The 7 Best Gifts For That Future CEO

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So your friend has already been promoted, like, five times in the past year. Their desk is covered in sticky notes like every other mad genius, they love a good to-do list, and they're definitely going to make it to the head of their industry one day (probably soon, TBH). Your've asked them for work advice — and a resumé a makeover — more than once. And they've always been happy to help.

This person is not only a true boss but a good friend, too. Show them your appreciation with a gift that makes their climb to the top just a little easier. We've collaborated with Ulta Beauty to create a list for your CEO-bound BFF, including everything from confidence-boosting scents to skin-care essentials. They'll feel confident, stay cool, look the part of boardroom #boss — and ace that big presentation.

All-Day Spray

Power Palette

Hair Hero

Sophisticated Scent

Boss Brows

Stress-Free Skin Care

Mist Master

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