The 6 Best Tampons For Heavy Flow

If you have a heavy period, then you probably already know that unexpected leaks can be mortifying. What's worse, they tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. But whether you’re facing a busy workday, training for a marathon, or simply running errands, using the best tampons for heavy flow can make all the difference.

Of course, it’s important to note that everyone has a different version of what qualifies as a “heavy flow.” For some, “heavy” might mean only needing to use a super absorbent tampon for the heaviest day of their period. But if you’re newly experiencing a super heavy flow, like bleeding through a tampon every hour, or you’re experiencing severe pain and/or weakness during your heaviest days, then your first order of business should be to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Once they’ve given you a clean bill of health, then you can start shopping for the best tampons for heavy flow.

There’s a few factors to consider when you’re shopping for tampons, but understanding the difference between regular, super, super plus, and ultra-absorbency is a good place to start. Regular tampons hold between 6 and 9 grams of menstrual blood, super tampons hold between 9 and 12, super-plus hold between 12 to 15, and ultra hold 15 to 18 grams (approximately twice the amount of regular tampons). It’s also worth noting that while Toxic Shock Syndrome is rare, it can be life-threatening. Because of this, you should always use the lowest absorbency tampon you can get away with to minimize your risk.

Once you’ve sorted out which level of absorbency is right for you, it’s time to think about your personal preferences. Is cost your number one concern? Or are you happy to spend a little more to ensure your tampons are made with 100 percent organic cotton? Do you prefer tampons without applicators, or ones without fragrances? Are you looking for the best tampon for swimming or working out? No matter what, there's an uber absorbent tampon out there for you.

Take a look at the best tampons for heavy flow below. All of them are meant for heavy periods and are highly rated on Amazon.

The Best Ultra Tampons (Holds 15 to 18 grams)

If you're looking for the highest absorbency tampon you can get, look no further. The ones here offer maximum protection for your heaviest days, and they're beloved by Amazon shoppers.

  • Unscented Ultra Tampons:

These ultra-absorbent tampons have a smooth applicator with a rounded tip for easy insertion, and 360-degree protection that shapes to your body to prevent against leaks. Plus, these highly rated tampons are unscented, made without colors or dyes, and are BPA-free.

What fans say: “The ultra tampons are so hard to find. I would be lost without these — maybe not lost but more like stuck at home a couple days every month. I wish they had them when I was younger! They don’t leak and are easy to use. Playtex is the only brand I’ve been able to use comfortably and reliably. The plunger isn’t always attached firmly but I just check it before I use it."

  • Applicator-Free Ultra Tampons:

If you're not a fan of applicators, o.b. Original Non-Applicator Tampons are a great option for you. Designed by a woman gynecologist, these ultra-absorbent tampons expand all around to custom-fit your shape, and the fluid-lock grooves provide protection you can trust. Plus, without a bulky applicator, they're compact enough to fit in the smallest of purses.

What fans say: “The one and only brand I'll use … Unbeatable protection, comfortable, discreet, and less waste with no applicator. I would give them 10 stars if I could.”

The Best Super Plus Tampons (Hold 12 to 15 grams)

If ultra-absorbency tampons are too much for you, these super plus tampons have got you covered.

  • Organic Super Plus Tampons:

Made with 100 percent organic cotton and featuring a smooth and flexible plant-based applicator for easy insertion, Honest Organic Tampons are a solid option for anyone who's interested in organic period products. The comfort-fit tampon expands width-wise for enhanced leakage protection, and 44 percent of Amazon customers gave these tampons five stars.

What fans say: “Very happy with these organic tampons. Good quality materials and does a great job for heavier days.”

  • Unscented Super Plus Tampons:

Tampax is a trusted brand for a reason, and these Tampax Pearl plastic tampons with super plus absorbency are no exception. With leak-fighting technology, built-in backup braids, and up to eight hours of protection, these tampons have definitely got your back. Tampax Pearl keeps comfort in mind as well. They feature a smooth applicator with a grip for comfortable insertion, and once inserted, the product's form-fit protection is meant to expand to your natural shape. Unsurprisingly, 79 percent of Amazon customers give these tampons five stars.

What fans say: “Alright well... I'm 48 years old (how in the hell did that happen?!) and these are the best tampons I've ever had in my life. Seriously. I will never buy a different tampon. The. Best. Tampon. Ever.”

The Best Super Tampons (Holds 9 to 12 grams)

If super absorbency tampons can handle your heaviest flow, or you're looking for a tampon that won't start leaking during a workout, check out the items below.

  • Unscented Super Tampons For Sport & Swim

Whether you're a swimmer, a yogi, or a gym rat, you probably won't find a better tampon for working out than the Playtex Sport tampon. Made with unscented cotton and a contoured applicator for comfortable insertion, Playtex Sport tampons are ideal for super active days and tough workouts thanks to their 'FlexFit' technology. It features interlocking fibers designed to move with you and quickly trap leaks. Seventy-four percent of Amazon customers give this product five stars.

If you're not sure that a super absorbency tampon will provide enough leak protection, fret not. There's also a Super Plus Playtex Sport.

What fans say: “I love these tampons. They are the only ones that don't slowly fall out while I am moving."

  • An Organic Option:

Made with certified organic cotton, no chlorine bleaching, rayon, pesticides, fragrances, or dies, and a BPA-free applicator, L. Organic Cotton Tampons are ideal for anyone trying to avoid irritants. Seventy-seven percent of Amazon customers give these tampons a five-star rating, and for every L. product purchased, one is made accessible to a woman or girl in need.

What fans say: “As someone who suffers with endometriosis and PCOS, my periods are HORRIBLE … I usually bleed heavily and I've tried I don’t know how many organic brands and all they do is fall apart within 30 minutes, or don't feel well. I bought L. tampons hoping it would be my new brand and it went beyond my expectations! They hold up well with heavy bleeding and are easy to use. I also like that it gives to those in need … L. you have a customer til I no longer have a period.”

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