The 7 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoos & Rinses For Healthier Hair

No doubt you've heard (time and time again) about the many health and beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar. So, the question is: have you made the switch yet to an apple cider vinegar shampoo and rinse for even healthier hair?

If you answered no, you're certainly not alone, but I feel the need to wax poetic about all of the great things apple cider vinegar can do for your hair. For one thing, it balances the pH and sebum levels of your hair and scalp, which naturally restores oily hair to a more peaceful state of being without stripping it of essential moisture in the process. Apple cider vinegar contains antimicrobial properties that can kill the bacteria and fungus responsible for annoying conditions like dandruff, and even more serious effects like hair loss.

And, cleansing and conditioning hair regularly with an apple cider vinegar-based rinse or cream (depending on your hair type and concern) can help reduce frizz, create a glossy finish, prevent split ends, and even give life and a little kick to curls. Imagine — all this from a totally natural ingredient that can also help make a pretty kickass salad (and facial treatment, but that's another story).

1A Travel-Friendly Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar


Beauty and the Bees Tasmania Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Tonic Clarifying Shampoo Bar, $13, Amazon

This travel-friendly solid apple cider vinegar shampoo bar is exactly what you need if you plan on circling the globe and want the best hair of your life as you do it. The ingredients in this bar, which also include minerals, vitamins, nettle, and horsetail herbs, clarify scalp follicles, exfoliate dry flakes, and prevent hair loss and dandruff. Reviewers say this shampoo leaves hair clean, never greasy, and with tons of body and shine.

2A Hair Rinse That Removes Buildup & Unnecessary Oils


Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser, $36, Amazon

When your scalp and hair suffer from oily buildup, one of the easiest and most effective ways to address it is with an apple vinegar rinse like this one, which is made with 30 natural ingredients like licorice and echinacea extract and essential oils like lemon, rosemary, lemongrass, and sweet orange blossom. Since scalp buildup can contribute to hair loss, many reviewers say that this rinse has helped prevent shedding and has created additional body and shine in their hair.

3The Apple Cider Vinegar & Green Tea Cure For Itchy Scalps


Natural First Organic Apple Cider Finishing Rinse With Green Tea, $15, Amazon

Itchy and dry scalps will find relief in this apple cider vinegar and green tea rinse, which also contains aloe vera, lavender, and rosemary. Reviewers say this can help treat dandruff, that it rinses out easily, and doesn't smell strongly of apple cider — thanks to the other essential oils used in this blend.

4This Weekly Clarifying Shampoo That 'Perks' Up Curls


Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo, $18, Amazon

This silicone-free clarifying apple cider vinegar shampoo removes product buildup like dry shampoo and "perks" up your hair's natural curls, according to one reviewer (though it's recommended for all hair types). One thing to note: this is not the shampoo you'll want to use every day. Consider this your weekly or twice weekly clarifying treatment — one that just so happens to smell like apple and pear and that includes the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the acidic scent.

5An Apple Cider & Herb Rinse For Stronger Hair


Beauty and the Bees Tasmania Apple Cider Vinegar & Herb Conditioning Hair Rinse, $17, Amazon

If you have eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, dandruff, or sensitive skin, this apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse is perfect because it restores the balance of acid on your scalp to improve your hair's texture and heath and even promote hair growth. A blend of 100 percent natural and organic apple cider vinegar is infused with nettle, marigold, and horsetail to strengthen hair and soothe and balance your scalp's natural oils. After shampooing your hair, add 2/3 tablespoon of this rinse to a liter of water and apply it to your hair and scalp before rinsing it out (as an added bonus you can use it on your face and body at the same time).

6An Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo For Thinning Hair


Hair Dance Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo, $14, Amazon

If thinning hair and hair loss has you down, try using this apple cider vinegar shampoo, which has anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea and peppermint oil that stimulate hair follicles and relieve dry, itchy scalps that suffer from dandruff. This shampoo contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals and is safe for color-treated hair.

7A Rinse That Revitalizes Color-Treated Hair


John Masters Organics Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer, $16, Amazon

Color-treated hair can use all of the nourishment it can get — especially if it's a product like this apple cider vinegar hair clarifier and color sealer, which can be used before or after your color treatment to revitalize dull hair, add intensity to color, and remove product buildup. With a mix of eight certified organic herbs and essential oils that include apple cider, chamomile, and green tea leaf extract, this rinse is diluted with water and added to hair after shampoo and before conditioner. Reviewers say it makes hair soft and full of body and life.

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