Campers, These Waterproof Tents Will Keep You Dry When Mother Nature Gets In The Way

You can have the most durable, lightweight tent in the world, but if it's not fully waterproof, you'll be miserable when the rain starts to pour. Thankfully, the best waterproof tents for rain can keep you dry no matter what.

These tents are made with a tough, weather-resistant fabric and are generally packed with extra game-changing features for rainy adventures. In your quest for the best, you'll first want to look for a tent with seams that are taped, welded, or otherwise sealed to keep moisture out. Go for an angled tent over a flat tent so that water doesn't pool on the roof or puddle on the floor. You'll also want one with ventilating features — like mesh panels and breathable fabrics — to ward off condensation buildup.

For extra waterproofing, look for an option with a well-taut rainfly that's big enough to cover all the openings or one with a weather-proof footprint to go underneath its base. Other things to consider when buying a tent — aside from the ease of setup — include overall roominess, size, and weight. Backpacking tents will typically be lighter and more compact, while car camping tents will be bulkier with more weight.

Here, I've put together a list of the best waterproof tents for rain to help you out.

The Best For One Person

If you're flying solo during your wilderness adventure, choose one of these waterproof one-person tents.


Best for: Backpacking

Weight: 4 pounds 4 ounces

Why it's great: This tough polyester tent features a sturdy rainfly and a waterproof floor, both of which have watertight, factory-sealed seams. The mesh walls promote ventilation. and it's decked out with storage pockets, a gear loft, guy ropes, and an easy-enter doorway.

What fans say: "I've camped probably 8 times with this tent since I've bought it, from Desert heat in the Mojave to Snow in the Sequoias, even really windy conditions at the top of some ridges, even rain and hail storms. This tent has not only held up great, but its kept me really dry."


Best for: Backpacking

Weight: 4 pounds 5 ounces

Why it's great: This easy-to-use, free-standing tent features durable, water-resistant polyester that blocks out rain, while offering plenty of ventilation to minimize condensation. It has two mesh doors, sturdy zippers, storage pockets, a gear loft, and tough aluminum stakes.

What fans say: "The rain fly works beautifully--I have slept through many rainy and foggy nights, not once having a drop of water in my tent."

The Best For Two People

If you're camping with another person, one of these two-person tents will be the perfect choice.


Best for: Backpacking

Weight: 3 pounds 2 ounces

Why it's great: Made with a durable polyurethane rainfly and a bathtub floor featuring fully taped seams, this lightweight backpacking tent does a superb job keeping the rain out. It comes with a waterproof footprint included as well as a detachable mesh loft pocket for hanging gear.

What fans say: "I've spent a lot of time sleeping under the stars and getting rained on. I bought this tent for a recent backpacking trip, hoping to stay dry, and I was not disappointed. The tent was extremely easy to setup and it kept me as dry as can be despite a severe thunderstorm that lasted more than an hour."


Best for: Backpacking

Weight: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Why it's great: Reinforced with an aluminum, hubbed-pole frame, this sturdy waterproof tent showcases a rugged material and a full-coverage, seam-sealed rainfly that funnels water runoff to prevent pooling. It comes with a waterproof footprint and breathable mesh for ventilation.

What fans say: "I have put it through the paces with the harshest rain downpours here in Virginia, almost like pouring buckets on the tent and its held up great. I've kept completely dry, The vestibules have been bone dry also. it has wonderful ventilation so no one should ever have any problems with condensation."

The Best For Families Or Large Groups

Whether you're on a family adventure or camping out with a group of friends, these tents are ideal for three to four people.


Best for: Backpacking

Weight: 4 pounds 9 ounces

Why it's great: This windproof, anti-rainstorm tent is made from 20D silicone-coated nylon and comes with a durable, fully waterproof rainfly. It has 7001 aluminum poles and a top-grade ventilation system featuring dense-but-breathable mesh that'll keep insects out.

What fans say: "We had two nights of steady rain, with winds around 20 mph on one of the nights. The tent stayed totally dry ... I've owned many tents, several very expensive, name brand, ultralight, and this tent, for the price, performed remarkably well."


Best for: Car camping

Weight: 8 pounds 8 ounces

Why it's great: Constructed with 1,500-millimeter waterproof PU coating and a seam-taped floor with waterproof polyurethane, this high-end car camping tent is a fantastic choice for families. It has a strong canopy made from robust polyester and steep walls that offer extra living space and prevent water from puddling up. It's loaded with ventilating mesh and has door zippers with specialized storm flaps.

What fans say: "The first time we used this tent, we were hit with every type of bad weather imaginable. Wind, rain, snow, and even a little bit of hail/sleet. This tent kept us completely dry and warm through all of it!"

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