The 7 Best Quick-Dry Towels

Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about towels. I probably still have one hanging around that I stole from home when I left for college. Until recently, I didn't even know that quick-dry towels were a thing.

For instance, if I'm going to the beach, I usually just grab whatever towel that looks cute (or just clean) and head off. Oh, and I have definitely taken a bath towel to the sea. That's not a great choice.

If you can relate to my past indifference towards towels but are ready to join me on my journey to upgrade my linen closet, then check out some of these game-changing quick-dry towels.

Whether you're a hot yoga enthusiast, an outdoor basketball warrior, or a happy camper, quick-dry towels make it all so much easier. You don't have to worry about carrying home a rag soaked in stale sweat after the gym, these towels de-gross themselves very quickly. If you're camping at a lake, just hang the towels from your nearest tree and they'll dry out in no time.

Some of these towels are even laced with silver. Not because they're fancy (although they kind of are), but because silver kills germs. So, you'll get a clean, dry towel just moments after a 90 minute Bikram class. That's pretty much a miracle, and who doesn't want more miracles in their life?

A Stylish Microfiber Towel For The Beach

Your Choice Microfiber Towel, $8-$16, Amazon

If you'd like a towel that dries fast, stops odors, is antibacterial, and stylish, here you go! This towel is super cute for the beach, but has all the great qualities of a quick-dry cloth.

A Humble Sports Towel With Cult-Following On Amazon

Youphoria Sport Microfiber Travel Towel, $10-$20, Amazon

This great towel comes in three different sizes to keep you dry during all your sporty needs. It's crazy absorbent and dries fast so it won't get moldy in your gym bag.

A Pretty Antibacterial Towel With Silver Ions

Aceteon Compact Antibacterial Microfiber Towel, $21, Amazon

If you want a super cute beach towel that rolls up to a compact size, this towel is for you. It dries three times faster than cotton and is treated with silver ions to kill bacteria and stop odor. Also, look at it. It's just straight up pretty.

The Extra Large Towel That Dries Just As Quickly

Micro-Miracle Microfiber Travel Towel, $22 (Set of 2), Amazon

Wrap this towel around you and you'll be dry almost instantly. Plus, you get a free hand cloth to go with your extra large microfiber towel and a carrying bag.

A Towel With Handy Mesh Bag

Sunland Microfiber Towel, $8-$22 (2 pack), Amazon

This gentle, microfiber towel is easy to take with you. The mesh bag comes with a handy handle, so you can keep it with you at the gym or wherever else you need some quick-drying power. Available in multiple colors, sizes, and combo packs.

A 2-Pack For All Your Quick-Drying Needs

Relefree Microfiber Towel With Mesh Bag, $16 (Set of 2), Amazon

You get two-for-one with this quick-drying, antibacterial towel set. There's an extra large and hand towel, plus a mesh bag to carry them around with ease.

A Fast Drying Towel In A Huge Range Of Sizes

Fit-Flip Microfiber Towel in All Sizes, $5-$23, Amazon

Get any size you want with this towel's eight great options. From 20 x 12 inches to 79 x 39 inches, this brand has your perfect size in a rainbow of colors.

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