Face It, You Need A Laptop Stand – & Here Are The 7 Best


A few years back, I started having pretty serious neck and shoulder pain. I saw a chiropractor and the first question he asked was how much time I was spending at the computer. When I said, “Oh, about ten hours a day,” he gave me a horrified look and promptly suggested that I look into getting one of the best laptop stands.

Having a laptop stand, he explained, would allow me to adjust the height of the monitor so that I wouldn’t have to slouch my shoulders or strain my neck so much. On top of that, it would prevent my computer from overheating and free up space on my desk. A month later it had changed my life. No joke. All of my pain was gone and I was no longer grumbling about my achy bones and bonding with 85-year-olds all of the time.

But, aside from it being a miracle for muscle soreness, a laptop stand can keep your space organized, help improve your posture, and can even extend the life of your computer by preventing it from overheating. Plus, if you use your laptop in bed or on the sofa, it will stop your lap from getting hot and uncomfortable.

Today's best laptop stands even come with awesome features, like lightweight frames, cooling fans to prevent your computer from overheating, usb ports, and smart technology. But to take the guesswork out of your search, you'll find the best laptop stands for every style and purpose below.


The Best Portable Laptop Stand

This ultra-portable laptop stand is the perfect option to take with you if you do work on-the-go or travel often. The convenient device is super sturdy when placed on tables yet folds up into a compact shape that weighs less than 9 ounces and is equipped with a nylon carrying sleeve. It features eight different height adjustments so you can customize it to the perfect level regardless of what kind of desk, table, or even floor you are sitting on. "I love this thing!" said one excited Amazon reviewer. "I love how light it is and how small it folds down — I'm looking forward to being able to take it to a coffee shop and set up a more ergonomic desk in less than a minute."


The Most Affordable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is also compact and even more lightweight than the portable laptop stand above, but with a much more budget-friendly price tag. And while it's not quite as stable and can only extend half as high as the Nexstand, it has many of the same great features. The device weighs 2.9 ounces and easily folds making it an great option for on-the-go laptop use. It even has a simple set up and break down process, so that you won't have to waste time assembling it. If you're on a budget and want something easy and lightweight, this is a solid choice that delivers great bang for your buck.


The Easiest To Adjust Stand

If you've ever owned a stand that's difficult to get in the position you're looking for, you'll appreciate this easily-adjustable laptop stand. Unlike the zigzag-shaped options that fold and click to adjust, this has a unique, easy-to-use slider. Simply move it back and forth to raise or lower — you don't have to line the ends up in confusing 30-degree angles or deal with lopsided platforms. It's made with sturdy anodized aluminum and features rubber pads to protect your desk. At $65, it's pricier than some of the other options but it's well worth it. "Having the adjustable height is worth the additional cost," said one Amazon reviewer.


The Best Laptop Stand For Standing

This standing desk stand delivers the most height of any laptop stand on this list. It also easily folds flat so that you can use this laptop stand in its upright position or as a platform to rest your computer on. And, best of all, this model doesn't have any screws or pegs to adjust when you want to change its height. Simply raise the platform to your desired height and listen as the springs lock into place. The large, 28- by 20-inch platform can hold up to 20 pounds and has ample space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, and even a second monitor. This is a great investment stand that one fan says, after trying three different standing desks, was by far his favorite.


The Best Cooling Laptop Stand

This high-quality laptop stand features a powerful cooling fan for your laptop in a sturdy frame that won't break the bank. Some of its other highlights? It has an ultra-convenient, bendable LED light, an integrated storage space, three USB ports, and a fold-down mouse platform. And its legs easily fold so you can flatten this stand to store it or pack it away. With just two height options, this stand isn't quite as customizable as other models on this list. That said, it can be tilted so you can set it to your preferred angle when using your computer. "Finally, something sturdy enough with so many ways to adjust, and with storage inside," said one happy Amazon customer. "I am so very happy with this! I love the light on the side and the extra USB slots."


The Best Lap Desk For Sofa Use

Desks aren't the only place you ever use your laptop — sometimes you actually use it on your lap as the name suggests. If you're someone who's prone to computer use in bed or on the sofa, this couch-friendly stand is the perfect choice. This lap desk even features a cooling fan to prevent your computer from overheating so you can use it for hours uninterrupted. But its design really sets it apart from other models on this roundup. It features a built-in padded pillow made of lightweight, breathable air mesh, that delivers maximum comfort if you're using it in your lap. The underside is also ergonomically curved to sit perfectly on your legs and the pad is fully removable if you prefer to work without it. The stand even has a slide-out mouse tray so if you're sitting in bed and don't have a hard surface to place it on, the stand provides one for you.


The Best Smart Laptop Stand

Welcome to the modern age where your laptop stand can charge your phone and play music. This awesome smart laptop stand is built with three USB ports and two input-output connections for audio and microphone use. Underneath the glass, there's an integrated cable management clip that allows you to neatly thread all of your cords through it without a giant mess on your work station. The sleek tempered glass is extra sturdy and the sides are constructed with top-grade aluminum and plastic. As a bonus, the laptop stand can hold up to 44 pounds, meaning you can use it for things like full-sized computer monitors, TV screens, printers, stereos, and other heavier electronics.

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