The 6 Best Press-On Nails

Fun fact: you don't have to shell out $20 every week to get a salon-worthy manicure. Nor do you have to spend 30 minutes painstakingly polishing your nails at home. The much cheaper, easier, and time-saving solution? Press-on nails. Though the concept might seem nostalgic, press-ons have come a long way since the ones you used in middle school. And whether you're into short, minimalist manicures or intricately designed stilettos, you can find an impressive selection of the best press-on nails right on Amazon.

Thanks to celebrities like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jennifer Lopez, both of whom have been revealed as press-on-devotees in recent months, fake nails are having a major comeback. Even better, there are artists selling designs of all kinds right on Amazon. You can find gorgeous, detailed nail art; matte and neon colors; and shapes ranging from long and talon-like to short and round.

For press-on nails that last, it's all about using the right glue. Use a cheap one, and your nails might fall off within a day or two. A good glue, on the other hand, can last up to a few weeks. And while many packs of nails will come with their own glue, it's much better to stock up on a quality formula, especially if you plan on doing your own press-on manicures frequently.

Below, check out six of the best fake nails you can buy on Amazon, from classic French manicures to ombre stilettos to flirty, floral designs.

1. The Best French Press-On Nails

A classic French manicure never goes out of style, and the Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit makes it easy to do your own in just a few minutes. The kit comes with 28 nails, so you'll have backups in case any fall off, as well as a mini nail file, nail glue, and a manicure stick. The tab at the end of each nail makes application an easier, less messy process, while the non-chip coating ensures your manicure never cracks or fades. There's a reason Kiss's French nail kits are such a timeless favorite.

Most customers say these nails last around two weeks, though one reviewer said, "they last 4-6 weeks for me." Another fan shared, "I was even able to hand wash my baby's cloth diapers while wearing these and they never came off."

2. Best Short Press-On Nails

For a short, simple, chic design, you can't go wrong with this other great set from Kiss Nails (another 28 pack). These nails are shorter than most other press-ons, so they don't require extra clipping or filing. This kit is especially great for nail biters, or for folks who are dealing with weak, naturally brittle nails, since they adhere with adhesive tabs instead of glue, which tend to be more gentle. However, you can still use them with glue if you're after a longer-lasting, more durable manicure. Plus, the smooth gel finish always stays shiny, and they also come in this pretty light pink shade for people who prefer a more natural look.

Reviewers say they last up to five days just using the adhesive, or around two weeks if you use them with glue. As one customer said, "Let me just say, the little tube of glue that usually comes with false nails is going to suck. It'll do the trick in a pinch, but you can't be too shocked if/when a nail pops off...I suggest investing in a nicer bottle of your own so you don't have to worry about it."

3. Best Stiletto Press-On Nails

Long, talon-like nails have never been more popular, and these CoolNail Natural Nude Pink Stiletto Nails are a great press-on choice. These extra-long nails, which can be filed or painted, come in seven epic designs for a professional-level manicure. There's light pink ombre (pictured), bright red, super shiny black, and a shiny, red-wine shade. Then, you also have three crystal-encrusted designs, with a black, light pink, or Burgundy base. Just make sure you pick up a good bottle of glue, since these don't come with any of their own. Each pack contains 24 nails.

"All fake nails have their flaws but these by far are the most perfect nails I have ever bought," raved one reviewer. Another wrote, "I expected them to be thin because they were cost efficient but you can add acrylic coating if you really want them to be thicker. I wear them 'as is' because I don't mind ... With these, there is no shaping or polishing necessary. Just glue them on! Very convenient."

4. Best Customizable Coffin Nails

For those who find stiletto nails too long and dramatic, but short nails too, well, short, there are coffin nails. For under $10, you'll get 500 coffin-shaped nails (50 sets of 10) in this set (choose from clear, white, or natural). But here's the catch: they're unpolished. However, for DIY-manicurists who prefer to mix up their nails frequently, this is actually a good thing. You can file, clip, and paint them to create whatever design or style you want.

One reviewer wrote, "Much to my [surprise], it's been 2 weeks and I am still wearing the same set. They have been through showers, dish washing, house chores, normal daily activities, office work and I have only had one pop off." Another fan raved, "I’ve found my forever nails. They are the absolute most sturdy nails I have ever came across ... You are still able to cut and file to desired length and shape, without having to worry about it bending or snapping."

5. Best Matte Press-On Nails

Shiny nails are pretty, but matte nails look just plain cool. These JINDIN French Matte Fake Nails are coffin-shaped, but they're much shorter than most other coffin nails, like the ones above. They come in a pack of 24 and are available in red, wine red, and dark green. Included in the set are a manicure stick and double-sided adhesive stickers, but you'll want to use these with a separate glue so they last longer (scroll on to find two great recommendations).

And here's a tip: if your matte nails start to look a little dull after a while (which is common with this finish), take a cotton swab doused in rubbing alcohol and swipe it over the nail. They'll be back to their cool matte texture in a snap.

6. Cutest Nail Art

Nail art-lovers will be obsessed with these adorable Liarty Fake Nails. Each pack of 24 comes with adhesive stickers and a mini file, but again, you'll want to use them with a proper bottle of glue. Choose from five playful designs: pink and green floral (pictured), red and white strawberries, multicolored flowers, light pink with glitter and crystals, and a mint green and white Mondrian-inspired pattern. Check out the artist's store for more stunning press-on nails in a ton of other shapes and designs.

Also Great: A Professional-Quality Nail Glue That Nourishes Your Real Nails Underneath

For a long-lasting press-on manicure, you'll want to pick up a bottle of super strong nail glue, like the Mia Secret Strong Jet Clear Nail Glue. The formula is infused with calcium and vitamin E to nourish your real nails underneath, and reviewers say it works so well, that you'll "have to pry your artificial nails off after two weeks." One fan wrote, "Best nail glue I've ever used. My nails will stay on around 2 weeks and even then i have to force some of them off. I'm not scared to wear tight jeans or tie my shoes anymore!"

To get it off, start by soaking your hands in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes (you can also proceed this first step by soaking your nails in olive or cuticle oil to really get them soft). Then, place a cotton pad soaked with acetone over your nails and leave it there for five to 10 minutes to break down the nail glue. If there's still glue left on your nails at this point, use a manicure stick, nail file, or nail buffer to get any remnants off.

Also Great: Another Super Strong Nail Glue With An Anti-Fungal Formula

Another strong, professional-quality nail glue manicurists swear by is this NYK1 Super Strong Nail Bond. Its precision tip makes it great for accessorizing your nails with glitter and rhinestones, while the anti-fungal formula works to treat and prevent nail infections. "Works so well, stayed for 3 weeks before I took them off," one reviewer wrote. Another noted, "I wash my hands many times a day while working and I've found this glue to last 7 to 10 days with 1 application."

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