6 Great Yoga Mat Straps That Make Commuting To And From Class So Much Easier

If your practice entails traveling to and from a studio, investing in one of the best yoga mat straps is a smart choice. They keep your mat rolled up, compact, and easy to transport, so you can just toss it over your shoulder and go. (Note that these are not the same things as yoga straps, which help you to deepen stretches while keeping the correct form. That being said, a few on this list — like the Gurus strap — can be used for both.)

First thing's first: the yoga bags versus the sling debate. Straps — aka slings — are ideal if you're looking for a low-hassle, sleek option, as bags can be bulky and more time-consuming to pack. (Think stuffing a sleeping bag into its drawstring carrier.) Still, bags are better for extra storage and mat protection, so if that's what you're looking for, you can find the best yoga mat bags here.

When it comes to straps, there are tons of different clasp and material options, so if you want something reliable, you'll have to narrow it down. While elastic materials can fit all different sizes of mats, they tend to stretch out over time, meaning they're not a good long-term investment. Velcro and buckles are also adjustable, but they're loud, which isn't ideal when you're late for class and trying to subtly unpack. For those reasons, all of the yoga slings on this list are sturdy, quiet, and easily adjustable to fit various mats.


The Best Overall Pick Has A Near-Perfect Rating

Pros: It's rare that a product is able to retain a 4.8-star rating — especially when it has thousands of reviews — but the Clever Yoga adjustable strap manages to do just that. It's the best overall pick because it's made from 100 percent cotton, has adjustable loops that fit any sized mat, and is available in eight colors and two different lengths to suit all styles and heights. Since it's thicker than most, it also won't dig into your shoulder and can accommodate towels and knee pads, too. At a maximum of $10 for any size or color, that's a pretty solid purchase.

Cons: Some reviewers say the material is a bit stiff when you first get it, so it'll take some maneuvering and breaking in.

Available Colors: Black, blue, gray, light blue, lilac, lime green, purple, rose pink

Available Sizes: 66 inches, 85 inches


At Just $5, This Is Definitely The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Pros: Reehut is well-known on Amazon for its affordable yoga products that get the job done, and their $5 adjustable mat strap is no exception. It holds everything from thin mats to extra thick ones, thanks to its sliding loops that automatically tighten themselves while you're on the go. Since it's made from 100 percent cotton and has a thicker design, reviewers like that it's "lightweight," "grips the mat well," and "can't become overstretched." (Pro tip: It's pretty versatile, too; some people use it to transport their tripods and woodworking materials.)

Cons: You won't find any extra frills or features with this one — just a standard strap.

Available Colors: Black, blue, purple


If You Travel Or Commute, This Eco-Friendly Pick Has All The Right Features

Pros: People obsess over Manduka mats because of their durability and thoughtful designs, and this Manduka Journey On strap has reviewers just as thrilled. First of all, it's made from recycled bottles, so it's an eco-friendly and lightweight alternative that you can feel good about using. Second, its skid-proof silicone grips mean a more secure hold, and the easy-to-close cinch is suitable for all different sizes and brands of mats. Finally, the strap is padded for extra shoulder comfort, and you can even toss it in the washing machine when it starts to get dirty. "This carrier is well-made and can handle the weight," one raves.

Cons: The strap requires tension in order to stay closed, so if you pick it up by the mat, the cinches may loosen.

Available Colors: Black, Heather Gray and Bliss, Odyssey


This Two-In-One Rainbow Strap Comes With A Block, So It's A Great Value

Pros: You won't find one like this anywhere else. The Gurus yoga strap has a unique rainbow pattern and an embroidered logo and peace sign. Thanks to its metal D-rings, this strap adjusts to any sized mat and even doubles as a flexibility prop for use during your practice. With every purchase, you get a free cork block that won't slip or trap odors — and the company plants a tree to help replenish the natural resources used in the making of this product. Since the strap itself is constructed from flexible cotton and stainless steel, it's also one of your more durable options.

Cons: It's a little pricey.

Available Colors: Rainbow, gray, light green (but only the rainbow comes with a block)


A Little Extra Storage For Your Essentials (Without The Bulk)

Pros: Before the Gaiam on-the-go carrier, you had to choose between a strap and a bag. This brilliant product combines them into a non-bulky solution that still offers some storage. It has a versatile design that fits most mats, comfy double straps that you can wear as a backpack, and a zipper pocket that can fit your wallet, keys, or phone. This option even features magnetic clasps that secure your mat in a split-second, so you won't have to fiddle with stubborn clips or loops.

Cons: This one isn't suitable for very thick mats — the magnetic snaps can pop open if there's too much bulk.

Available Colors: Citron Storm, Fuchsia Sky, Granite Storm, Grey Flower, Storm/Pink


If You’re Concerned About Keeping Your Practice Sanitary

Pros: Especially if you practice hot yoga in a public studio, you might be worried about keeping things sanitary. This yoga strap from BASICALLY PERFECT is made from cotton and hemp, which means it's stronger than most other options on the market, but also more hygienic. Since hemp is resistant to the growth of bacteria (and since it's durable enough for the washing machine), it'll stay fresh and odor-free regardless of sweat and germs. It also has a minimalist loop design that easily secures all mats without noise, hassle, or slipping. "You guys nailed this product," says one reviewer. "It's exactly what I hoped it would be."

Cons: None yet — it's a newer product, but reviewers have been really happy so far.

Available Colors: Black

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