The 7 Best Headbands For Short Hair

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Short hair is sophisticated, but chic shorter styles can pose challenges when it comes to keeping hair off of your forehead and out of your eyes. The best headbands for short hair are time savers, but not all headbands are created equal. Regardless of the headband you prefer —wide, thin, sporty, jeweled, or even a versatile band that doubles as a hair tie — choosing one designed with quality material that is flexible and pain-free is essential. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect headband for short hair:

  • Non-Slip Fabric & Features: The goal is to find a headband you can wear all day. Bands made with elastic, softly cinch strands into place, while non-slip features like a grip around your ears are even more pertinent for anyone with shorter hair. With less hair to weigh down the elastic of the band, you’re reliant on these features to lock your look into place.
  • No Built-In Comb: Many headbands have built-in combs that brush back the front of your hair. These types of headbands can cause hair breakage and can be painful. For that reason, I did not include any bands with built-in combs on this list.
  • Function: Depending on the occasion or what you have on your to-do list that day, different headbands can serve a variety of functions. Headbands that are designed for working out feature moisture-wicking materials and will do a much better job absorbing sweat and staying in place. Then there are times when only a velvet or bandana-style headband will complete your look. I chose a number of different headband styles that will complete any outfit and help you tackle your daily duties.

Whether you are in-between haircuts, unable to get to your salon and trying to tame overgrown bangs, or looking for an embellished band that will jazz up a pixie cut, this list includes a headband for every short hairstyle. Below you’ll find highly rated headbands, many of which boast hundreds and even thousands of glowing reviews.

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The Best Basic No-Slip Headband

If you’re looking for a thinner headband to keep your hair back all day long, this no-slip headband is for you. It’s flexible enough to adjust to the size and shape of your head, making sure it never slips or digs into your scalp. It’s thin without being flimsy and is one of few headbands in this style that doesn’t feature a built-in comb. This affordable pack comes with two headbands: one pink and one black.

Helpful Review: “They're firm yet flexible, and almost feel cushioned. It's the only headband I've ever been able to wear all day.”


The Best Headband For Working Out

It can be difficult to find a quality headband for working out— especially for short hair. You need them to keep your hair back as you run, jump, flip into downward dog, and sweat, but it’s important that they are designed without restricting combs and features that can cause discomfort. These headbands grip without causing pain and are designed with moisture-wicking material that works better than cotton to keep sweat out of your eyes. The thin, lightweight headband is 4 inches wide and can even slip over your ears to keep them warm during chilly morning runs. They’re available in 15 shades like green, pink, and dark purple.

Helpful Review: “I wanted something to keep the sweat out of my eyes and still have the ability to wear sunglasses when I go running. This headband certainly fits the need and it functions very well ... It stays snug without feeling like you have a Boa Constrictor on your head.”


The Best Value-Pack

Stock up on hair accessories with this budget-savvy choice: a pack of 20 affordable headbands that only cost $21, which works out to a little more than one dollar per band. The 2-inch wide bands have an elastic band and cute topknot design. They come in an array of colorful floral or stripe designs to add a pop of color to your short haircut.

Helpful Review: “I have always been hesitant to buy headbands online because I do have a large head and very thick hair and often headbands either don't fit my head or they just pop off the back of my head. These headbands fit perfectly and stay in place where I want them to stay. The variety of colors and designs is great too.”


A 6-Pack Of Bandana Headbands

Bandanas tend to slip off the back of your head, especially if you have shorter hair. This bandana headband gives you the cute look of a bandana with the support of a headband. It comes in a pack of six in different color paisley prints, but wraps around your head and stays in place, thanks to a flexible band of elastic. The soft band is also versatile: it features a rabbit ear bow that can be removed if you prefer to wear this as a flat headband.

Helpful Review: “Super cute and comfy, I get a lot of compliments on these. And I just love that the bow can be adjusted to lay down or stick up depending on my mood.”


Trend-Forward Velvet Top Knot Headband

These velvet top knot headbands combine comfort and elegance. They feature a wide 2-inch velvet band, faux pearls, and an elevated color palette in soft shades like beige and muted rose. This pack of three vintage-style bands stretch to fit your head and reviewers are amazed at their high-quality design — unlike similar bands, the faux pearls are sewn onto the fabric and not glued on. Reviewers also say they resemble expensive boutique headbands at a fraction of the price.

Helpful Review: “Perfect. Amazing price and quality and doesn't give me a headache!"


A 5-Pack Of Embellished Headbands

Add a little shine to your look with these rhinestone embellished headbands. These thin, elastic bands are all style on top with plenty of support on the bottom. This pack of five bands come in a variety of thinner widths and feature beading on about half of the band that covers the top of your head, while the underside is designed with flexible elastic. A few reviewers say they wish the glue holding the rhinestones was more durable, but others rave about how these never cause headaches and feature backing fabric that has an excellent grip and won't snag strands.

Helpful Review: “As a professional jewelry maker I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these! They are not overly tight like most, but don't slide off my head at all either ... I have never been able to wear a headband all day without needing to reset it before. But I swear by these."


A Versatile Headband You Can Wear 7 Ways

This versatile bandeau headband can be worn in seven different ways. Wear it wrapped around your head like a traditional headband or across your forehead for a more bohemian look. It also can be doubled up to act as a hair tie, keeping your ponytail back or your top knot tight. You can wear it around your wrist as a sweat rag to wipe your brow during a workout and it even stretches to become a full bandeau top, perfect for summertime. The band is made from a breathable polyester blend and is machine washable. Choose among cute llama and floral patterns and one solid olive shade.

Helpful Review: “Love the boho Bandeau. They are great for protecting my hair from sun while gardening, dust while cleaning and smoke while grilling. They are lightweight and stay in place all day and I have fine hair.”