Your Puppy DESERVES One Of These Cuddly Dog Beds

You’ve got a brand-new puppy you’ve spent the last week cuddling and snapping Instagram photos of around the clock. Now that the initial excitement is easing, it’s time to get the right supplies — dog leash, collar, bowls, toys, and, of course, a dog bed. But when you’re shopping for the best dog beds for puppies, what should you look for?

The first decision to make is whether to get something that's temporary to fit your pup’s current size or a larger bed they can grow into. If you have a small breed, this is easy — what you buy for a Chihuahua today, for example, will fit them for life. But if you have a Labrador or Siberian Husky, you may want to consider something larger. There are pros and cons to both. A smaller bed will provide extra security and comfort at this stage, but will also cost more money down the road when you have to replace it.

Other considerations include things specific to your puppy’s breed and personality. Do they have short hair that causes them to get chilly easily, or long, shaggy fuzz that makes them susceptible to overheating? You’ll want different styles of beds, depending. Is your dog a chewer, or driven to digging and burrowing? If so, you’ll need a bed that’s tougher and chew-resistant.

If you can already tell that they’re going to be kind of anxious, you may want to try a covered bed or something with a hood to make them feel extra safe. If they’re still potty training, a waterproof bed will be an optimal choice. Or if their breed is prone to things like hip dysplasia, something with memory foam or other orthopedic qualities will be a good option. Here is a list of the best dog beds for puppies of all breeds and personality types.


A Self-Heating Dog Bed For Puppies and Small Breeds

If you have a short-haired puppy who gets cold easily or a smaller breed who loves to cozy up into a ball of pillowy goodness, this self-heating dog bed will provide a sense of warmth and security. The bed is built with extra high walls to create a feeling of safety while also offering softness and comfort. The walls are 9 inches in the front to provide orthopedic neck support with a 12-inch rear bolster to prevent joint pain. The mega-plush, self-warming sherpa fabric is specially designed to mimic the feel of their mother's fur so they protected and comfortable. On the bottom, the bed features super rugged, water-resistant nylon fabric that prevents dirt from building up while your pup snoozes. Oh, and the entire thing, which comes in a ton of different colors, can be dumped in the washing machine.

  • Available sizes: standard (puppy-sized); jumbo (puppy-sized)


A Bigger Self-Heating Dog Bed Your Pup Can Grow Into

This ultra-warm, self-heating dog bed — which comes in medium and large sizes — is the perfect thing for your puppy to grow into. It's constructed with an innovative two-layer material that features an insulating layer to capture heat and a reflective layer that transmits it back to your pup. The result is an exceptionally warm bed for them to curl up in that doesn't have any dangerous electronic parts they can chew through. The cushiony sleeping surface is stuffed with soft, eco-friendly polyfill made from recycled bottles, and it has raised sides to offer a place to plop their head down on. It is tough and well-made with a stable, no-slip bottom that keeps the bed in place as they get older and more boisterous.

  • Available sizes: M, L


An Elevated Cooling Dog Bed To Prevent Overheating

For shaggy puppies with long, furry hair, an elevated dog bed can be a great option to prevent them from overheating. This cot-style bed is raised 7 to 9 inches off the ground (depending on what size you get), offering a way for air to circulate beneath them, keeping them cool and well-ventilated. The breathable mesh material adds an extra layer of air permeability to keep your pup refreshed even during the hottest, stickiest months of the year. As a bonus, the elevated position reduces their contact with ticks, mites, and other grass and carpet-dwelling critters. The super durable bed is weather-resistant so you can take it outside, and it even comes with a lightweight carrying case to fold it up and travel with.

  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


A Waterproof Dog Bed For Potty Training Puppies

Puppies have accidents — there's no getting around it. This waterproof dog bed makes cleanup easy and hassle-free. The comfy bed is built with a removable, washable inner section that's designed to withstand potty training, and it's even made of a mold-resistant fabric that dries quickly and doesn't retain odor. On top of that, it has a separate, fully waterproof cover that prevents accidents from leaking inside. Both elements can be put in the washing machine, although hand-washing is preferred. The inner section is filled with ultra-soft memory foam to provide a plush resting area to aid with deep sleep. As your puppy ages, the medical-grade orthopedic foam will also provide relief from arthritis and other joint pains. "Excellent bed," said one happy Amazon user. "Our new puppy loves it. The outer and inner liners are easy to remove and wash. Especially after puppy accidents."


A Covered Bed For Anxious Puppies To Burrow Into

Puppies love to burrow and feel safe. This covered dog bed offers a secure nest for them to snuggle into. It's lined with soft, cozy sherpa that's made to imitate lamb's wool, keeping them warm and cuddly with a raised hood to create a sense of safety. The microsuede cover is soft and versatile with a removable brass-zippered liner you can toss in the washing machine. "I have three Chihuahuas who hate the cold and love to burrow," said one pleased Amazon customer. "They have spent most of the fall and winter in this bed and when they come out they are toasty and warm. They LOVE it. ... The fabric is great; feels and looks like suede on the outside and lambs wool on the inside. The only problem is mine; they used to cuddle with me to keep warm on chilly days ... now they just jump in this Cozy Cave." If the large size is too big, you can find similar versions of this bed in smaller options.


A Chew-Resistant Dog Bed For Puppies Who Gnaw And Dig

Puppies love to chew on things, and their beds are no exception. If you have a particularly feisty gnawer, this chew-resistant dog bed will hold up better than others. While no dog bed is fully indestructible, this one is built with extra tough ripstop ballistic material that's resistant to chewing, as well as scratching, digging, and burrowing. The smooth cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth for easy cleaning and it's also machine-washable on days when they get extra muddy at the park. Inside, the soft polyester cushion is engineered with channels that separate the fluff and stuffing, preventing it from clumping or piling up on one side. All in all, it's an exceptional combination of comfort and chew-resistant utility.


An Adorable Shark-Shaped Bed That's Just For Fun

Features like waterproofing and chew-resistance are great, but sometimes you just want something that's freakin' adorable for your puppy to crawl into. Enter this shark-shaped puppy bed. It's made of soft, plush material that feels cozy for your pooch and offers a safe space for small-sized dogs to sleep (not to mention their feline siblings). The enclosed area creates warmth and, best of all, your little furball will look ridiculously cute in its brand new Instagram account. "Adorable and perfect," said one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer. "Its a good size for a larger cat or small dog. Its soft and it looks hilarious when your pet is halfway out the shark lol." If you're not into sharks, check out other just-for-fun puppy beds like this strawberry hut or tiny hot dog.

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