These Strong Dog Leashes Are The Best Way To Upgrade Your Pup's Daily Walks


Whether you're walking an eager puppy or a stronger older dog who loves to pull, having one of the strongest dog leashes can help you keep control over your dog. But, because most manufacturers will claim their leash is strong, what features should you look out for in a strong leash?

When you’re looking for a leash, first consider the fabric it’s made from. Nylon and paracord are typically sturdy, reliable materials. If you have an exceptionally strong pup, you may want to think about a metal chain option, too, which is not only resistant to pulling but also a great leash for dogs who chew. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s thick enough to withstand hard pulls.

Another thing to keep in mind is your dog’s personality. If you have a dog who pulls hard, you’ll want something with shock absorption. If you have a rabid chewer, on the other hand, you'll want a hefty chain they can’t gnaw through.

Lastly, think about the types of activities you typically do together. If you take jogs or go hiking in the woods, a hand-free leash might make a good choice. By contrast, if you live in a crowded city where your pooch is always dodging humans, a retractable option will be helpful.

To help you out, here’s a list of the strongest dog leashes of all kinds to help control your pup.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Constructed from heavy-duty mountaineering rope, this durable dog leash features soft, padded handles that help you control your excited pup without chafing your hands. Its a half-inch in diameter with a thick weave that won't strain or break when pulled hard. It also has reflective stitching to ensure you're visible during evening walks and it comes in five colors including black, red, hot pink, blue, and green.

As a bonus, the extra thickness of the 5-foot leash makes it harder to chew through, too. "This is a great leash!" said one happy Amazon user. "We have a high strung fifty pound bundle of muscle, who loves to go for walks, and the padding makes holding the leash soooo much nicer."


The Best Retractable

This retractable dog leash showcases extra strong tape that stretches 16 feet to provide plenty of lead-way for your dog to roam, and a rugged internal coil that lets you release and retract the leash with ease. It also has a quick-lock braking system that gives you additional control when it's time to quickly halt — you don't have to worry about it snapping or breaking upon sudden stops. On top of that, the robust leash features a patented mechanism that keeps the thread tangle-free regardless of where they wander. It comes in two sizes for dogs up to 55 or 110 pounds.


The Best For Chewers

This metal-reinforced dog chain is made with thick nylon webbing and reinforced with 3-millimeter chain links from top to bottom, and is specifically designed for dogs who are strong pullers and chewers. It has break-proof hardware, including tough leather joints and a strong metallic hook to attach to their collar. And, the metal in the chain links is strength-tested to beyond industry standards and it's fully rust- and tarnish-proof, too.

The leash comes in three sizes for dogs ranging from roughly 38 to 100 pounds. The one drawback is that a few Amazon reviewers said it's a bit heavy; however, if you have an aggressive chewer, it may be worth the extra weight.


The Best For Pullers

This shock-absorbing leash is designed for extra zealous pooches who spend the entire walk tugging, pulling, and trying to break free of their chains. In addition to the extra-thick rope and solid leather joints, the leash boasts an elastic bungee at the end to absorb some of the tugging impact. The heavy-duty braided nylon is well-constructed with durable stitching and a lightweight feel. It has padding on the looped handle to prevent chafing along with a reflective stripe for walking at night. "Works really well for my pitty/american bulldog mix who is 60 lbs of pure muscle and pulls like no other," said one pleased customer. "It reduces sudden jerks and makes it so much easier to walk him."


The Best Hands-Free Leash

This hands-free dog leash features a built-in waist belt that's soft, body-contoured for comfort, and strong enough to combat aggressive pulling. There's also a dedicated pouch on the waist in for your phone, along with an extra pocket to stash things like keys, dog treats, scoop bags, or other items. The leash itself has two grabbing options — a hold surface near the top for easy control and another one up by the dog in case you need to grab them suddenly. The leash can hold pups up to 150 pounds, also boasts reflective material for evening jogs.


6.The Best For Multiple Dogs

Made with durable, weatherproof nylon featuring reflective dual stitching, this double dog leash lets you walk both of your dogs with just one hand. It has silky soft neoprene handles on both sides that allow your pooches to pull hard without blistering your hands. The 1 inch-thick rope is break-proof with adjustable lengths that span 18 to 24 inches. That means you can walk dogs of different sizes simultaneously. It has a tangle-free swivel that stops them from getting wound up when they cross in front of each other. Best of all, the leash — which comes in two sizes — is accompanied with a lifetime guarantee.

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