7 Cute Pairs Of Socks That Offer Incredible Arch Support

by Lisa Fogarty

At some point in your life, a well-intentioned grandma might have cautioned you to "stop wearing those terrible shoes or you'll live to regret it!" (or something like that). Now that you're wiser and hip to the importance of foot care, finding the best socks with arch support is as important as scoring an amazing (and supportive, of course) pair of shoes.

With so many brands designing a variety of supportive socks in a multitude of designs and colors, it's never been easier to shop for styles with arch support. The socks on this list include options for anyone who's suffering from plantar fasciitis or other common running pains, flat feet, or any and all forms of inflammation and pain in the foot or ankle. Arch support socks should fit perfectly, and it helps if they feature compression to promote better blood flow and circulation, which reduces inflammation.

Depending on your needs, you may be searching for no-show socks you can wear under low-cut shoes, moisture-wicking and vented socks that will support your feet during a workout, or super-warm knee socks with light cushion support to prevent injuries and pain. Lucky for you, we've got every option — and more — below.


Compression Foot Sleeves With Ankle And Arch Support

Dowellife Compression Foot Sleeves (S-XL), $12-$13, Amazon

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and crave arch and ankle support that will relieve inflammation, these compression foot sleeve socks are a top-rated choice. They provide graduated compression from the balls of your feet up to your ankles, and are tight and snug around these areas to promote better circulation. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry and warm, and they're lightweight enough to be worn at the gym or during your exercise routine.


Colorful, No-Show Ankle Socks With Arch Support

New Balance Women's Arch Support No Show Socks (6-10), $17 (6 Pairs), Amazon

Socks with arch support can be as colorful, fun, and inconspicuous as these supportive no-show socks, which come in a six-pack and variety of vibrant shades. These socks are made from moisture-wicking fabrics and have mesh panels for additional breathability, making them the ideal socks to wear during a workout. A reinforced heel pocket keeps these socks in place and the stability-fit arch keeps feet comfortable.


Highly-Rated Compression Socks With Arch Support For Day And Night Wear

Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks (S-XL), $19-$21, Amazon

Designed to be worn during the day and at night, these compression foot sleeve socks relieve plantar fasciitis pain, promote better blood circulation, and can help you recover from heel spurs and edema treatments. Made from moisture-wicking materials and completely breathable, these socks can be worn while working out and feature both ankle and arch support. Wear them at night to reduce inflammation and swelling that can happen while you sleep. With more than 4,200 mostly positive reviews, these are one of the most popular arch support socks on Amazon.


A 3-Pack Of Low-Cut Socks For Running And Sports

QUXIANG Compression Socks (S-XL), $12-$13 (3 Pairs), Amazon

You may have foot discomfort and occasional pain, but that doesn't mean you want to give up the sports and activities you love most. These low-cut arch support socks are made for running and active lifestyles. They're designed from wicking, quick-dry fabrics and offer targeted compression zones to improve circulation and relieve pain from foot injuries. Each order comes with three pairs of blue and black-accented white socks.


Socks Infused With Antibacterial Silver To Prevent Odors

Sox Sport Low Cut Compression Socks (S-L), $10-$48, Amazon

One way to ensure your compression socks never stink: infuse them with silver, which helps get rid of bacteria and odors. And that's just the cherry on top when it comes to the benefits you get from these low-cut socks with arch support. They're made with comfortable four-way stretch and provide arch, plantar, and heel cup support zones. There isn't a single part of your foot that won't feel like it's encased in the most comfy armor imaginable.


Stretchy Crew Socks For An Amazing Value

Fruit of the Loom Crew Socks (9-11), $8 (6 Pairs), Amazon

Consider this one a steal: You'll get six pairs of arch support crew socks for the price of an expensive latte. These polyester and spandex socks have compression arch support and heel and toe cushioning. They may not be your first choice if you've had a foot injury, but to prevent injuries and keep feet comfortable and warm, they're a solid purchase (and you can't beat the price).


Cute Striped Knee-High Socks With Arch Support And A Cushioned Heel And Toe

Carhartt Stripe Knee High Socks (5.5-11.5), $10, Amazon

Made with a blend of merino wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and spandex, you can expect warmth, comfort, and support from these cute striped knee-high socks, which also have arch support and a cushioned heel and toe. The wool is naturally moisture-wicking and reviewers say they stay up over your calves super well (but may feel a little constricting at first).

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