The 7 Best Moments From 'GBBO' 2019, Including The "Shut Up" Hollywood Handshake

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I say this every year but the contestants on 2019’s The Great British Bake Off may be the most talented, funniest, and quirkiest in the show's history so far. From free standing pie structures to the tiniest, most delicate patisseries, there’s been some amazing bakes on this year's series. However, the best things from 2019 haven’t necessarily come out of the oven. Here are the seven best moments from The Great British Bake Off 2019, from a contestant telling Paul Hollywood to shut up to some hilariously ghostly treats from Noel Fielding's adopted sister, Helena.

2019 marked the tenth series of The Great British Bake Off and Hollywood and his judging partner Prue Leath have marked the occasion with some of the toughest bakes yet. And with stressful bakes have come some of the most hilarious moments. Over the years, the bakers have got so much more creative and The Great British Bake Off is so much more than basic cakes and biscuits now. Watching the show each week is like watching artists at work but it’s still the show you know and love. If you’ve been glued to your screen this year, then here are the seven best moments you'll be very happy to be reminded of.


“That’s the best thing I've ever done”

One of the stand out contestants from this years The Great British Bake Off was Henry Bird. He may not have got through to the final but he certainly left his mark. As the heat and tension rose in desert week Bird decided to practice his keepy-uppies with his dough. After successful execution and catching the dough Bird announced “that’s the best thing I’ve ever done” and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.


Michael finishing his toughest bake

Bake Off may be about cake and bread but there’s never a shortage of tears from both the contestants and viewers. It makes total sense that, as the contestants want to win so badly, there’s going to be high emotion. But next time you’re feeling overwhelmed take a note out of Michael Chakraverty’s book when he was faced with making beignets during 1920s week: finishing is good enough.


Jamie being Jamie

Jamie Finn was the contestant that sadly left the show in week two, but his bakes in cake week left him a firm favourite and memorable character for the rest of the series. The 20 year old may have made some pretty rubbery angel cakes but with that wit and boyish charm, he had the tent in the palm of his hands.


“They come to me because I'm dead”

While some would call the gingham clad Great British Bake Off cutesy, one contestant proved that bakers come with all sorts of interests and, as the final comes during spooky season, it’d be wrong to have a round up of the best Bake Off moments and not include Queen of Halloween herself, Helena Garcia. One stand out moment was when Prue tried to get a fly out of her hair and she admitted that they were drawn to her because she’s dead. We stan a spooky queen.


The Hollywood handshake "shut up"

Winning may be the end goal that GBBO contestants have in mind but there’s one accolade that every baker aspires to on a weekly basis: the famous Hollywood handshake. Not easy to come by, I can’t imagine how you’d compose yourself in that moment and Henry Bird seemed to feel the same. Upon receiving said handshake, Bird told the judge to “shut up.” In Twitter's opinion, that deserved its own handshake.


David’s dragon cake

When it comes to demonstrating your baking prowess on GBBO it’s no longer good enough to hide at the back of the room until week six. If you want to impress, you’ve got to get your name out there early on. And create a vibrant, sculpted dragon cake and egg is a pretty great way to do that. David Atherton fulfilled every child (and adult) birthday cake dream when he created his dragon cake — and he’s been impressing us ever since.


Noel talking to Rosie about her job

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a veterinary surgeon? Well Noel Fielding asking Rosie Brandreth-Poynter about her job might give you a unique insight. From Noel wondering what it’d be like to take a peacock for a walk to Rosie revealing the fact that a bull is the biggest animal that she’s ever castrated, this was BBC content at its finest. Get these two a spin off show immediately.