice off.”


The Best Budget Ice Scraper With Brush

This inexpensive ice scraper and snow brush combo has garnered over 2,500 reviews on Amazon and has won 4.6 stars. People love how well it clears away both ice and snow. The attached brush has bristles, so it works great for removing snow from tight places, like around your car's windshield wipers or license plate. The design is simple - scraper on one end and brush on the other. Many people rave about the soft grip, saying it's comfortable and easy to hold, even when you're wearing gloves. The long handle makes it easy to reach the middle of your windshield or the top of your car for cleaning off snow.

What fans say: “This brush is [a] heaven-sent in snowy weather. I moved to the Northeast and was not prepared for winter, so the first time my car iced over, things went a little sideways. I got one of these to help in the future, and I have not been disappointed. It's a very sturdy brush and the handle is very comfortable. It's long enough that I'm easily able to push the snow off the top of my SUV and the brush catches it all.”

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