If Your Socks Are Always Falling Down, These Are The Ones You Need

There's nothing more frustrating than having to yank your socks up all day long. The best socks that stay up typically have some sort of elastic band at the top or a blend of materials like LYCRA or spandex to keep them in place.

The trick, however, is keeping them there without cutting off your circulation. You want enough elasticity to keep them up but not so much that your skin looks like a checkerboard when you take them off.

To help you out, I've put together a list of the best choices, according to my own experiences, as well as the feedback of reviewers. As you scroll through, keep in mind the following qualities that are also key to a good pair of socks:

  • Comfort: In addition to staying in place, it's nice for your socks to be soft (think: cotton or Merino wool), stretchy, and have plenty of cushioning and arch support.
  • Breathability: Material that's breathable and moisture-wicking will keep your feet dry, especially if you're running, hiking, or participating in other high-energy activities. Merino wool is the best bet here — and mesh-style ventilation panels will help, too.
  • Blister protection: Seamless toes or similar toe-box designs will reduce the amount of rubbing against your skin, minimizing the chance of irritation.

With that said, here's a list of the best socks for staying up, which all offer a great combination of these features.


The Overall Best Socks

Why they're great: I have these lightweight crew socks and can attest that they are amazing at staying up. Made with a blend of Merino wool and nylon, they are soft and stretchy. They also have a touch of LYCRA-spandex that helps them stay in place. On top of that, they have fine-gauge knitting and a fully seamless design.

What fans say: "I love these socks ... They stay put, the [heel] doesn't slide down, and the top is not too tight."

  • Available sizes: Small - Large


The Most Lightweight Socks

Why they're great: If your feet get hot and sweaty easily or you simply prefer a thin, breezy feel, these ultra-light crew socks are a great choice. Reviewers say they stay in place well, and they have extra cushioning that keeps them soft and comfy, too. What's more, the Merino wool wicks moisture and cuts down on odor.

What fans say: "Great looking sock, nice colors. It won't slide as it is form-fitting, important to me as one leg is paralyzed. Seems to be strong so won't stretch out quickly."

  • Available sizes: Small - Large


The Best Knee-Highs

Why they're great: Constructed with a stretchy blend of cotton, polyester, polyurethane, and spandex, reviewers say that these OSABASA knee-high socks actually do stay at your knees and won't leave marks on your shins. Plus, they're fairly budget-friendly, too. The only real drawback is that they're air-dry only.

What fans say: "These are the only socks I wear now. I've had them for about a year now, and they still hold up. They have kept their elasticity and have not been stretched out. The colors have not faded from what I can tell ... Bottom line, if you're looking for a good pair of knee high argyle socks, these are the socks for you."

  • Available sizes: One Size


The Best For Wide Ankles

Why they're great: These extra-wide socks have an opening that's 75 percent larger in the ankle than standard socks, so they won't cut off your circulation or leave indents on your legs. The ring toe mimics a seamless toe design, allowing you to get the anti-blister benefits at a lower price tag. They're shock-absorbing and well-cushioned, providing comfort while you move. All in all, these socks make a great choice if you wider ankles.

What fans say: "These are AWESOME!! Not only are they made in the USA, but they really are non-constricting around my legs and ankles, even after a full day on my feet in hiking boots, no sock lines!! YAY!! and...they stayed up! I didn't have to fuss with them at all."

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


The Best For Running

Why they're great: These comfortable no-show socks have more than 2,400 reviews, many of which note how well they stay up while running. They're made from a material called Drynamix that lifts moisture and sweat away so your feet won't feel damp and sticky. They have microfiber mesh ventilation panels to air out your feet and keep you cool while you train. Best of all, they feature a seamless toe-box, rendering blisters a virtual impossibility.

What fans say: "The socks are not too thin nor too thick. Just perfect. I played basketball with it as well as train for a 10k run with it. My feet always felt cool while just having enough protection from blisters."

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large


The Best For Hiking

Why they're great: I have these FITS medium crew socks, too, and they do a fantastic job of allowing you to hike all day without having to pull them up every three hundred yards. Part of this is due to a stretchy welt-band that holds them in place without cutting off your circulation. They're 70-percent Merino wool, so they wick moisture beautifully, and the splash of LYCRA keeps them stretchy as well.

What fans say: "Wool socks are the BEST. They breathe, wick away moisture, and don't have odors (if you let them air out). These socks fit very well. I like the heel lock and the fitting around the arch and mid-foot. ... Unlike some other socks, these are an even weight all through the sock."

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large

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