These Dog Leashes Are Chew-Proof & Perfect For Pups That Can Make Anything A Snack

If your dog is a heavy or aggressive chewer, you know that any object he interacts with has the potential to become a snack, including his leash! This can cause a lot of worry, since chewing through a leash is not only a frustrating and expensive problem but a safety concern as well. That's why finding the best chew-proof dog leash that can withstand Fido's chomping and keep him safe on leashed walks is a smart idea.

However, when shopping for the best chew-proof dog leash, it's important to keep in mind that the only truly chew-proof leashes for canines that love gnawing on everything are ones that are made of metal. That's because a dog who is determined enough can bite through most other types of materials, especially rope. If you are dead-set against a metal chain leash or don't care for the look or feel of it, take heart. There are more durable, heavy-duty options made of leather and nylon, too. And while they aren't completely indestructible, they should last longer than your past leashes that you've watched your pup destroy.

To help you research the best chew-proof leash for your pup, I've rounded up three of the best chew-resistant leashes you can buy below.


The Overall Best

If you are looking for an indestructible and chew-proof dog leash, this heavy duty chain leash from Berry Pet is one of the best options out there. It offers a great amount of value for its affordable price tag: It has sturdy and rust-proof chrome-plating and comes with a padded handle. It's also available in three different widths and two different lengths. This is especially practical, because for smaller dogs, lighter, thinner leashes are better, as the thickness of a metal leash will determine how heavy it is (and lighter leashes are preferred for small dogs).

  • Available sizes: 2 millimeters by 4 feet, 3 millimeters by 4 feet, 3.0 millimeters by 6 feet, and 4 millimeters by 4 feet


A Durable Leather Leash If You’re Not Into Metal

Although leather is generally less chew-resistant than metal, a leather leash like this Fairwin braided one is much more durable than nylon. This type of lead is actually the type that military officials and law enforcement uses when training service dogs, so you know it's durable and good quality. And, because leather softens to the shape of your hand, this leash will be much more comfortable to hold on long walks. It can also carry up to 500 pounds of pull force, should your dog suddenly lunge while out on a walk. Best of all, it comes with a two-year warranty, in case your pup manages to bite through it after all.

  • Available sizes: Small-Large


A Nylon Leash That It’ll Take Your Dog A While To Chew Through

Three times more durable than your average nylon leash, this two layer leash from Pets Lover Club is a fantastic buy for chewers. While nylon is not exactly an indestructible material, this leash is thicker than typical nylon options and should last longer than its single layer counterpart. This leash even features reflective stripes for added safety during nighttime walks and a padded, comfy handle. Many reviewers even note that it's surprisingly resilient to chewing, which may explain why this product has a near perfect Amazon rating. Still, if your dog is a heavy chewer, he will probably chew through this leash eventually. That being said, you are able to return this item within 60 days of purchase if you find that it's not a fit for your dog.

  • Available size: One size for medium and large dogs

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