These Are The Top Sex Toys For Men — & They're All Available On Amazon

For better or for worse, sex toys tend to be seen as a woman's accessory but the truth is, the sex toy industry isn't just for the ladies. There are dozens of toys that men can get enjoyment out of — with or without a partner. And to make things even more accessible, many of the best sex toys for men are available on Amazon.

To find the right sex toy for your male partner, think about what you or they are hoping to get out of it and whether you plan to use the toy together or for solo play. Plenty of men enjoy prostate massagers, like traditional vibrators (for external use) or vibrating butt plugs (for internal use). But there's so much more to choose from: Cock rings, for example, which restrict the blood flow to your penis and allow for longer-lasting and harder erections, are a sexy little toy that many men love and can add pleasure when used alone or with a partner. Another popular option are masturbation cups for men looking to experience the sensation of penetrative sex (oral, anal, or vaginal) on their own.

Ahead, find an assortment of the best sex toys for men to gift the guy in your life.


Best Cock Ring

A cock ring, like the ones sold in this multi-pack from Paloqueth, have myriad uses in the bedroom. They sit snugly at the base of your penis or around your testicles and restrict blood flow. That means they can help you maintain an erection if you sometimes struggle with erectile dysfunction — or they can just act as a power-up for your penis. By restricting blood flow, your erections become harder and last longer. (Anecdotally, it also makes your orgasms more powerful.)

What makes Paloqueth's four-pack so clutch are the variously shaped and textured cock rings it contains. You can play with some light bondage with the testicle-restricting rings, while female partners will very much enjoy the ones that have a ribbed texture.


Best Vibrating Cock Ring

Like the cock rings above, the IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring also restricts blood flow to the penis by wrapping around your shaft. But it also has a long, ribbed massager that vibrates, making it a great toy to use with a partner. That massager can help stimulate your partner's clitoris, so you both get to experience the pleasure of this toy. But if you were using it alone, you could flip the massager around and let it vibrate against your testicles for a completely different sensation. This toy is made of silicone, making it safe for sensitive skin and very easy to wash after use — which you should do with any sex toy, always.


Best Vagina-Shaped Masturbation Cup

Sure, pocket pussies, like this one from Tracy's Dog, might get a bad wrap sometimes. But if you ask me, they're a fabulous sex toy to keep in your collection. This vagina-shaped toy has a ribbed column on the inside for intense stimulation while you thrust. It's made with a realistic-feeling waterproof material that's super easy to clean, and it comes with a bonus tube of lube, for a sweet, slippery sensation that feels almost as good as the real thing.


Best Mouth-Shaped Masturbation Cup

If you're more interested in a mouth over a vagina, then reach for this masturbation cup. It's flexible and realistic-feeling, with both teeth and a moveable tongue. Like the pocket pussy, this pocket mouth has a 3-D textured ribbed tunnel inside for extra stimulation as you thrust. It's also super easy to clean after use — all you need is some soap and water. Add some lube, and you're ready to go!


Best Vibrating Butt Plug

A vibrating butt plug, like Lnabni's male prostate massager, is a sexy option for those who are experienced with prostate stimulation. This toy is shaped like anal beads, so they go from smallest to biggest, allowing you to take as much as you can inside of you at a time. The vibrations are strong, with nine different speeds so that you can change up your technique. The "arm" rests right against your testicles, too, for added stimulation there. You can also use this toy externally to massage your prostate from the outside. But remember — lube is your friend when it comes to butt plugs. There's no such thing as too much!


Best Butt Plug

If a regular butt plug is more your speed, or if you're new to the butt plug game, Hisionlee's four-piece anal plug set is a great option. It comes with four sizes of plugs, as well as lube and a device that helps you squeeze that lube into your anus. Non-vibrating butt plugs are great for men, since they stimulate the prostate, but they can also be used by women, because they make the vaginal canal more narrow, which offers an extra burst of stimulation. Just make sure each partner gets their own plug — this isn't the kind of toy you can share.

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