Dig Your Car Out Of The Snow In No Time With These 3 Hard-Working Shovels

They may not be ideal for clearing your entire driveway or breaking ice, but the best snow shovels for your car can help keep you mobile when winter weather hits. In the roundup below, you’re sure to find a portable snow shovel that easily fits in your backseat, trunk, or winter emergency kit. Whether the winters where you live are mild or harsh, it's best to be prepared to get your car out of a snowy situation.

Since you’ll likely be storing these snow shovels in your car, you’ll want to look for portable options that easily stow. With that in mind, I’ve selected car snow shovels that are small, collapsible, and foldable; and a few picks have extendable features to help you reach further if needed.

Steel and aluminum are durable material options for snow shovels generally; you'll see a few picks below that use those materials for either the handle, the blade, or both. But for a car snow shovel, plastic is common for the blade (and for one pick the handle and grip as well) because it's so lightweight.

It's also a good idea to look for shovels with handles that are easy to grasp, either due to an ergonomic shape grip, padding, or a mixture of these features. For example, I've included one shovel with an ergonomic D-shaped handle and padding.

Take a look at the best snow shovels for your car. All of them are easy to stow, highly rated on Amazon, and $20 or less.

An Emergency Snow Shovel For Clearing Snow Around Your Tires

The True Temper Auto Boss Emergency Car Shovel is compact, lightweight, and foldable. It also comes with an easy-to-use extension and retraction system for versatility, and it's great for clearing the snow around your tires. The handle's several grips provide maximum comfort and efficiency while shoveling, and while it's unclear exactly what this pick is made of, reviewers seem to agree on plastic. Additionally, this shovel measures 16.2 by 10.6 by 3.2 inches, and it only weighs 1.75 pounds.

What fans wrote: “Handy shovel that fits easily in the backseat or trunk. Perfect for digging your tires out of snow and for just having in case of an emergency.”

The Best Collapsible Snow Shovel

The Lifeline Collapsible Snow Shovel is made of sturdy aluminum and breaks down into three pieces for maximum portability and compact storage. It measures 26 by 12 by 8 inches when it's all put together, and it only weighs 1.3 pounds to boot. Reviewers note that the T-shaped handle is sturdy and provides a great grip. Amazon shoppers say it's a champ at shoveling snow in a pinch, and this pick has earned a 4.3-star rating after over 1,400 reviews. It also comes in some fun colors like gold, olive, orange, and blue.

What fans wrote: “This is a great tool to have BEFORE you need it. It's a strong adjustable little shovel and that has taken on lake-effect winters with no problem. My car isn't the strongest so if it ever got stuck I'd whip out this shovel and dig it out The metal blade is great and useful for dealing with ice! Not effective for clearing driveways at all but great to keep in the car just in case. If your friend or family member doesn't have one, I'd highly recommend this shovel for their!”

3. The Best Mini Snow Shovel With An Extendable Handle

This super-portable option can reach up to 37 inches long and weighs just 1.2 pounds; but it measures 16.1 by 10.2 by 31.3 inches if you don't fully extend the handle. It's an easy fit for your trunk or backseat and the D-shaped handle boasts a soft grip for the most comfortable shoveling experience possible. This emergency automotive snow shovel has a sturdy steel handle and a polythene plastic blade, and while reviewers note that this pick is better for shoveling snow than breaking ice, it's earned a four-star rating anyway.

What fans wrote: “This shovel is great. I'm living in Buffalo and today alone I have used it 3 times; to making a parking space for myself, and get two other cars out of the snow. It takes up very little space in the trunk compared to the regular snow shovel I previously had in the back seat. It may not be a solid as regular snow shovels, but it has been doing the same job as one so far.”

Also Great:

Even when you've finished shoveling snow from around your car, to really get going you need a solid snow brush to clear your windows and windshield. This pick measures 26 inches long for plenty of reach to easily clear your car and the 4-inch wide blade means even the toughest of ice can be chipped away. Plus the contoured foam grip gives you comfortable control. With a 4.5-star rating after over 2,200 reviews, this pick is a no-brainer.

What fans wrote: "This brush is heaven sent in snowy weather. [...] It's a very sturdy brush and the handle is very comfortable. It's long enough that I'm easily able to push the snow off the top of my SUV, and the brush catches it all. [...] This is a great option if you deal with a lot of snow and ice. It's well built, works great, and is easy to just toss in your car."

Also Nice To Have:

The Aie American heavy-duty snow pusher is great to store in your garage or basement (if you happen to have those) and is especially handy if you're stuck at home when snow hits. Exactly as it sounds, this pick is a powerful snow shovel that you push to operate. If you need to shovel lots of snow in a short amount of time, or you just don't want to strain your back while shoveling your driveway, this pick is for you. Its design uses leverage and four wheels to move snow from out of your car's way. It's made of durable steel with a padded handlebar and wheels that promise not to freeze up in the cold, and it boasts a four-star rating as well.

What fans wrote: "Wow what a device. It cleaned both the dry snow as well as the wet, heavy stuff. In most cases only had to use one finger! And this recommendation is coming from a 72-year-old dude with two rods in his back! What a great engineered tool!"

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