The 7 Best Light Hiking Socks

Hiking is a glorious thing — walking through untouched wilderness, observing pristine wildlife, surrounding yourself with the sounds of nature. There’s truly nothing better. However, if you don’t have the best light hiking socks, it can be the worst.

First of all, they love to slide down your leg and bunch up around your ankles, wiggling their way into that crevice between your heels and shoe and making their annoying, wadded-up presence known with every step you take. Ugh.

And then there's the fact that thick, bulky socks never fit properly with your hiking boots, so you end up having to cram your oversized marshmallow foot down into the toe area, where it spends the entire day cutting off circulation until you have to rip your shoes off entirely.

And, of course, thick socks are really hot. Some people may think that sloshing up the trail with pools of sweat puddling inside your shoes is no big deal, but they’re wrong. Sweaty feet are the most uncomfortable thing in the world and with all of the better options around, there just isn’t any reason to put yourself through that.

Nope. If you want to be comfortable and enjoy your hike, you need a pair of hiking socks that are thin and lightweight. This allows your feet to breathe and your boot to fit comfortably. That said, they'll still need to keep you warm, wick moisture, and (most importantly) prevent blisters. It’s a tall order, but these seven pairs fit the bill.