If You Have Thin Hair, These Pro Dryers Are Ridiculously Hot — But Only Figuratively

Gone are the days of wandering into the drug store and picking any old blow dryer off the shelf — and for me, gone are the days of excessive split-ends and breakage. Personally, I don't think that's a coincidence. For those whose hair is extremely thin and brittle (like mine), the best professional hair dryers for fine hair can make an incredible difference in the overall health and strength of your strands. For that reason, a little extra research is worth your while.

Why use a professional dryer for fine hair? First and foremost, professional dryers are made with quality materials and high-tech features; since thin hair is prone to breakage, the more damage-preventing qualities a dryer has, the better it'll be for your hair. (This includes ion-producing technology, far-infrared light, ceramic and tourmaline materials, and included diffuser attachments.) Also consider purchasing a blow dryer with multiple settings and a higher wattage; this allows for optimal airflow to dry hair quickly, but it also lets you choose a lower temperature to avoid unnecessary heat damage.

Whether your hair is straight, curly, short, or long, these picks dry strands quickly, prevent frizz, and make your hair look thicker — all while minimizing breakage and split-ends.


The Overall Best Blow Dryer For Thin-Hair

The Jinri Paris professional dryer has several high-tech, damage-minimizing features for a surprisingly-affordable price — which is why it's highly-rated as well as my own personal go-to. In addition to multiple settings and an 1875-watt motor, this pick has a built-in infrared light that penetrates the hair follicle to dry it quickly with less damage. It also produces negative ions to control frizz and keep hair healthier. Add in the lightweight frame, multiple diffuser attachments, and cool-shot button, and it's no wonder this one's a winner.

Reviewers say: "This blow dryer is amazing! I have super thin, frizzy hair. It definitely helps with the frizz and makes my hair really soft. I usually use it on medium heat. It dries my hair thoroughly, but doesn't get super hot."


The Best Budget-Friendly Hair Dryer For Thin Hair

Remington is known for its quality hair tools at reasonable prices, and the Remington Damage Protection dryer is no exception. Even though it costs just $20, this pick features ceramic tourmaline materials that generate ions to minimize damage. It also has a 1875-watt motor and is infused with micro-conditioning technology for protection and frizz-resistance. You even get three heat settings, two speed settings, a cool-shot button, and two attachments. That said, it's not the best in terms of durability and life-span, but that's usually to be expected with a more affordable option.

Reviewers say: "My kinky/curly fine/thin hair has dried much faster than usual (even though it's the same wattage as my previous dryer) and is so smooth, soft, shiny and healthy looking."


The Best Lightweight, Easy-To-Use Hair Dryer

All that technology can sometimes mean a lot more added weight — not so with the VASLON dryer. Despite the 1875-watt DC motor, built-in negative ion generator, and various speed settings, this option weighs just 1.7 pounds. It also comes with a concentrated, removable nozzle that helps to distance hair from damaging heat, which is a great feature for thin, fragile strands.

Reviewers say: "Very lightweight... I am blown away by the ease of using this product. The cord does not get in the way when you are blow drying your hair. It also has a longer cord which is nice if your plug isn't close."


The Best Hair Dryer For A Low-Hassle Blowout

If you never got the hang of that twirling-wrist maneuver, the Revlon One-Step can help. Its dual brush-meets-dryer design directs hot air out from the center, so hair dries as you brush it. Its nylon pins and tufted bristles are gentle on strands, and the two heat and speed settings ensure that you can find the optimal intensity for your locks. Best of all, since it's quick and low-hassle, you spend less time styling your hair, which means less damage in the long-run.

Reviewers say: "My hair is baby fine and thin, and most hairdryers cause me to get nasty split ends and breakage. I bought this on a whim, and the difference between this and my high end dryer has been phenomenal! I have more volume in less time than it takes my usual routine. Plus, I've had much less breakage as well."


The Most Compact, Portable Hair Dryer

For those who travel often or have limited storage space, the BaByliss Pro travel dryer offers all the best features in a compact, space-savvy design. Despite its size and lightweight frame, this dryer boasts a 1000-watt motor, nano-titanium technology, two heat and speed settings, and dual-voltage for worldwide travel. Last but absolutely not least, the head folds into the handle so it fits effortlessly in your drawer or suitcase.

Reviewers say: "I am an avid international traveler with long straight hair that requires washing and blowing dry every single day... I have tried many travel blow dryers and for the tiny size, this packs the most blowing power of any on the market! You truly won't find a smaller blow dryer that gets the job done like this little guy."


An Innovative & Investment-Worthy Hair Dryer

It's an investment, but the REVAIR reverse-air dryer is revolutionizing the way people style their hair because it dries and straightens three times faster than a traditional unit — no brush required. Thanks to its long tube, this dryer utilizes reverse-flowing heated air to smooth cuticles in their naturally-occurring direction. It also works with less heat, a lower wattage, and no friction, meaning it causes significantly less damage for all types of hair, but especially thin strands. The device even comes with plenty of freebies, like clips, a stand, a storage bag, a spray bottle, and hair bands in place of twisty ties for the packaging. Personally, I've never experienced anything that has set hair and minimized frizz this well.

Reviewers say: "I cannot express how much I absolutely love, love, love my Revair... Over the past [few] years my hair began breaking and thinning due to the damage caused by excess heat, chemicals, etc.. I became really concerned and self-conscious. While searching for a miracle fix I had searched I stumbled across the Reviar You-Tube Demo. After a few weeks of skepticism I ordered the Revair. After the second time using it I was hooked. My hair is straight and smooth. I rarely have to use a flat iron, just for touch-ups in the mornings."

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