7 Ultra-Gentle Shampoos That Were Made For Dry Hair

If you have chronically dry hair, it may be time to evaluate whether your shampoo is working for you. The best shampoos for dry hair still get hair clean, but they won't strip your hair or scalp of vital moisture. It's important to note that your shampoo may not be the only culprit behind your dry hair: Changes in weather (like humidity or cold temperatures), water quality, and heat styling can easily contribute to dry hair. Still, it’s a much easier task to switch up your shampoo than to try to change weather patterns.

All it takes is a little bit of investigation and knowing your own hair to find a great shampoo that won’t leave you high and dry. Keep in mind that, just because your hair is dry, it doesn't mean you should cut out shampooing all together. If your scalp isn't cleansed, dirt, oil, sweat, and pollutants can lead to itchiness and flaking. Different hair textures surely have different needs, but there’s literally a hair cleansing product out there for everyone — drier hair included.

If you think you've tried everything out there, it might be time to look beyond the drugstore. There are tons of lesser-known brands creating innovative products, and these seven shampoos are some of the best at gently cleansing dry hair.


A pH-Balanced Shampoo For Over-Processed Hair

Tate’s The Natural Miracle Shampoo, $16, Amazon

This natural shampoo is a great option for folks that regularly process their hair with perms and relaxers. It doesn't alter the appearance of your preferred look and it gives your hair a break in between treatments so you can restore it’s natural soft, texture. And it's also great for all hair types that are in need of restoration. Made with pine, spring water, chamomile, and almonds, this is an incredible natural option for over-processed, thirsty hair.


A Thirst Quenching ‘Poo-less Rinse For Natural, Afro-Textured Hair

Natural First Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, $15, Amazon

If you've embraced the no-poo lifestyle, this apple cider vinegar rinse is a great alternative to basic shampoos. ACV has natural anti-fungal properties and it's great at removing dirt, oil, and product buildup without leaving the hair dry. In fact, you’ll likely notice a softness to your curls after using. Natural First's ACV rinse is made with oolong tea to help stimulate growth by filling your ‘fro up its natural antioxidants. The consistency of the rinse makes it amazing for washing with braids and twists — it’s perfect for longer-hair lengths that prefer to wash in protective styles.


A Soothing, Fragrance-Free Shampoo For Dry Hair & Sensitive Scalps

Tree to Tub, Soapberry Raw Unscented, $19, Amazon

If your hair is dry, your scalp may be, too. This soapberry shampoo will provide an ultra-soothing cleansing experience, leaving your hair clean, refreshed, and soft. Notably, this 'poo uses soapberry, a natural foaming ingredient that works up a lather without the same harshness sulfates. It’s formulated with chamomile, a calming antiseptic herb that’s great for cleansing a sensitive scalp, and aloe vera which is rich in protective, moisturizing antioxidants. Together, they work to cleanse and reverse dryness.


A Clarifying Shampoo Bar Made With Beer

Tasmania Real Beer Shampoo Bar, $14, Amazon

The age-old beauty hack of a beer rinse has so much merit it’s been dried up and put into a shampoo bar to restore dry hair. The main ingredient, hoppy beer, is great for fine, dry hair. Plus, it contains pure honey which is a nourishing ingredient that can help with itchy scalps by maintaining a healthy pH level. It’s completely sulfate free and eco-friendly, and it contains comforting ginger, stimulating cinnamon, and beeswax. Reviewers are loving the “squeaky clean” feel of their hair without product buildup post-lather.


A Fair Trade, Thirst Quenching ‘Poo for Transitioning Naturalistas

Alaffia Everyday Shea Moisturizing Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Now, here's a moisturizing shampoo your transitioning curls can feel great about — it's a gentle formula with an empowering message. This shampoo's filled with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and shea leaf extract that works excellent for treating multiple textures by cleansing without stripping the natural oils of the hair or scalp. The ingredients are 100 percent fair trade and the profits are used to fight poverty in Tongo. With this shampoo you can be kind to both your hair and a worthy cause.


A Daily Shampoo With Living Ingredients For Moderately Dry Hair

Ongaro Beauty Daily Shampoo With Probiotics, $20, Amazon

Probiotics are so popular, they’re even starting to trend in our cosmetics like this daily shampoo. Filled with probiotics, natural fruit and plant extracts, this is a great option for folks with moderately dry hair that like to cleanse regularly. It helps repair damage, dryness, and prevent future breakage. This formula promotes smooth, soft hair and goes one step further by removing dead skin cells from the scalp that dryness often leaves behind. Reviewers are loving the shine and softness this shampoo adds to their routine.


A Gentle Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair

Baebody Argan Oil Shampoo, $14, Amazon

This argan oil shampoo is well-equipped to handle the dryness of color-treated hair. It’s made with tea seed, avocado, almond, jojoba, and of course, argan oil to help your hair and scalp retain important oils while you cleanse. It’s restorative formula helps bring dry hair back to life and reviewers are impressed by the soft, shiny feel of their hair. This is a great gentle shampoo for folks in need of a color-safe option.

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