The 6 Best Jersey Sheets

Drobot Dean/Fotolia

Soft, breathable, and affordable, there's a lot to love about the best jersey sheets. Jersey sheets have become a dorm standby because they're wrinkle-resistant, easy to care for, and comfortable, all qualities that make them perfect for graduating into your home. Plus, the latest styles look good, too.

Jersey is ideal for those who live in colder climates or are staring fall and winter in the face. But, because they're not as hot as flannel, they are also versatile enough for year-round use. And according to the makers of the famous Purple Mattress, jersey will even make your bed more comfortable because the stretchiness of the material allows your body to sink in.

The vast majority of jersey sheets are 100 percent cotton. Cotton jersey is easy to machine wash, soft, and drapes well. However, those looking for an option that is even less likely to wrinkle and cooler to the touch should consider a jersey blended with something like high-quality modal.

To find quality jersey sheets, you can't look to numbers like thread count since the material is knit rather than woven. There's just softness, durability, and which colors and prints best match your bedroom.

A great way to add a dose of coziness to your existing linens is by adding a jersey duvet cover to your sheet set. Not only will jersey cost a fraction of the price of many other quality duvets, but it'll be like a soft and warm T-shirt against your skin — one that's warm in the winter and moisture wicking on hot nights.

If soft and cozy are your thing, jersey is the perfect sheet material for you. Below, the best jersey sheets on Amazon.