These 6 Frisky Sex Toys Mimic, Compliment, & Enhance Oral Sex

There's a common misconception that sex toys only have value when you're flying solo. Most folks engaging in penetrative sex are typically wary of incorporating toys into their sack sessions for multiple reasons. How do you use it? Will it make my partner feel inadequate? Is it just too many thing to keep track of? These fears are compounded when it comes to oral sex. Why use a toy when you can just use your mouth? To those people, I say this — you just haven't tried out any of the best oral sex toys yet.

These toys can be used in many different ways. Plenty of them use licking and sucking sensations to mimic the feeling of receiving oral sex, which means you can use them on yourself or a partner during foreplay or penetrative sex. (A tongue-shaped vibrator, for example, feels amazing on your clit during penetrative sex.) Other toys can be used to help give your typical oral sex session a major boost. Wedge pillows, for example, can help align your pelvis in a way that makes positioning more comfortable for both you and your partner.

Ahead, find six of the best sex toys to incorporate into your next oral sex session.


Best Pillow For Oral Sex

If you've ever looked at a pillow like the Liberator positioning pillow and thought "what's the point," let me break it down for you. This wedge-shaped pillow is the best sex toy for folks looking to make their oral sex sessions a lot more comfortable. The person receiving oral sex can lay back on it so that their hips are angled down, making it easier for the person giving it to access their genitals. They can also lay over it, doggy-style, for some yummy ass play. Regardless of how you use it, this pillow is a winner. It comes with a removable cover, too, that you can toss in the laundry for easy cleanup.


Best Sucking Simulating Toy

Into clit-specific stimulation? Then you need the Sweet Vibrations oral sex simulator, which is one of the best female oral sex toys out there, if I do say so myself. This handy little vibe slips right over your clit, mimicking the feeling of a mouth sucking at your sweet spot. It boasts 20 unique settings, so you can add some variety to your solo or partnered sessions, and since it's waterproof, you can take it into the shower or bath.


Best Wearable Sucking Toy

Take your oral sex game on the road with this Tracy's Dog clitoral sucking vibrator. One side of this wearable vibrator slips into your vagina and rests against your G-spot, while the other sits against and sucks at your clitoris. It's a great option for those looking to achieve one of those coveted blended orgasms, when both your G-spot and clitoris are being stimulated to orgasm at the same time. With 10 vibration speeds for plenty of variety, who needs a partner when you've got a toy this good?


Best Oral Sex Toy For Penises

You've probably seen those masturbation cups that are shaped like a vagina before. But this masturbation cup from Tracy's Dog is shaped like a mouth for those who are interested in the sensation of receiving oral sex. It has a flexible tongue and soft teeth, so it actually feels like the inside of a mouth. The inner shaft of the cup is molded with ridges, which enhance the stimulation you'll feel against both the head and shaft of your penis. It's also easy to wash — just make sure to use plenty of lube for the ultimate experience.


Best Oral Sex Vibrator

While most rabbit-style vibrators have a vibrating piece that tickles your clit, the Sexrabbit clitoral sucking vibrator has a notch that lays over your clit, providing a sucking sensation. Imagine someone teasing your clit with their mouth while also penetrating you. That's the sensation this vibrator gives — and it's possibly even better than the real thing. It has three modes for the clitoral sucker and 10 modes for the vibrator. In other words? The options are endless when it comes to the sensations you'll receive with this toy.


Best Tongue-Like Sex Toy

Sometimes, you just crave the feeling of a tongue. And in those cases, you need the Lonove Tongue Vibrator Simulator. Its tip is shaped like a pointed tongue, which flicks up and down against your clitoris, but you can also slip the tongue inside of your vagina. The vibrator is outfitted with a kind of cup that circles the tongue, and that cup has dozens of mini nubs on it, so even if it's inside of your vagina, your clit is still getting stimulated. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

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