These Comfortable Head Bands Are Perfect For Yoga

In a lot of ways, the best yoga headbands are simply the best headbands for any athletic activity. They'll keep you dry, comfortable, and focused during your workout. That said, especially depending on the type and intensity of your yoga practice, the vast majority of standard headbands will fall short.

First thing's first: A great headband should be an asset to your workout, rather than a hindrance. If it's constantly slipping off your head, you'll consistently have to stop your flow to readjust it. Most great yoga headbands have non-slip features built into the design, whether that's rubber strips or material that produces the necessary amount of friction. Since yoga typically involves poses in which your head is upside-down, this quality should be non-negotiable.

Next, consider the comfortability factor. A headband should never feel overly constricting, and it shouldn't leave marks. Most highly rated brands utilize stretchy fabrics, adjustable clasps, or tie-back designs to ensure that you can find a snug, secure fit — that won't start to ache halfway through your yoga class.

Finally, there's the matter of absorbency. During slower practices and restorative yoga, you may not need a headband that can wick away copious amounts of sweat. During intense flows and hot yoga, on the other hand, a sweat-absorbing headband is a must; this not only keeps you comfortable, but it'll also keep the sweat out of your eyes for safety purposes.

With all that in mind, here are the six best yoga headbands to suit all kinds of practices and style preferences.

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The Best Wide Headband For Yoga

BLOM has quickly become my favorite headband for every activity that requires one — but it's especially great when it comes to my yoga practice. The material is thick, comfortable, and stretchy, but the genius of this headband lies in its versatility. Due to its foldable design and movable knot, you can wear it in over 14 different styles. It's also absorbent, resistant to sliding during any pose, and comes in a huge selection of colors, including a few reversible options.

Reviewers say: "I have a pretty fierce yoga practice, and BLOM headbands are great at keeping the sweat and hair out of my eyes. They don't slip, regardless whether my hair is up or down. (Although there are lots of ways to style it, I only ever wear my headbands the traditional way. I may be lame, but at least my headband isn't.) BONUS: Great for high-humid days when I can't tame my hair, I just hide it away!"


The Best Headbands If You're Looking For Value

Most yoga headbands cost roughly $15 each, but if you're looking for a deal, look no further than these headbands from Toes Home. Even though you get six for under $10, they have a 4.4-star rating and over 4,000 reviews because they're breathable, comfortable, and versatile. (The extra-wide fabric can be scrunched up for use as a headband, but they can also be worn as a scarf, mask, hair tie, or wave cap.) If you don't love the patterns pictured above, there are 13 other multipacks to choose from.

Reviewers say: "I wear these when doing yoga, working out, or just lounging around the house. They are excellent to keep my hair out of my face and are really comfortable. They’re kind of like a long tube that you can scrunch down to a headband [...] The colors are vibrant and the patterns are lovely."


The Best Headbands For Hot Yoga

If you regularly participate in hot yoga, most headbands won't cut it. This intensive practice requires something extremely cooling and absorbent, but luckily, Temple Tape fits the bill. It has an extra-wide design to hold hair back, but the material is slim, stretchy, and breathable to wick away sweat. It dries eight times faster than cotton, one size fits all (but still won't slip off), and it's available in a wide range of colors.

Reviewers say: "I use these headbands during hot yoga and they have been very effective. As they get wet they begin to act as cooling bands. After class, I rinse them in water, line dry, and they're ready for reuse. I have used these many times and they seem to be holding up just fine."


The Best Non-Slip Workout Headbands

Headstand, downward dog, forward fold — these are the poses that require a little extra friction and gravity defiance, and as a result, headbands tend to slip off. Not Treadbands, which are specifically designed to stay put in virtually any position. First of all, they're made with a foam rubber strip that grabs onto both hair and skin, and second, the tie-back design ensures that you can find your ideal fit. This one comes in a huge selection of colors and patterns.

Reviewers say: "This is by far the BEST headband out there! It’s the only headband that I own that will NOT fall off or move from my head! 5 stars all the way."


The Cutest Designs

If fashion is your primary concern, Maven Thread has you covered. These headbands come in a huge selection of adorable patterns and colors — like the tropical leaf and pineapple set pictured above, or designs like marble, inspirational, and mermaid. Even though they prioritize aesthetic, they're still stretchy, absorbent, well-made, and designed to resist slipping.

Reviewers say: "My absolute favorite headbands. I’m [always] getting messages about them on Instagram. Thanks Maven Thread for making the cutest headbands that actually stay on my head!"


The Best Thin Headbands For Yoga

Most yoga headbands are thick to promote sweat absorption — but if you're solely looking to keep your hair out of your face during your practice, thin headbands are typically the way to go; that's because they're unobtrusive and they stay put. Hipsy headbands are roughly half-an-inch wide, but the material ensures that every last strand stays out of your way. They're also coated with thick velvet to prevent sliding, and the elastic clasp has a bra-like adjuster so you can customize the fit. Get these in multiple colors and pack sizes.

Reviewers say: "For reference, I have very thin, fine, soft hair and the headband stayed on for the entire yoga class, even through poses where I was bent forwards and backwards, and when my pony tail was pulled sideways by positioning on the mat. Highly recommend!"

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