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Getting a killer workout doesn't have to cut out a fraction of your weekly spending budget, because let's face it—there are plenty of more exciting things to spend that hard-earned salary on (hello: shoes, fancy coffees, beauty products, amazing meals, ice cream)! Lucky for us, is making working out on a budget that much easier by offering a far-reaching selection of fitness gear to assist and improve our solo workouts. From belts that hold all of our belongings while we run, to the best cheap workout clothing that doubles as everyday-wear and trampolines that literally tell us how many calories we've burned, is making all of our at home workout dreams come true. They even have the DVD version for one of NYC’s most coveted studio workouts. Who needs a trainer, anyways?

Whether you're the woman who likes a long meditative run after a productive day at work, or the woman who opts for a good 'ol DIY living room workout, there are plenty of tools from that can help enhance your performance and move you closer to your overall fitness goals. Browse a few of the best fitness finds from below!

Protect Your Skin With A Sweat-Resistant Sunscreen

e.l.f. Active Stay Out And Play SPF Moisturizer


If you're planning on heading outside for your next workout, don't forget to reach for a sweat-resistant sunscreen to ward off any potential sun damage. This all-in-one pre-workout product not only offers UVA/UVB protection but also acts as a tinted moisturizer—a perfect fit for any active skincare lover.

Keep Your Belongings Close By On Your Next Run With This Belt

Black Mountain Products Waist Running Belt Fitness Workout Strap


Let's be honest, there's nothing worse than going on a run with your phone in-hand, and if you prefer to workout outdoors or even at the gym, this is a dilemma you've likely run into before. Keep your phone, keys, and money comfortably tucked away in this running belt for a completely hands-free workout.

Workout Clothing That Doubles As Everyday Wear

SunshineLLC Women's Compression Quick Dry Elastic Shorts with Pocket


Working out in shorts isn't always comfortable, but I find compression shorts to be the best option since they hug your thighs and help keep everything in place. Wear these shorts with your favorite sneakers to the gym or pair them with an oversized t-shirt for a day out shopping with your friends.

Get A Studio-Quality Workout At Home For Less

Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout (DVD)


Getting a studio-quality workout doesn't have to come with an insane price tag. You can get one of NYC's favorite studio workouts in the comfort of your own home for less than $9.

Jump Away The Calories With This Trampoline

Gold's Gym 36-Inch Trampoline Circuit Trainer


If you're stuck in a workout rut, finding new ways to exercise is key to staying motivated. Try bringing the fun back into your daily workout plan with a childhood-favorite: the trampoline! This one's small enough to stick in your living room for a quick evening workout, and comes with a monitor for tracking calories burned, time and jump count.

Get Sweaty (And Toned!) With These Wraps

Gold's Gym Upper Arm and Thigh Slimmer Kit


Think of these neoprene straps like waist trainers for your arms and thighs—they promote sweating and leave you feeling sinched and toned. Plus, they're hand washable, so you won't have to worry about them getting that post-workout stink.

Weigh Down Your Punches For A Little Extra Burn

ProSource Weighted Gloves, Pair of 2 lb. Neoprene Hand Weights


We're all familiar with ankle weights (which are easy to use and great for toning our bottom half), but these weighted gloves are a little less familiar. Ramp up your kickboxing workout and shed a few extra calories by slipping on a pair of these 2-pound gloves and letting all those frustrations out.

Optimize Your Workout With A Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Everlast TR10 Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker


Understanding your heart rate during different activities can be a crucial part of achieving your fitness goals. This watch not only tracks your heart rate, but blood pressure, steps, calories burned, and sleep patterns.

Tone Your Core With A Balance Board

Aduro Sport Balance Board


Strengthening the core is one the most enjoyable parts of workout because it doesn't always require a ton of labor. Hop on a balancing board to gently work your core muscles without the intensity of a full-body cardio workout.

The Crucial Yoga Tool You Didn't Know Existed

Calm Yoga Wheel


If you've practiced yoga in the past, you're familiar with the trifecta: mat, towel, and block. Here's a fourth tool you probably didn't know you needed that can help further your yoga practice by supporting your body deeper into poses. Plus, it comes with an exercise card to help you get started.

A Quick-Drying Towel For Showering At The Gym

Wildhorn Outfitters Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Travel


Showering at the gym isn't as simple or convenient as it sounds when you're left with a heavy wet towel to carry around for the rest of the day. These microfiber towels are a gym bag-must have—they're lightweight and fast-drying to help you keep you on-the-go after a workout and double as a protective barrier between you and that studio-owned yoga mat you use each practice.

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